Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited over to St Enoch Centre in Glasgow for a night of fashion, beauty, food and prosecco and it was as fabulous as it sounds. From the beautiful clothes to the gorgeous makeup and the delicious food, there was nothing not to love. Not only did we get to meet so many amazing bloggers and St Enoch Centre workers, but we got to sample some of the amazing skincare, haircare and beauty for this summer. 

St Enoch has always been one of my favourite places to shop in Glasgow with their Debenhams department to their massive Boots store and a wide array of fashion stores it is hard not to love St Enoch's, but this event just showcased how incredible St Enoch really is. There was so much colour, so many pastel tones, so many vibrant pinks and blues could be seen all around, it was like walking into a rainbow and isn't that just the most gorgeous summer imagery? I don't know about you, but I always try to liven up and brighten up my wardrobe during the summer months and the event gave me so much insight into exactly which trends are in season this summer and which patterns and colours I should be on the look out for when revamping my summer wardrobe. Along with the wonderful fashion, some incredible beauty brands also made an appearance from Benefit to Kat Von D and Guerlain, there was a brand there for everyone or in my case all of my favourite brands. 

We began our night with a glass of prosecco and a taste of some food which was all made fresh by the amazing people at Kimbles, if you haven't tried Kimbles you need to, in my opinion, they made some of the best chocolate ever. The nibbles on offer included brownies, eclairs, chocolates, vol au vent and crostini. I tried a few of the nibbles they had on offer, but my absolute favourite of the night was their Belgian chocolate and avocado brownies. I LOVE avocado and I LOVE brownies, what more could I ask for? I have to pop into Kimbles asap to find out if they actually sell these brownies because they were gorgeous, so soft and chocolatey, you couldn't taste the avocado at all, but they were still delicious! 

All around us were clothing stands with the most gorgeous clothes everywhere and so we decided to go peek around the clothing sections. Everything was laid out into different categories; pastels, frills, embroidery etc, each clothing rack laying out one of the trends of this summer. I fell head-over-heels in love with a pastel blue leather jacket from Quiz and couldn't stop coming back to it the entire night. With a Quiz just downstairs in St Enoch, I even debated nipping away from the event for a few minutes to go purchase it, but I managed to subdue the crazy shopper in me for the remainder of the night. 
Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

After drooling over all of the gorgeous clothes we decided to start at the back of the room and move forward where all of the wonderful makeup, skincare and haircare brands were laid out. Aveda is a brand I have heard a lot about, but I haven't actually tried anything from them, so with one of the amazing Aveda sales reps available, it was the perfect time to find out more about the brand. She ran us through their new additions including their pramsana range, which to me sounds absolutely perfect, she explained the benefits of a scalp cleanser and I was horrified to find that shampoos actually do not benefit your scalp at all. To show us just how badly our scalps were in need of a cleanser she did a scalp test wherein she gave our scalps a little massage with a brush to get the blood flowing and used their scalp camera to take a photo of our scalp extremely. The camera zoomed into our scalps so all we could see was our hair roots and our scalp, it was quite gross actually and my scalp was incredibly dry although it looks and feels fine to me, which was incredibly shocking. She then introduced us to their pramsana purifying scalp cleanser and explained how to use it before sending us away with a sample and their beautifying composition oil for hair, body and face. 

I have used the purifying scalp cleanser and I will say that my hair feels a lot healthier towards the roots and isn't getting oily as easily when played with or needing a wash, which is always good, right? If you would like me to do a full review of this then tell me in the comments because I find it super interesting, personally. I mean our scalp is where our hair grows from and despite always wanting luscious, beautiful and healthy locks we seem to always abandon our poor scalp, I had never even thought of my scalp needing care before I met the lovely lady at Aveda. 

After a little trip to the Aveda area, we went to the Smashbox area to have a scan at all of the gorgeous makeup. I have never tried Smashbox personally, but after swatching all of the gorgeous palettes I now know I have to, they were so incredibly pigmented and the colours are so beautiful. The products I was most in awe of actually was their Be Legendary liquid lipsticks, in this new line they do two different types of liquid lipsticks; their metallic, foiled ones and their more matte pigmented ones. I was actually really drawn to their metallic ones which is super unusual for me, who is a matte girl through and through. I especially loved a shade called Moscow Mulled, a gorgeous burned orange shade. The lovely worker walked us through everything on show explaining that their primers are their most popular products and gave us a feel of them on our hands which was super lovely, I have always been interested in their primers, but I've just always found myself repurchasing other ones instead of taking a chance on theirs. 

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

Next up was the NYX counter, my favourite counter in Boots, I LOVE NYX. They had a lot of new products out on show and a lot of their most popular such as their lip lingeries and lip suedes. What I love about NYX is that everything is such a good price for how incredibly good the quality is, you are mostly always pleasantly surprised when it comes to NYX. The had all their bright eyeliners and lipsticks on show, the perfect colours for summer time, but I explained to the lovely workers that bright colours sometimes scare me a little and I am a nude girl (wow that makes me sound like some sort of stripper... you know what I mean, right?). Well anyway... the girls explained that you don't have to go full out with colour and have a face like a rainbow, adding a little colour to your waterline or a little blue eyeliner instead of black is all you have to do to look summery and step out of your comfort zone and that is something I plan to do. I think my first step will be to pick up some of NYX famous coloured eyeliners and figure out what I am comfortable with trying out. 

The Benefit counter was next and if you know me or read here regularly you know Hoola isn't just my holy grail, Hoola may as well be my first born with how much I love that product. Well, Benefit have two new additions to their Hoola collection; Hoola Lite and their contour stick. I had seen both online, but I was yet to test them out in store, for me, Hoola is the perfect shade bronzer so I wasn't as interested in Hoola Lite, but that contour stick looked insanely good online and I had to see it in person. We got to chat with the lovely Erin from Benefit in Boots at St Enoch and if you are heading in to check out some new products I recommend you go see Erin, she's hilarious and incredibly skilled with makeup. She used the contour stick on me which made me want to purchase it even more as it is so creamy and that Hoola smell, you know what I mean if you're a Hoola fan, She used Hoola Lite on my pale best friend Ashley and it suited her skin perfectly, so if Hoola is a little too dark and muddy on you, Hoola Lite is your guy. We then got to try out Dandelion Twinkle, Benefit's first boxed highlight which is absolutely stunning and gives off the most beautiful, dewy glow, it is perfect!

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

No7 was a little packed when we were at Benefit so we skipped past that stand deciding to go back later for a snoop and opted to go to Kat Von D instead. At Christmas, I was the absolute best friend ever and bought Ashley the Shade and Light palette, but I was yet to get anything from Kat Von D myself, so I was excited about having a snoop. Everything was on show from their palettes to some liquid lipsticks, single eyeshadows, foundation and eyeliners. I think I swatched almost everything on show before falling in love with their liquid lipstick in Lolita and single eyeshadow in Thunderstruck, which doubles as the most beautiful highlight, I definitely have to go back and buy them next time I'm in Debenhams. (Update: I have now purchased both). We also got told some secrets about up-and-coming products and let's just say, they are going to be insane!

Murad was the next counter up to have a chat to the lovely workers. I have never tried Murad, but I hear so many, many people talk about the brand and how incredible the skincare is so I was excited to chat with the workers and figure out what the skincare could do for me. Murad isn't just about using good skincare, they are about being healthy overall, eating healthy and exercising which both benefit your skin. I explained that recently my pores have enlarged a little and the lovely worker told me which products from Murad could help me and invited me down to their counter in Debenhams to try out their YouthCam and figure out which areas I should be focusing on. They sent us away with some goodies and I have been using the Invisiblur daily since to protect my skin from those harsh rays and I LOVE it so far, it feels so soft and smooth and it doesn't have an off-putting scent which is nice. 

Lastly, we made a stop at the Guerlain counter where the lovely Harriet had Instagram messaged me asking me to stop by and see them. She told us the background of the company and how they work, who picks the ingredients for the perfumes and so on. They were at the event to promote their summer scent Mon Guerlain which is definitely going to be my summer scent, it is such a beautiful perfume consisting of carla lavender, sambac jasmine, vanilla tahitensis and Australian sandalwood. Harriet explained to us that the only two brands in the world who can use Australian sandalwood at this moment in time are Guerlain and Chanel, which is pretty amazing, isn't it? Makes each of their perfumes which include it, that much more unique. Harriet was so passionate about the brand, which is so lovely to see and makes me trust a worker that much more if you can tell how much they adore the brand they work for. She was lovely enough to send us away with a 50ml bottle of Mon Guerlain, the lotion and a candle, all of which I am in love with. The scent is stunning, so vibrant and fresh and is described by them as bold, luminous and sensual. 

Getting Ready for Summer with St Enoch

We didn't get time to pop back over to No7, but we were asked to pose for the photographer a few times which was fun, felt like I was a model for five minutes. We also got to chat with the lovely PR team, one of my favourite PRs to work with on the blog, so it was amazing to put faces to the names I regularly see in my email inbox. We were then given a massive goodie bag by the lovely PR team which were all slightly different from one another which was super fun, my favourite goodie from the bag was definitely the Topshop sunnies, which sadly need to get fixed as the very next day my nephew made the leg very slack and flimsy, but I still adore them nonetheless. 

What is your favourite trend this summer? Which makeup brand do you love the most from those I mentioned? 

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