A Powder Foundation?!

A Powder Foundation?!

I tend to go through phases with foundation, one minute I am loving a full coverage look, the next I want a natural look and then there are times when I would just rather use an easy going BB cream. With how often I change my mind it totally isn't surprising I have accumulated quite the foundation shelf, I have a bit of everything; high-end, drugstore and luxury. The newest addition to this collection is the Bare Minerals Original powder foundation, I know, I know I am incredibly late with this one, but I've always been very confused by this foundation. To me, powder is what you put on after your foundation, powder is not the foundation, but that all changed when I added this foundation to my collection. 

Bare Minerals have always been a brand I have admired from afar, but never actually tried out myself until last Christmas when I tried out their products on a Christmas night out at The Glasgow Fort. Since trying them last year I have become just slightly obsessed with the brand and am making my way through trying out every product they have to offer. I love that Bare Minerals are quite innovative with their products, they seem to be ahead of the trends and up for trying new products and putting a new spin on everyday products. Which is exactly why I bought into the trend and purchased the famous Bare Minerals Original foundation.

A Powder Foundation?!

I absolutely love the Bare Minerals packaging, from the black lid to the clear tub which the powder is in, it is so sleek, so clean and so convenient, although it holds 8g of product the packaging is extremely travel friendly, can easily be popped into a makeup bag or bag with no problems or spills. I love that there is a little movable sifter lid within the tub so you can close it over and stop excess product spilling around in the lid or spilling out of the tub, it also prevents any product being wasted as you only tap out as much product as you need for each wear.

The best things about the original foundation for me is the fact it is a mineral foundation, which means no clogged pores and how versatile it is; there are so many different ways of wearing this foundation. You can wear it over your primer as a foundation by itself for a light to medium coverage, you can dust it over another foundation for a more full coverage or you can spritz your brush with Fix+ or mineral water before applying the product for a more dewy look. There are so many options and ways of wearing this foundation, no matter what you will find a way to wear it. I was worried that when I'd wear it, it would settle into dry areas around my nose, but it doesn't and my preference is to wear it alone by applying Fix+ to my brush before applying for a dewy finish. Which as the photos below show, givers a much dewier finish to the skin than when the product is used alone using a traditional dry buffing brush.

A Powder Foundation?!

I have tried to wear the foundation in each of the ways I listed above and I do think they all work perfectly, but for an everyday look, I prefer a dewy finish. I have worn my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted cream and my L'Oeal True Match foundation underneath when I have wanted a more full coverage, maybe for an event or night out. I have worn it alone, with only a primer underneath too and I didn't find it settled or separated like I thought it would and it didn't give off as matte a finish as you would think, not quite dewy, but it isn't overly drying or mattifying on the skin when applied alone.

What I have found though that if you are going with the wear alone look it doesn't cover blemishes quite as much as you'd hope so a nice concealer is always a good idea when it comes to this foundation.  As you can see in the photo above, the discolouration around my eyes is still quite noticeable and my undereye bags very visible too. I tend to always wear a primer and upon using my favourite Benefit Matte Rescue Professional with this foundation it has quite a good staying power. I would say when I wore it alone it did separate on my chin but other than that each of these ways of wearing it has ensured at least 10 hours of wear with only little touch ups on my chin which tends to be a little more oily. When applying touch-ups it doesn't look cakey or build up and instead, it continues to feel like you are wearing no makeup at all even if it is your second time applying more to any area.

A Powder Foundation?!

Each time I wear this product I apply such a small amount, but it gives quite a good yet natural coverage so I imagine the 8g tub will last quite a long time, even if used on a daily basis. Although my favourite foundation applicator is my trusty beauty blender, this foundation, of course, needs to be applied with a buffing brush. In order to apply the foundation, you tap out product into the lid, swirl your brush in the powder, tap off any excess product and then buff into the skin. I like to use the Bare Minerals Beautiful Finish brush or the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, both work perfectly and give a flawless finish.

To top it all off the foundation has SPF 15 which means that you don't have to worry about applying an SPF before you apply this product. Could it be any more perfect? They have just released a bunch more shades too, which means you probably have a perfect shade waiting for you in your local Bare Minerals, the lovely workers are always willing to colour match and may even give you a little sample if you aren't 100% on whether the foundation is for you.

So what is your favourite foundation? Have you tried this one? What coverage do you prefer a low, natural coverage or a full, flawless coverage? 

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