Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

One of my favourite perks of being a blogger is that I get to go to incredible events regularly, last week I was invited to the most fun event I have been to in my two years as a blogger. The new Swatch store on Glasgow's Buchanan Street invited a bunch of us down to check out their new Swatch Skin collection and get involved in the #YourMove campaign. I love a good watch, but I have never quite found one that I love enough to wear daily, but when I saw the Skin collection my mind was well and truly changed, and I fell in love with Swatch as a brand.

The event was held in their extremely convenient store on Buchanan Street, if you're from Glasgow, it was an EE store beforehand if that helps you locate it. It was my first visit to the store and I have to say, I am in love with the interior, I love a good white, sleek and modern interior and that is exactly how this gorgeous store is decorated. Although it is a rather petite store it is incredibly roomy with most of the displays on the wall and just a small glass cabinet showcasing some of their gorgeous jewellery in the middle. They set up a little table by the window with some delicious nibbles and tasty smoothies. I opted for a mouth-watering banana smoothie and had a browse around the shop with some fellow bloggers. 

We decided to have a look at the Skin watches and one of the lovely workers told us all about them, they do three different sizes, with the largest size being the most popular of the three. He explained that larger watches are actually a lot more popular than smaller ones recently and smaller watches are more popular for presents to females despite females opting to buy themselves larger watches. My friend was a little torn between two silver watches so the friendly worker helped her try them both on so she could decide which she preferred on. For me, I was obsessed with the gorgeous peachy, pink toned watch from the promotions, or the skinskin as they have named it, from the moment I saw it, however, due to it being one of the larger watches, I was worried it would look silly on my tiny, childlike wrists. The worker helped me try it on and I fell in love straight away, the tone of the watch looked even better against my olive skin, if I do say so myself, it actually looks a little more nude toned when against the yellow undertones of my skin.

Leaving My Comfort Zone with SwatchLeaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

After we all picked our watches the workers went to the back and collected them, made any alterations which were needed and popped them in their boxes, freshly polished and brought them out to us with our goodie bags. They explained that each watch has a two-year guarantee therefore if you break it, it can be replaced as long as it is within this two-year time limit. They also explained that they do any freshening up in store for free including polishes, free battery changing for life, yes, for life and adjusting the strap for you. 

The Swatch Skin range is incredibly cool for many reasons, to begin it is the thinnest model of watch I have ever seen, this means that you never really feel it on your wrist and so you can wear it while exercising, while working or just in your day-to-day life, it is totally up to you. Secondly, it is waterproof for up to 30m, but let's be real if you're immersed in 30m water, are you wanting to check the time? Thirdly, the most amazing part for someone like myself who is totally indecisive is that all of the straps are interchangeable, well each size is interchangeable with the others in that size bracket. This means that you can pop down to Swatch and purchase different coloured straps and switch them around so you can have multiple watches in the one. This is something I am definitely going to be doing in the future. 

To test out just how unnoticed these thin, gorgeous and lightweight watches are Swatch took us all to a local dance studio where we changed into our #YourMove t-shirts and learned a cool dance which was filmed, but I am saving your poor eyes by not including it in this post. The whole concept behind #YourMove is to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and try something new, which they really allowed us to do. Talking to the other bloggers there none of us felt comfortable dancing, but we did it anyway, we left our comfort zones and although some of us, definitely me, were terrible at the dancing, we all had a load of fun and it showed us just how fun it can be to do something new and frightening. We were being taught a 3ish minute dance routine by a lovely worker at the gym and it was so easy to just get caught up in dancing that we forgot each other were there, we were so worried other people would see how terrible we each were, but you only focus on yourself and that's exactly what everyone else is doing in that moment. Going to the dance lesson got me thinking maybe I will start doing more classes in the gym or maybe even dance, after all, it's fun and it's active.

Leaving My Comfort Zone with Swatch

During the hour and a half dance lesson we all completely forgot we had the watches on our wrists, they are so easy to forget about, even when you are getting active and sweaty. For people who are always on the go, whether they have a busy career or run after their kids, maybe they are constantly going from one place to the other these watches are perfect. Since the event I have barely taken mine off, I forget it is on until I need to check the time and it is yet to irritate me or get caught on anything. With everyone loving a big, chunky watch it can be difficult to find one that doesn't weigh you down or get caught in your clothes, but even the biggest size watches in the Skin collection are as thin as the small size ones meaning they weigh nothing and have a very slim chance of causing any problems. 

The event reminded me of when I first started to blog, how it was such a huge step outside of my comfort zone. Looking back now it feels almost over dramatic how much it scared me to blog or how terrified I was to share my first post onto my private Facebook. It has quickly become my biggest passion and something I find so much joy in. When I think of how far my little blog has come from those days where I'd shake as I clicked the publish button I am so glad I took the chance, so relieved my fear of leaving my comfort zone didn't stop me because without that leap, I wouldn't be getting to do something I love, meeting incredible people and I definitely wouldn't have had so many wonderful opportunities to flourish and grow. So if you're wondering if blogging is for you, I say make #YourMove because it will be so worth it. 

So what has been your most recent move from your comfort zone? Have you seen the amazing new Swatch collection? Which Swatch watch do you own? Tell me below in the comments. 

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