Why I Blog

Why I Blog
Whether you're a blogger or a blog reader, you have probably asked or been asked the same question 110 times "Why do you blog?" An open question with a thousand and one responses, no two replies could ever be the same, whether you get the back story to how a blogger's story began or you get the short bullet point list of the main reasons said blogger loves blogging, chances are each response is just as interesting as the one before. Blogging is a lot of effort, a lot of hard work and a takes a heck load of dedication especially when you're posting regularly, so it is natural for people to question the motives behind it. 

We can say that the question comes from a place of hostility or distaste, it could be accompanied by an eye roll too, but why? A lot of people assume bloggers are all in the blogging game for 'freebies'; free makeup, free holidays, free access to events and I will be the absolute first person to say yes these so called freebies are absolutely fantastic, I love working with brands, receiving little gifts and getting invited to amazing events, but I would never spend as much time on blogging as I do if all I was getting out of it was a free mascara every so often or the odd bottle of perfume. No, I am not talking about money I am talking about how blogging makes me feel. The most rewarding things about blogging are not physical, I can't hand them to you and let you feel them, I can't lend you them for your night out in the town.

Blogging is not just a past-time for a lot of us, it is something we love to do, something we are passionate about and something we find a lot of happiness in. When I write my posts I'm not thinking "oh I wonder how many brands will want to collaborate with me after this." I am thinking about how much I love to write, how much I adore sharing things online and having my little piece of the internet to express myself creatively, to help people, to write about things I love and to share with a community of people who share my interests. Sure, I may write about materialistic things or mundane things that to most don't really matter, but that doesn't negate from the process that I have to go through just to produce and promote one single post or the feeling of pride that rushes over me whenever I receive a compliment about my blog or hit a new milestone. 

Speaking of milestones, it can get extremely easy to get caught up in the number game when you're a blogger, you want to gain more followers and have more readers, this is definitely not a bad thing. A lot of people think bloggers want loads of followers because they want to be internet famous, but for me, and for a hell of a load of other bloggers, it is about watching something you work incredibly hard at grow and your hard work be rewarded and recognised. It's nice to have a large following and be seen as "influential" but we see numbers as milestones, as goals because growing a readership shows that what we are doing is being enjoyed by more people and that our hard work and effort is not going unrecognised. We may write for our own enjoyment, but we put our content out there into the online realm, we want to see other people enjoying it, so of course gaining followers makes us happy, we aren't trying to get internet stardom if we wanted that we'd go on Love Island. 

Why I Blog

I love to write content that can help others. I love to write insightful posts whether it be a beauty review or something about health, fitness or maybe even university and studying. I love to think people can read my posts and go away with something, whether it be a better understanding of how to use skin care or a new recommendation on shampoo or something more meaningful and deeper like is university for them or what they should have on their CV. I don't think being a beauty blogger means that I am stupid and shouldn't be heard, I like to write about beauty because it is something I love and if you love beauty too then we can learn from one another and sure it may be materialistic and mundane to some, but it makes us happy and that doesn't mean we aren't learning and advancing, it's just in a subject not everyone is interested in. 

I am constantly learning as a blogger, whether that be through other bloggers and their insightful blog posts or through being a blogger myself. I love to jump into the deep end and give things a go myself, so when I began blogging I honestly had no idea what I was doing and I think as a self-taught blogger I have come pretty far. I am by far not the best blogger out there, but I definitely think that I have learned a heck of a lot about writing, promoting, marketing, photography, photoshop and a dozen other things that I can add to my CV and use in the future. I learn something every day when it comes to blogging and isn't the best kind of learning when you don't even realise you are learning because you are having so much fun? 

One of the most fun parts about blogging is meeting people who have similar interests and goals as you and becoming friends with them. I think of so many bloggers as my friends, yet if I never began blogging I wouldn't even know they exist, I mean how cool is that? Some bloggers start out their blog from a place of loneliness, and they meet friends for life, people who become their bridesmaids, their other halves, their child's god parents. Blogging and the internet, in general, has made it so easy to make friends for life that you can relate to more than you relate to people already in your life. 

(who do I think I am? Freaking Batman?)
(Haha no I am Robyn... at least I think I am funny)
When I first started my blog I had been reading blogs for about two years prior, I loved to read blogs, I loved to watch Youtube and I had always wanted to do both, but it all came down to a lack of self-esteem. I assumed no one would read my content, that I would look stupid and fail at it, but who is to say who has succeeded in blogging and who has failed? I am happy with my blog and blogging makes me happy so I think blogging has been a success for me. I was pushed in to finally taking the step and starting my blog when I was applying for university, I was told it would give me a better application form and I got four offers so I mean, it must have worked, right? I started writing about fashion then switched to lifestyle then beauty and now I am a mixture of them all with some added sub-categories. 

I thought one of two things would happen: I would give up once I got into university or I would gain some followers and I'd continue. Neither happened, I mean I did continue, but I had no followers for at least two whole months, I didn't know how to promote my posts so I was getting like 2 views a day, one of which was me and the other, my mum. I loved to write, it is something I have always loved and I have even spoken about how I'd love to write a book one day if the opportunity were to ever come up, and with blogging I was writing with freedom, I picked the topics, I picked my standing point and I picked my schedule. From that point on I learned more and more about blogging and fell more and more in love with it and now two years on I am here, still blogging even though I have now graduated university.

So many people think blogging is easy and sure it isn't rocket science, but it definitely isn't as easy as it looks, it takes hard work, dedication, organisational skills and a hell of a lot of time to keep a blog running. It isn't about receiving freebies, taking an hour out of your day to write a post, publishing it and then rushing off to a press event. It comes with a lot of perks such as freebies and press events, but it can also come with some very low points, blogging can really affect your confidence and self-worth. It can be very catty and competitive and you have to have a thick skin because putting things on the internet means anyone can see it and anyone can voice their opinions on it whether they are nice or not. 

So why do you blog? Are you surprised by any of these reasons? Can you relate to them? Tell me below in the comments. 

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