Battle of the Micellar Waters

Battle of the Micellar Waters

Around the time I started my blog micellar water was a massive trend with Bioderma taking centre stage as the one to beat, but then Garnier took the market by storm. All the benefits of micellar water, but at a drug store price, so it is no surprise at all that within the last few years every skincare brand on the planet has released their own version of micellar water nowadays. Upon a visit to Boots I found myself trolling the skincare aisles, as always and by my surprise one of my favourite brands has their very own micellar water sat right on that shelf; L'Oreal, how did I not know this? I picked the bottle up so quickly I actually knocked another off the shelf, I'm not even lying. So naturally, as soon as I popped that L'Oreal micellar water on the shelf beside my Garnier micellar water I had an epiphany, I had to compare them for you all. 

The first thing I did when I realised this, was pick both bottles up and compare the ingredients. They both include the same seven ingredients, but they appear to be in two very different orders, which can, in fact, make a difference. With skincare ingredients, they are almost always labelled starting with the largest amount in the product. Thankfully, both begin with water which makes sense considering they are micellar waters. The first three ingredients including water are in the same order and then the next four are different meaning different measurements are used in each of the waters, this can affect how each feels on the skin, how the skin reacts to the product and how the product cleanses and removes makeup. 

The biggest noticeable difference for me is that the L'Oreal micellar water bubbles a lot more than the Garnier one when shaken or moved around. The next difference for me is how the waters feel, both when applied to the skin and right after application; the L'Oreal one feels exactly like water, whereas the Garnier one is a little lighter, but the L'Oreal one dries quicker, while the Garnier one leaves a tacky feeling on the skin after it is used. The design of the lid means that less product spills out of the Garnier water than the L'Oreal one thus less product is wasted when using that one and cotton pads aren't soaked right through, however, the L'oreal one is easy to get used to in order to prevent this from happening. 

I usually take my makeup off with micellar water doing a double cleanse and both of these products do the job perfectly. Depending on how much makeup I have on, I use one or two cotton pads to take off a full face of makeup, usually one for eye makeup, if it a heavy look and one for the rest of the face and this same routine works with both products. I have not had any problems with either product when it comes to irritation, spots or stinging eyes which are exactly why I switched from makeup remover to micellar water. Makeup remover tends to have much harsher ingredients in them which tend to do more harm to my skin than good while micellar waters are very natural and soothing.

Battle of the Micellar Waters

When it comes to the packaging of the products both are 400ml which is roughly around 200 uses although Garnier also have a 125ml available and a 700ml available. The L'Oreal bottle is taller than the Garnier one and more round and it seems to have a blueish purple tint to the plastic. The Garnier packaging is wider and more of an oval shape with a clear plastic bottle. Both products have pink accents and are from the normal to sensitive ranges.

Garnier have a much wider range of micellar waters with different ones available for different skin types as well as different sizes. As well as their normal to sensitive water they also do one for oily and combination skin and another for dry and sensitive skin. On top of this, they also have gel micellar waters available, one of which I reviewed (click here to read it). 

Well, I do find them to be rather similar I much prefer the look of the L'Oreal bottle. I love that Garnier have paved the way for micellar waters and have created such a large collection of waters available for all skin types in all sizes and I think the 125ml is the perfect size for travelling or for taking with you if you know you'll be having a long day as it is so tiny and compact.

I think I will personally be using both in the future, rotating between both has served no problems for my skin, therein I will be buying the 400ml L'Oreal micellar water for at home, the 125ml Garnier for when I'm on the move and I love to use the Garnier gel micellar water both as an easy cleansing face wash and as a makeup brush wash. 

Today, Wednesday the 5th of July when this goes live I will be graduating university and I can't quite believe it is happening. I just wanted to add a little to the bottom of this post just to say that blogging has become such a passion of mine and I don't think I would have been able to juggle the two if it weren't for how many people comment, like, tweet and follow me and my blog daily to keep me motivated, I hope you're all having a fabulous day and I DID IT, I am a graduate!! 

So which of these two are you a fan of? Do you like any other micellar waters? Tell me in the comments below. 

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