The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers

The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers
The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers
Think of a hair dryer, what are you imagining? Probably the traditional hair dryer that has been around since the 1920s. Thick lightweight handle with a heavy unbalanced nozzle, super loud, gets too heavy to hold up, y'know a hair dryer. We have all had our fair share of hair dryer disasters from burning our scalp to getting our hair caught in the fan, it's something we can all bond over, but no more. There is a new hair dryer in town, which has completely taken the hair care world by storm, it has transformed everything you know about hair dryers and you're probably going to want to buy it, luckily for me, I got to test it out. 

I was invited down to the amazing Rainbow Room International to test run the amazing new Dyson hair dryers which have just been added to all their salons across Glasgow and the outer areas. When I first heard that Dyson was creating a hair dryer I was completely baffled, Dyson make hoovers, how can they make a hair dryer? But when you think of it, it isn't that big a jump, hoovers suck in air while hair dryers release it, so it actually makes a lot more sense than it appears to. Plus, Dyson make hand dryers for public toilets and incredible fans which both also release air, so it makes a lot of sense that branching into hair dryers was their next move. In fact, a little birdy told me that they eventually hope that their hair care range will be larger than their homeware range and they will be known for their hair care instead. Which also brings forth the question, what other hair care items will they be releasing? Straighteners? Curling irons? curling wands? I can't wait to see it all. 

The event began with us all getting sat down in comfy seats in front of gorgeous mirrors with some champagne and cupcakes, off topic but, how do they clean their mirrors at salons? Mine never stays that clean, I am incredibly jealous. We were then introduced to stylists who asked us all about our hair, what products do we use, how often we wash it, how do we style it etc etc etc. This gave us more confidence in the stylists if they knew everything about our hair there was definitely less chance of any major mishaps. Whether you are at a salon for a simple wash and blow dry or a major hair colour change you should always trust your stylist and have confidence in their abilities to protect your hair and treat it as they would their own. I think my stylist's name was Becky, I may be completely wrong, I am horrific with names like I swear I would forget mine if it wasn't imprinted in my brain for 21 years.

The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers

After an insane head massage, we each got the most luxurious wash and blow-dry with the incredible Dyson hair dryer. The hair dryer is incredibly quiet compared to other hair dryers I have used, even when it is up full, which meant that even with 50 of them in the one room we could all still talk without too much trouble. I got to hold the hair dryer and unlike normal dryers, the motor is in the bottom of the handle resulting in the majority of the weight being in the handle. So unlike traditional hair dryers, it is not too top heavy, this means that I definitely wouldn't struggle to hold my arm up while blow drying my hair like I do now with my current hair dryer. I usually have to take a rest halfway through because my arm is so sore, especially since my blow dry usually takes about 45 minutes with my current dryer, even when it is up full and burning my scalp. 

With the Dyson, it took a lot less time to dry my hair and this was with each section being separated and straightened carefully using the dryer. This is because the motor inside the dryer works faster, but the actual heat of the hairdryer is lower resulting in less heat damage to the hair. I mean what more could you want? After my wash and blow-dry, my hair felt softer than ever, it was so sleek and smooth, I can never get it to look that way, it constantly looks frizzy and static whenever I have blow dried it. I have extremely static hair and because of this it tangles super easily, but after this blow-dry, it didn't tangle at all, even after a few days my hair was still tangle free and I definitely think it was down to this hairdryer. 

The lovely stylist offered to curl my hair as it is my usual style and afterwards gave it a little curl which was absolutely gorgeous, think big, bouncy curls a la Victoria's Secret fashion show. Since my graduation was two days later I decided to attempt at maintaining the curls until then and it was not hard at all. My hair was done on Monday night and all I had to do on both Tuesday and Wednesday was to brush it and it didn't affect the curls at all, my hair stayed smooth, soft, static free and super curly and bouncy which you may have seen in my graduation post. 

The Hair Dryer of All Hair Dryers

I have to say it was an event I really enjoyed, not only is The Rainbow Room International a fantastic salon with amazing and highly talented staff, but the Dyson hair dryer has changed my life when it comes to how I think of my hair. I really have to get my hands on one of these for home as I definitely think it is worth the price tag. £300 is a lot for a hair dryer, but this one is unlike any other, it creates beautiful hair in such a short time and you definitely won't suffer from any hair dryer disasters with this gorgeous and sleek dryer. Due to the motor being in the base of the handle there is no chance of hair getting caught in it and the lower heat prevents heat damage, which to me places it above all other hair dryers on the market right now. 

Have you checked out this hair dryer? Are you as obsessed as me? How do you feel about Dyson expanding into hair care?

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