Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox

Last week I was reading down my Facebook, reading articles that popped up, liking pictures of people's new puppies or statuses about people passing their driving tests when I came across a status by somebody that I used to know, did you sing Gotye too? The status wasn't necessarily something I didn't like, but my stomach started to turn, feelings of how miserable this person once made me feel began to bubble up within me and I realised I didn't have to have said person on my Facebook and I no longer wanted to. So I deleted them and then I went on my Friends list and I deleted a whole bunch of other people who I no longer wanted to see regularly on my Facebook. 

My Facebook app isn't one I use regularly, but for some reason deleting people who once made me feel terrible about myself made me feel so freeing. I wasn't ever bullied, it's an experience I am glad to say I have never had, but like everyone, there were people in high school I didn't like for many different reasons and why have people on your social media who you don't like? It wasn't just people from high school, it was people I once knew, who I no longer had any interest in, who at one point or another in my life I had let affect my self-esteem. Now when I log on Facebook, I have less Facebook friends, but I don't feel uncomfortable to post what I like to post, I don't feel those mean girl vibes anymore, wondering if people I used to know are talking about that photo I just shared, I am no longer filled with the emotions I experienced frequently throughout my teenage years and it's made me feel so much freer. 

Following this, I opened up my Twitter app and I went to my 'muted' list and unmuted everyone.  didn't unfollow anyone straight away, but I let the tweets of these people fill my timeline and whenever I would read a tweet that made me start to doubt myself, or that made me feel uncomfortable I would unfollow, I am still doing this, I no longer care about being unfollowed back or subtweeted, I just want to enjoy my time on social media. We live in the age of internet and social media, I, like most people nowadays spend quite a few hours of my day on social media, probably more so than the normal person because I am a blogger, why do I want somewhere I spend a lot of time to be filled with negativity, anger and unhappiness? 

I am a very positive, ambitious and driven person so for me it didn't sit right to have pessimistic, negative and horribly rude individuals and tweets clogging up my feed. I want to follow people who inspire me, people who I enjoy interacting with, who's tweets make me smile or laugh, not people who make me doubt my knowledge, self-worth or happiness. I don't mean to offend anyone by unfollowing, but sometimes you have to cut your losses for your own piece of mind. I am not talking about people who post one negative tweet or are going through something personally, please do not get me wrong. I am talking about people who project their negativity upon others, who degrade and belittle other people for their own little ego boost.

Social Media Detox

I like to follow like-minded people who are also positive, ambitious and driven because it encourages me to be myself and give me a kick up the bum whenever I am having a down day or feeling unmotivated for a while. I also like to follow honest people who have no problem calling people out or admitting they have no interest in the latest trends, these people are who inspire me to be myself and be honest and unafraid. Instagram, on the other hand, is somewhere where I have always been picky about who I follow, so I haven't detoxed my Instagram, but maybe one day I'll have a peak and find I follow someone who I find I'm not happy following. 

Having a social media detox, or cleanse as some say, has allowed me to create a place online where I am consistently interacting with like minded people. You would never befriend someone who makes you feel bad about yourself so why would you follow someone on social media who does? Everytime I pop onto social media I feel inspired, positive and happy and that's exactly what I want from it, I don't want social media, something I love to become something I despise because it is taking a toll on my self-esteem.

Do they make you feel bad about yourself? Unfollow.
Do they make you feel stupid? Unfollow.
Are they constantly bringing others down? Unfollow.
Are they forever starting arguments? Unfollow.
Do they demotivate you? Unfollow. 
Are they fake or pretending to be something they are not? Unfollow.
Have they changed and you have no interest in them? Unfollow. 
Do they only interact with people of a certain following? Unfollow. 
Do you feel like they are phoney? Unfollow.

Do they inspire you? Follow.
Do you enjoy their content/tweets? Follow.
Do you like to interact with them? Follow.
Do they motivate you? Follow.
Are they a nice person? Follow. 
Is their content uplifting? Follow. 
Do they seem real and down-to-earth? Follow.
Do you have things in common with them? Follow. 
Are they funny? Follow. 

Have I missed anything? Have you had a social media detox? What kind of people do you like to follow? Tell me below in the comments. 

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