The Makeover Experience with Kiko

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

Have you ever been heading out and wanted a nice makeup look but you don't have time to get home, do your makeup and get to your event on time? Or are you new to makeup and don't know what looks best on you? Or maybe your way behind the new makeup trend? Kiko has you sorted. They now offer makeovers in their stores and more than this, they have specific ones for whatever you need, from wow brows to contour and conquer, they have got everything covered. I had the chance to stop by the Kiko store at Glasgow Fort for a makeover of my choice and to learn more about what they have to offer to their customers. 

The makeovers can last anytime between 10 minutes and 45 minutes. There are three 45 minute makeovers available across every Kiko store. These ones are the much more advanced makeovers, think a full face of makeup. The three options are; wake up makeup, into the trend and party all night makeup, which are all very self-explanatory, so I won't bore you with the details. There are six 10/15 minute makeovers available only in certain stores, click here to find out if your local store is one of them. These sessions are; touch up and go, complexion perfection, unstoppable lips, all eyes on you, wow brows and contour and conquer. These makeovers are much more focused and specific, focusing only on one aspect of a makeover which maybe you want to work on, or you want to test the Kiko products for. 

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

During my visit to Kiko in the Glasgow Fort, I opted for the complexion perfection session which is all about achieving the perfect complexion from skincare to foundation and my friend opted for the Wow Brows session which is all about filling your brows and figuring out how to shape your brows for your face shape. We were greeted by the lovely makeup artist and Kiko worker Morgan, who is so lovely and I definitely recommend you chat with if you pop by Kiko at Glasgow Fort. Morgan began my makeover by taking off the makeup I already had on, she asked what I used to take my makeup off with; micellar water or makeup remover. I like that she asked this as it allowed me to test out the micellar water which would be the one of the two I would purchase. She used their Pure Clean micellar water to remove my makeup, which is a soft, gentle and lightweight remover, only using one cotton pad and two pumps of product to remove my foundation. I really liked this micellar water and have to add it to my collection asap, it is very unique using a little pump to get the product onto the cotton pad thus you don't lose any excess product when taking off your makeup. Next up was the primer, she asked which type of finish I prefer for my skin, this is because Kiko offers both a matte primer and a radiant finish primer. I opted for the radiant finish primer and was in awe of how radiant and glowing my skin was, it gave such a natural gleam to the skin even after the foundation was put on top. The primer seemed to sink into my skin fairly quickly and didn't leave a tacky residue as some primers have a habit of doing.

She proceeded to ask what kind of coverage I liked when it came to my foundation and as you may know, lately I have been dabbling with light to medium coverage so she decided on their Skin Tone foundation. The Skin Tone foundation is described as a medium, yet buildable base which leaves the skin radiant and flawless. She picked out a few shades and matched me to mine before using their foundation brush to blend out the foundation around the entirety of my face. I really liked how this foundation felt on the skin, very smooth and supple and it left my skin feeling bare and fresh, but it had good coverage, especially on my under eye bags. On top of all of this, the packaging was beautiful and it has SPF 15, such an all round fantastic product. 

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

Morgan finished the makeover by giving me a little contour and blush just to add some definition to my face, preventing me from looking like an egg. The name of the bronzer has totally slipped my mind, but I think it was one of their gorgeous baked bronzers. It blended extremely well and gave me sculpted cheekbones of my dreams. Due to my yellow undertones, I don't suit pink toned blushes as well as most so she opted for the baked blusher in coral bay to dust over my cheeks adding a little peach toned colour to my face. The colour went extremely well with the contour and my yellow undertones, giving me an effortless 'I woke up like this' look. 

The session only lasted around 15 minutes and Morgan was very insightful chatting to us about each product she was putting on, continuing to ask what we preferred with our products so we didn't leave unhappy with our makeovers. I always find workers at Kiko to be extremely friendly and good at makeup application, in fact, I am pretty sure the only workers allowed to do the makeovers are those with makeup experience meaning you are not getting a makeover from an amateur and won't have any viral bad makeover pictures anytime soon. 

The Makeover Experience with Kiko

What I adore above all about Kiko is the quality of product you seem to get for a lower price. I have tried a whole bunch of Kiko products yet could only find fault in one or two, despite their drugstore price range. I also cannot get over how gorgeous everything looks, their sleek and elegant packaging just makes me want to shop there more and more.

So are you going to check out Kiko's new makeover section? Which of the makeover do you think you would love? Tell me below. 

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