5 Multi-Purpose Beauty Products

5 Multi-Purpose Beauty
5 Multi-Purpose Beauty

Like most makeup fans and beauty bloggers, my makeup collection is ever expanding, in fact, some may say my collection is excessive and unnecessary, actually... I may be quoting my parents right now. The problem with having such a large collection of makeup is that it is incredibly difficult to pick out which items are worthy of popping in your makeup bag for nights out, day trips, weekends away and holidays. You're not going to be able to take 5 eyeshadow palettes, 6 lipsticks and 4 brow products, makeup bags are quite small and therefore it is important to only take the essentials. For me, essentials are always multi-purpose products, products that serve more than one purpose result in fewer products being stuffed into your makeup bag. 

There are many products on the market which are advertised as multi-purpose, but there are also products which aren't promoted as multi-purpose and definitely serve more than one purpose. Some products duo-purpose has come to my attention by accident, like that time I forgot to apply mascara so used my Gimme Brow to add a bit of length to my lashes, while others have come to me by pure epiphany or as some call it, common sense. Since you and I have become friends in our time as writer and reader I decided I would share some of my favourite multi-purpose products with you so you can use my tricks and keep that makeup bag half full instead of over flowing, because you know what that means? You have room to buy other products, duh! I mean you can't get that whole "You don't need another MAC lipstick, look, you can't even fit anything else into your makeup bag" because it will no longer be overflowing. Just call me genius Robyn because I swear I am one. 

This is one I do a lot and by a lot, I mean it is my everyday look for a neutral smokey eye and no one would ever know the difference. I use my Hoola bronzer as a shadow for my crease and blend it out with other shadows. You can do this with many bronzers it doesn't have to be Hoola, any matte contour shade should be easy enough to blend out with a good blending eyeshadow brush in your crease and if it is a shimmering bronzer it can be used for a more glamorous smokey look. Bronzers and contour products have to be easy to blend otherwise they would look muddy on your cheeks, so the formula is perfect for use as an eyeshadow and since bronzers tend to be a lovely golden brown, they always work perfectly in the crease. Since it is a wonderful everyday shade for using in the crease it is a product you can use day after day in your crease which means you can pop this in your makeup bag for a week and not have to lug around multiple eyeshadow palettes.

5 Multi-Purpose Beauty

This isn't a new one, everyone knows of the duo-purpose of shimmer shadows, in fact, it was probably your first thought upon seeing the title of this blog post. Shimmer shadows are not only for adding definition and highlight to your lids but also be applied to your cheekbones, nose, eyebrows and upper lip for a beautiful dewy look. The problem is that not every single shimmer shadow can be used as a highlight for an everyday look, some shadows are not pigmented enough, some have large chunks of glitter which will just highlight your pores, others won't suit your skin tone. There are a lot of things that must be assessed when finding the perfect shimmer shadows that work as a highlight on you specifically. My favourite single shimmer shadow which I can use as a highlight is Kat Von D's Thunderstruck and my favourite shimmer palette which has many usable shadows for highlight is Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. 

Kat Von D's Thunderstruck is a gorgeous white champagne toned eyeshadow packaged in a petite black, round 2.8g tub therein it is super easy to pop in your makeup bag and it doesn't take much space, however, it serves two different purposes. Naked 2, on the other hand, consists of 12 different shadows, 7 of which are shimmer and range from a white, beige-y toned shimmer right to a deep copper shimmer shadow. This means that the palette can cater as a highlight duo product for many skin tones, but it is a much larger product to store in your makeup bag. This is evened out by the fact it can cater a full week's wear of eyeshadow looks while Thunderstruck would have to be paired with other eyeshadows for intense makeup looks. 

Have you ever forgot to take your brow products with you and freaked out because your brows are a staple part of your makeup look? I have and I was able to solve my problem with a small eyeshadow brush and a deep brown matte shadow thus I found out eyeshadows have many many purposes and with an eyeshadow palette in your bag, you can conquer anything... well you can do a bunch of your makeup only using eyeshadows anyway. Although every person has a different shade, so it just comes down to whether you have a shadow available to you which can match in with your brows. The way I figured this out was to swatch a few shades on my arm and pick the one I found would work with my eyebrows aka the darkest brown I had available to me.

5 Multi-Purpose Beauty

Another normal one, but I am one of those people who loves lip products from lipsticks to liquid lipsticks, I own a wide range of lip products and in a thousand different shades, but I tend to wear the same nude shades over and over again. This means I tend to pack about a dozen different lip products whenever I go anywhere, but this also means I have to pack a bunch of lip pencils too, which is so unnecessary. I am a massive fan of lip crayons, I feel they are so versatile, easy to apply and don't dry too much nor are they ever sticky. So I found the best thing to do is pick a few lip products and include a very neutral, versatile lip crayon alongside them. This way I can use the lip crayon as both an all over colour and as a lip pencil under my other lip products, they work especially well under liquid lipsticks. 

I have become slightly obsessed with the no7 lip crayons lately since I was gifted one and they don't dry out like some lip pencils so can be worn alone, but definitely, help lengthen the longevity of any lipstick. My favourite and most used one Raspberry Wine looks amazing under a bunch of lipsticks, especially Kat Von D Lolita and MAC Fastplay. You may be wondering, why not just pack a versatile, nude lip liner like MAC's Spice, my personal opinion is lip liners dry out and bleed a lot more than lip crayons do, this is because lip pencils have a much drier formula than lip crayons. 

Now, this is another one I figured out completely by accident, I had forgotten to pack an eyeliner in my bag, so when the one I had been testing out started to fade on one eye I had two choices; improvise or take off all eye makeup and start from scratch. I opted for an improvisation, opened my mascara and using an angled eyeliner brush I had in the bottom of my makeup bag took some product off the brush and reapplied my winged liner. It worked perfectly and stayed in place incredibly well, with no fading and no smudging. My favourite mascara at the moment is Too Faced Better than Sex and I find it also works perfectly as an eyeliner, the deep black shade is perfect and the staying power means I don't have to reapply it countless times. The perfect substitute if you forget your eyeliner, just make sure you have an angled brush available and it applies just like a gel liner. 

Products being multi-purpose definitely helps when you have to pick just a few items to take with you or if you are rushing somewhere and don't have time to fix a full makeup bag you can grab these items. My favourite part of having multi-purpose products at hand is how easy it is to create different looks constantly by using such versatile products and no one would ever know you had bronzer on your eyelids or eyeshadow in your brows.


Are there any products I have forgotten? Have you ever used a product for something else which isn't the main purpose of it? Tell me in the comments below, I would love to hear all about it. 

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