Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

Warning for feet phobics: A photo of a foot appears in this post. 

Summer is on its way and you know what that means? Naked feet. Yes, you heard me correctly, the barefoot season is upon us and I am guessing your feet aren't a part of your body that you are proud of. We spend so much money on makeup, skincare, body care and hair care to keep ourselves looking our best, but we always seem to neglect those little guys that we put so much pressure on each and every day, literally speaking that is. if you are anything like me you wear heels, you buy new shoes constantly and you just about torture your feet on the daily, well I have the perfect way of apologising to your tootsies and giving them the loving they well and truly deserve just in time for the barefoot season. 

Whether you wear heels, flats, trainers or no shoes at all, you will have hard skin on your feet as long as you put pressure on them regularly by walking or running. The hard skin on my feet is something that has always bothered me, not only does it make you feel self-conscious about going barefoot or wearing sandals, but it also feels horrible. There is a solution to this horrendous foot problem; an at home pedi system. Sure, you can go to the salon and get a pedi anytime you wish, but 1) they can be expensive and 2) who actually has time to sit down and get a pedi everytime they overwork their feet? Definitely not me. 

Having an at home pedi system is so convenient, you can get rid of that hard, dry or cracked skin whenever you feel like it or can fit it into your schedule and you can do it how many times that your little tootsies need it without being well and truly out of pocket. I'll give you the perfect scenario, you're off on holiday tomorrow, but you left everything to the last minute so, after hours of packing, organising and stressing you finally sit down, but oh no! You missed your pedicure appointment in all the excitement. Not a problem just whip out your at home pedi system and do it yourself, easy as pie. My favourite at home pedi system is the Magnitone London Well Heeled system. Now if you read heythererobyn regularly, you know I am obsessed with my Magnitone Bare Faced, read all about it here, and now I am just as obsessed with the pedi system they have in stock in perfect time for summer. 

So just like me, you're probably a little bit apprehensive about touching your skin with something that looks like sandpaper and moves around 30mph, but trust me it doesn't hurt at all. When it comes to the Magnitone London system I have and love it comes with the body, two different head systems; a softer one and a rougher one, a little brush to clean it, a cap to protect the head when travelling and some batteries, yes they actually send batteries with the product, how convenient is that? 

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

I have used this product a couple of times since it popped through my door and I actually find it works amazingly. I found the rougher head was perfect for that first use, since the last time I got a pedi was over a year ago now my skin was super rough and so this head worked wonders on getting rid of the dry and rough skin at lightening speed. I have since used it a second time and I opted to go for the softer head as I felt the skin of my feet was nowhere near as hard and rough as it once was. Both heads worked absolute wonders, left my feet softer than ever and did not hurt whatsoever. 

The best way to use an at home pedi system is on dry, clean feet, preferably in a bathroom or somewhere that it's okay to get a little messy, I like to sit a towel down and sit on the floor while I use mine. I usually start with the roughest part of my foot which tends to be the heel where all my weight deviates when I walk. I switch on my pedi set and get to work moving it around my heel around the back and base. You have to continue to move the pedi system around the skin otherwise a burning sensation will start and you can damage your skin. From there I move onto the ball of my foot making sure to get the crook between the ball of my foot and my toe, this part tends to be a little more sensitive, so I'd say move the pedi quite speedily and try not to hold it against your skin for too long. Then I use the pedi on my big toe which tends to get some hard skin on the side of it, this is the quickest part of whole treatment. 

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

After I have finished I like to paint my nails and then I like to apply a lotion all over my feet and slide on a pair of socks to help lock in all the moisture. My favourite polishes are either Barry M or Essie and for summer I am loving pastel, when it comes to the lotion I love Soap and Glory Heel Genius or one of The Body Shop's famous sorbets. Following this, I slide the head off of the pedi set and use the little brush to clean out all the skin which has stuck to it, it's the grossest part of the treatment, but is worth it to keep your pedi set working.

I never thought I would be someone to regularly use a pedi set, but since this one came in the post I cannot stop using it. Not only does it save you time and money, but it gives you feet of your dreams, the skin is soft, no cracked skin, no dry skin, just beautifully smooth, soft and fabulous feet and in perfect time for summer. It is really quick and easy to use, oddly fascinating to watch and easy to clean. With disconnecting heads you can also buy new ones when your current ones wear down and no longer give you soft, supple skin. 

Have you used a pedi? Do you think they are worth it? Do feet freak you out? Tell me below. 

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