6 Things to Add to Your Every Day Routine

6 Things to Add to Your Everyday

6 Things to Add to Your Everyday

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the things I do repeatedly every day and I have begun to realise how little daily routines have the ability to completely alter your perspectives and health, in fact, they alter your life in general. Whether you use the same mug every day or eat the same thing for breakfast daily, little things slip into our daily routine and we begin to do them instinctively. Take for example the process of brushing your teeth and washing your face, each morning I do this and I don't have to think about it, I just go to the bathroom and do it. 

I decided that my daily routine was just not making me happy nor was it beneficial to my health or well-being, simple things from what I eat and drink to the skincare I use were put to the test and changed. I want the little daily things to be beneficial to me whether it be mentally, physically, health related or completely narcissistic reasons. Changing little everyday things can come with many benefits and when they become routine you are able to reap these benefits for the rest of your life, or well, the rest of the time the routine is kept intact. 

I usually start my day with a scroll down Instagram, a read of my emails and a big mug coffee. I still do all of these things, but lately, it has been after a big glass of cold water. There are so many benefits of drinking water throughout the day, but it also the best way to start your day. It kick starts your digestive system speeding up your metabolism, it gives you a boost of energy and hydrates you after a long night's sleep wherein you've probably begun to dehydrate. Since I began drinking a glass of water each morning I have become more energised, less sluggish and feel ready to begin my day the minute the glass is empty. I no longer feel like I have to have a mug of coffee, although I still enjoy coffee each day. 

Okay, this one is an extremely narcissistic one, but I care about my appearance and that is perfectly acceptable of me. For the longest time I only ever applied body lotion every second day or whenever I could remember, luckily I have always had very soft skin. I decided I would apply body lotion whenever I get ready in the morning before I put on my fresh clothes because I want to have super smooth, hydrated skin, I moisturise my face twice a day, so making my body moisturising daily makes sense! Doing so not only makes my skin more hydrated, but it makes me feel more confident. 

6 Things to Add to Your EverydayDRINK A HOMEMADE SMOOTHIE
I am an avid smoothie drinker, mostly always homemade smoothies or smoothies made in smoothie cafes such as The Juice Garden. This is because a lot of store bought, already made smoothies include loads of additives and sugars that homemade ones do not, but I won't get into that. Having a homemade smoothie each day allows me to pack a few of my 5 a day into one simple drink making it much easier and quicker to make sure I get my 5 a day and because they increase my health, plus they're delicious.

Now, I say attempt because not every day can I do something outside my comfort zone, but I have begun trying to. This could really be anything when people say "do something outside your comfort zone" people always think big, but it could be anything. Today, my move out of my comfort zone was making a phone call about a job, which I was nervous about making, but I did it and that was me leaving my comfort zone. It could be a phone call, it could be emailing a brand you want to work with or it could be skydiving, it could be whatever you want to do that allows you to take a leap from what makes you comfortable. 

I don't do this daily of course, but I like to wake up a little earlier than needs be almost every day because it allows me to get an earlier start on the day. I have never been one for having a great sleeping schedule, throughout college and university I would get around 3-5 hours a night and head off to college/uni each morning. This meant I would nap a lot, was sluggish, felt run down, stressed out extremely easily and so on. Now I have tricked myself into having a better sleeping schedule, this makes me feel more energised, my mind is much more alert and less likely to stress out and I don't get sick as easy as I used to. 

I feel like this is one of the most important things for anyone to do. Too often we focus on our futures, our jobs, our ambitions and our goals and of course, all of this is incredibly important, but we have to also think of the now and our happiness. Do something that makes you happy in that moment just because you should be happy whether that be watching a movie you like, going out for dinner with friends or simply just painting your nails. Each and every day should contribute to your happiness as well as your future and ambitions. Today, I simply just spent time with my family for a while, the people who make me the happiest person alive. 

6 Things to Add to Your Everyday

I haven't added a whole bunch of new things to my everyday life because trying to pack too much in can make it seem like a chore and would result in slacking off and forgetting things. Instead, I have tried to add some stuff in that I 1) enjoy and 2) can slip into my schedule at any time during the day. I am also not incredibly strict with them, I allow myself days off and don't get too annoyed when I forget to make myself a smoothie one day or make my coffee before I have a glass of water. Creating too strict a routine makes it all boring and restrictive. 

Instead I have decided to add some things to my everyday life that benefit me and if they become routine and I do them without thinking then that's amazing, but for now, I am testing the water. I think it is important to try to better yourself, whether it be by applying body lotion daily or drinking less coffee or just being a better person it is completely your choice to change or not change which parts of your life you feel you want to. For me, I want to focus more on my health and well-being and by applying most of these daily tasks to my lifestyle I am becoming healthier and happier so it all works out how I want it to. 

Overall, I try not to make my daily routine too restrictive, I am a pretty easy going person and I don't want to be one of those people that stick to a 50-page list of things they do every day. If one day I want to sleep in and I have the opportunity to, then I will, if I don't have time for a smoothie then I don't have one that day, for me, it isn't about planning every waking second of my life. These are just a few things I think benefit my everyday life and would like to do each day.

So what is one of your everyday essential tasks? Do you have anything you wish you done every day, but don't?
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