Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town
Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

Do you like burgers? Do you normally have to say "I'll have the chicken classic but without a, b and c and can I and x,y and z instead?" Trust me, I know how you feel, as a terribly picky eater I must infuriate the staff of 90% of the restaurants I visit, I am forever asking for menu items to be altered beyond recognition. That is why I will be visiting The Counter every single time I want a burger, you get to build your own burger, from the type of bun to the toppings, you choose everything, where else do you get that? 

The Counter is a brand new burger joint in Glasgow, but it is definitely nothing like the burger places of the burger corner of St Vincent Street and West Nile Street. In fact, it is over at The Quay, so is a little walk from the city centre, but a taxi can get you there in under 10 minutes and let me tell you, it is well worth the journey for such wonderful food. When you arrive and are seated you are presented with both a menu and a check sheet, the check sheet is how you create your own burger, there are 8 sections: protein, size, style (type of bread or option of on fresh greens), cheese, sauce/dressing, toppings, premium toppings and sides. So you literally get to create your own burger, I would have chicken breast on brioche with American cheese, buttermilk ranch, fried onion strings, turkey bacon and chillies with a side of sweet potato fries.
Meet The New Burger Joint in TownMeet The New Burger Joint in Town

I was invited down to the VIP opening last week and I was thoroughly impressed. Upon arrival, we were offered some drinks, a mix of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and milkshakes were being passed around by the waitresses as well as the bar being open to orders. I picked gin and tonic and my best friend Ashley who also attended picked a counter mule. They were both delicious and we enjoyed them as we sat at our table. We then got some milkshakes to try; banana split and butterscotch coffee were the two we tried and they were phenomenal. If I were to order one again, I would definitely order the butterscotch coffee, as a coffee enthusiast, it was the perfect middle ground between coffee and butterscotch.

We then tried a few of the virgin cocktails; Sparkling peach which seemed to be their virgin Bellini and the safe on the beach, obviously a virgin sex on the beach. Both were beautiful and I would definitely order them both again. While the cocktails were doing their round so were little samples of the fries and sweet potato fries. We tried their fries with hickory BBQ sauce and some with Honeymilk ranch and their sweet potato fries with their apricot sauce. All of which were mouthwateringly good, I am a skinny/french fry kind of gal, I like my chips to be thin and crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside and that is exactly what these fries were, plus the sauces were insanely good. The sweet potato fries were also pretty thin and extremely fluffy inside, plus the apricot sauce was the ideal sweet taste to pair with them.

Once we had sampled some drink and fries everyone in the restaurant went over to the area to the left where two massive tables were set out with delicious food, everything from burgers to salads, kebabs, chicken bites, coleslaw and alcohol were laid out on one table and all of the ingredients from the check sheet were laid out on the other (as you can see from all these pictures). We got to have a peak at all of the appetising food before we sat in out seats and were introduced to the CEO Jeff Weinstein. It was super interesting listening to Jeff's story and how he created the concept of the store as well as some anecdotes about his journey to where he is now with the international brand
Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

- Founded in 2003 by CEO Jeff Weinstein,
- The first restaurant was Santa Monica, California,
- Set out to modernise the burger joint,
- Now has over 40 restaurant locations both in US and International,
- These include Tokyo, Mexico and UK,
- Glasgow restaurant is the first within the UK,
- Part of Daniel John's group with Khalid Iqbal picking the Glasgow location, 
- Meats are halal, with vegan, gluten-free and kid options available,
- Glasgow restaurant seats up to 100 and designed to reflect LA,
- There are over one million possible burger combinations. 

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

After Jeff made a burger for himself and two for two of the guests at the event we went back to our table and the food began circulating. The first thing we got to try out was the burger in a bowl, which is a cool concept and an adaption to the idea of a naked burger wherein the burger and all of the toppings which you want with it are placed in a salad bowl instead of on bread. The one which we got to try was a beef burger with American cheese, kale and what I believe may have been red onions, although my memory may be fooling me. It was absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection, I am not a huge red meat eater, but I thought the beef was perfect, it was tender and juicy and not at all under nor overcooked. 

Second up was southern fried chicken burger which, as you can imagine, was absolutely exquisite. I am a huge southern fried chicken fan so I was excited to taste this one and it did not disappoint at all; a burger straight from the menu it has southern fried chicken with chilli red devil cheese, coleslaw, fresh chillies (aka jalapenos) and honey dijon sauce. It was so good I even got a second, I mean they were sample sizes, don't worry! In fact, I have been dreaming of the chilli red devil cheese since last Monday. We then got a mini version of what I believe is their old school beef burger which was essentially the burger in a bowl from earlier on a bun, again I was thoroughly impressed by how well the beef was cooked and I actually think there is a chance I would order a beef burger from The Counter despite the fact I hardly ever eat beef as you have an option of how you want it cooked; most diners pick medium-rare.

Meet The New Burger Joint in Town

The last mini burger we got to taste was the turkey chipotle which I am obsessed with. Now, I have never really heard of a turkey burger before so I was a little apprehensive about this, but I need it again, like soon. I am obsessed and of all the burgers I got to sample it was my favourite. It consisted of turkey, chilli red devil cheese, spring onions, dried cranberries and chipotle aioli. I took the cranberries off as I am not a massive fan of them, but left everything else on and devoured this burger, I actually think I may have eaten a full tray of them if it was on offer, it was spectacular. While eating these little minis I also got a virgin strawberry mojito and as you can imagine it was also beautiful, so fresh and fruity plus it was served in a little mason jar with a handle, what more could you ask for? 

If all of that wasn't enough as we were about to leave we were given some goody bags which I was thoroughly impressed by. I mean, I now own a The Counter t-shirt which I have worn to bed twice now as well as salt and pepper shakers which my parents were ecstatic to discover because apparently, they have an obsession with salt and pepper? I honestly don't know. I recommend that everyone who has the chance to should head on over to The Counter for some food, it's a good walk away from the city centre, but a quick taxi will get you there in no time, plus the food is so worth it, I think it's going to be a new regular place for myself and my friends. 

Have you tried The Counter yet? What is your dream burger combination? Have you got any food place recommendations? 

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