I know, I know, it's all I seem to have been talking about these past few days, but you can understand why I might be excited about it. I rarely do life updates on here anymore, but I want to get back into sharing with you all, after all update posts are some of my absolute favourites to read. So on the 5th of July 2017 I graduated from university with a bachelors with honours 2:1, in social sciences and media and I could not be happier. Not only did I get the grade I hoped for, study a subject I love, but I also thoroughly enjoyed my time at university, while in hind site anyway.


Everyone seems to be obsessed with what they should wear to their graduation, but there is no need to obsess over it, after all, your gown covers everything from your shoulders right down to just below your knees. I decided to wear a simple vintage floral dress to my graduation, the brown-ish olive tone of the dress works perfectly with my skin tone and complexion. The dress was a simple day dress so no cleavage was on show, it wasn't too puffy and it went to just above my knees, any lower and it might have looked silly with my gown. When it came to shoes I didn't want to embarrass myself by falling or tripping, but I also didn't want to look plump once my gown was on so I opted for some wedged black booties. Since the dress was mostly hidden under the massive gown the black heels worked perfectly and opting for non stilettos meant no trips. 

When it came to hair and makeup I opted to go for a much more natural look. I did a simple neutral smokey eye using my Urban Decay Ultimate Basic palette, I used a medium coverage foundation aka the Bare Minerals Original foundation (click here for my review of this product), sculpted my cheekbones with Benefit Hoola and finished my look with Thunderstruck by Kat Von D applied to my cheeks for a nice glow from within look and Kat Von D Lolita on my lips to add a bit more colour to my face. My hair was simple in loose curls and pulled to the one side, a look I wear a lot so felt comfortable and confident in. 

So now that I have a diploma what is next for me? Well I am returning to university, I know, you think I am absolutely nuts don't you? I mean I worked so hard to do all of this and graduate, why am I putting myself through it all again? Well for a few reasons actually, I always saw myself in PR, but recently I have become super interested in the whole marketing aspect of it all, so while looking into it I have come to realise I would quite like to pursue marketing as a career option. Thus I will be returning this September to study international marketing at a masters level. Secondly, I love to learn and once I find out one little thing I want to know it all, so know I have found an interest in marketing I want to know it all, meaning that furthering my education in that field is obviously the best option for me. 

I still want to blog alongside university again, I have been doing it for two years now and can't imagine not having my blog, not running it, attending blog events and stressing over my little piece of the internet. Graduating has actually just proven to me how much I love to blog, I love to blog so much that I managed to get a 2:1 while posting constantly on here and without allowing either to slip off my radar too much. I love blogging so much I made sure I could fit it into my schedule alongside university and instead of allowing myself to fall back on either university or my blog I worked life around my two main priorities (although university was first, of course). 

After I complete my masters I want to jump start a career in marketing, I would love to work for a company I see passion in and that I support wholeheartedly. I am someone who prefers to take things as they come, but I always set out goals, I just don't always force myself to stay within them as things change, goals change and what you want won't stay the same for years. Instead of having a five year plan, I have goals I hope to achieve within the next five years. In five years time I hope to have a great job within the marketing sector hopefully at a major beauty or fashion brand that I adore and am proud to work for. 


I juggled blogging and university for two years and although sometimes I would miss blog posts every now and then I think I managed it pretty well. I wouldn't say my blog is the absolute best, but I definitely think I have created quite a nice little piece of the internet over here. It can be quite easy to juggle both if you're an organised person, I like to do everything in advance and it allows me to keep up with both blogging and university and produce the best work I can for both. For university I would start my work as early as I could and with my dissertation I gave myself fake hand-in dates a week early to make sure everything was done without any last minute stress. When it came to blogging I would also do everything super early, planning posts at least a week to two weeks early, this meant I would miss as little amount of blog posts as possible. 

Organisation and time-keeping is super important when juggling university and blogging, but there were times when I had to pick one over the other and as much as I love blogging, university of course had to come first. This makes the most sense for me as I want to continue down the path my education takes me and not into full time blogging, but others may opt to take a different path. My biggest tip for anyone wanting to juggle a blog and their university course would be to do things straight away, don't put off your uni work because then you end up rushing it and having to put off blog posts and everything becomes incredibly stressful and jumbled. When you are stressing over university and your blog it brings down your confidence and self-esteem, well it did for me, as both are so very important to me whenever I would fall behind on either or both I would turn into a massive stress machine and stopped believing in myself and my abilities. 

For me, it really was, I mean I am even going back to do some more, that must mean something, right? it was a wonderful experience, I met so many people who I hope will stay in my life for a long time and I got to study a course I enjoyed. For some people it is not worth it, it tends to differ for each person and I can't tell you if university would be worth it for you, some people it just isn't for them and I completely understand that. I enjoyed university, I work well under pressure, I enjoy the process and I am someone who likes being in an educational environment, so for me it worked out amazingly. A year or so ago I wrote a blog post on whether university is for you, read it here, if you are struggling with figuring things out.  

So how was your graduation experience? Did you go to university? Was it worth it? Tell me your stories below. 

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