Summer Fashion Wishlist

Summer Fashion Wishlist

Whenever it gets to summer I always find it difficult with fashion, I am an autumn/winter gal when it comes to fashion. I just prefer the layers, the deeper shades and above all the boots that come with autumn fashion. So looking for summer clothes is always pretty difficult for me, I never know what I want to wear and considering my wardrobe consists of a lot of black, I find it difficult to create looks during summer, which is why I have decided to scour ASOS for some summer pieces I am itching to add to my wardrobe this summer. 
Summer Fashion Wishlist


I am so proud of myself when I look at this wishlist because it is the least amount of black I could possibly ever have in a wishlist. I am trying to branch away from colours I feel comfortable in and am trying to widen my horizon when it comes to fashion. A lot of these items are actually floral, I know groundbreaking, but for me, it is a big deal, I have barely any floral in my wardrobe right now so adding some floral playsuits and dresses definitely takes me out with my comfort zone. Numbers 8 and 15 are a huge step from my comfort zone, 8 because it is such a busy and lively print and 15 because yellow is a shade I adore but avoid due to my yellow undertoned skin.

Another theme I seem to have within this wishlist as pastels, especially with the two pairs of almost identical pink trousers, I have no idea why I am so attracted to these trousers, but I really am. I think they would both look absolutely amazing with a nice pair of heels and a blouse for daytime or a crop for night time. The pale blue dress marked number 6 is also a favourite of mine and a little step out with my comfort zone, as a small boobed girl, bardot styled dresses and crops really scare me, a lot of boob tape would be used with this one. 

I find it incredibly difficult to find shorts I like, I think it is relly hard to come by a good pair of shorts and because of this every single summer I overwear my trusty American Apparel sunflower shorts, not this year. I have decided that playsuits are the way to go and have fallen in love with number 13. Since denim shorts are a no for me this summer I really want to try out an oversized denim jacket, everyone looks so cool in denim jackets and I just don't think I would, number 3 is exactly what I am looking for and with a smaller price tag it is an item I can definitely test out without breaking the bank. 

Since I am a total autumn/winter fashion fangirl I definitely think I was thinking of next season with number 4, it is definitely a jacket that can be taken into the next season and layered up. I have been after a suede biker jacket for a while, but can never seem to pick a shade I like well enough to pick up, but burgundy is one of my all-time favourite colours. Number 11 can also be used to transition into autumn as little ankle boots are perfect when the weather starts to cool down and these cool blue ones would add a pop of colour to any rainy day. 

So which pieces are your favourite? Which season do you most like the fashion for? Tell me below in the comments. 

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