Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

I am back, how exciting! After taking two weeks off to focus on completing my dissertation and graduating university, I am back! During my little blogger break, I was invited along to the blogger event to celebrate the opening of the brand new Optical Express in Glasgow on St. Vincent Street. As someone who has been wearing glasses since I was 3, this was an event I didn't want to miss out on. Although I opt for my contacts a lot, I am proud to be a glasses wearer and I think it is so so important for people to keep on top of their eye care. 

This event was to celebrate the opening of the new store, not only were there awesome doughnuts by Tantrum Doughnuts, but there was prosecco, live illustrations by Badly Drawn Models, makeup artists sharing tutorials on how to do makeup with glasses, designer sunglasses to try on and some of the Optical Express staff were there to chat to all about their work and laser eye surgery. Now, laser eye surgery has always been something that has both intrigued and terrified me, but after talking to the staff, I now know that it's not actually that terrifying. In fact, it sounds pretty painless and easy going, if you go to the right place, and this place sounds pretty perfect. 

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

Upon arrival we were greeted by Sophie from Label PR, a PR company I worked with in the past when I got laser hair removal, check out all my posts on that here. I am thinking of doing another post on it soon, I feel like my writing has improved rapidly since I posted all of the ones currently available and cringe whenever I see them. I suppose that's a good thing though, as my blog is growing with me, both in skill and topics. Once we were shown where to go we met Shami, from Label PR, who is one of the loveliest people I have ever met, she told us she kept up with our blogs and asked about our studies, which I think just shows how much they care about the bloggers they work with and is really nice to see. We were given some Prosecco and told all about the evening and where to find what. 

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

Of course, we couldn't help, but rush over to the designer sunglasses table where we tried on glasses from the likes of Police. I felt like I was in heaven, I am a massive sunglasses fan, whenever I wake up during the spring and summer months to overcast skies my mood decreases because I won't be able to complete my outfit with a gorgeous pair of sunnies. I fell in love specifically with the gorgeous pastel pink pair by Furla (you can see them above; 3rd row from the left, second pair down). Along with the gorgeous range of sunnies, which I swear I tried on 90% of, they had a massive ring light, the perfect lighten for selfies. I've personally never had prescription sunglasses before, I always just opt to pop my contacts in under my normal sunglasses, but I think it is such a great idea, especially if like me your eyes tend to get a little drier in the warmer months or like me sometimes you cannot get your contacts in because your hayfever is so bad. I definitely think it would be worth it buy a gorgeous pair of sunnies with prescription lenses and I may have to. 

We decided to let some other bloggers noisy at the glasses since we were definitely hogging them and went down to the doughnuts. Okay, please don't hate me, but I don't like doughnuts, I don't like cake actually, I just don't like sponge, but I did try one of the doughnuts from Tantrum Doughnuts because they did look really tasty, despite my lack of love for doughnuts in general. Now, coming from me, these doughnuts were good, coming from my best friend Ashley, who loves doughnuts, these doughnuts were good. Have I said doughnuts enough times in this paragraph? I'm not too sure. I tried one which I think I have found on their Instagram if it is the one from their Instagram it is called the Vanilla, Earl Grey and Bergamot Ring and it was pretty damn tasty. I definitely would check them out if you're ever in the Kelvingrove area, they're on Dumbarton Street. 

After stuffing our faces with doughnuts we spoke to two lovely workers from Optical Express, telling them the horror stories we have heard surrounding laser eye surgery and being told they are false. You, like me, may have read all about people going blind after laser eye surgery, but in fact, it has never happened, I know, I am just as shocked, I mean people do say not to believe everything you read online, so I should have been more wary of the horror stories to begin, but... It was so lovely chatting to the girls from laser eye surgery to holiday destinations to our own opticians and eye problems to our studies and career prospects. The workers were so welcoming and lovely, it was like I was just chatting with some old friends, such a chilled environment. 

Let's Chat Laser Eye Surgery

We then went down the hall to see the laser eye surgery room and although I didn't take any pictures, it probably looks just like you are picturing it in your head, white, clean, clinical with big beds and machines. Although this can be very intimidating, I like that it looked like a hospital, I mean if it didn't you wouldn't trust it. We spoke to who I believe it the surgery manager and he told us that each person comes in for a consultation beforehand and they assess whether said person can have the surgery and all boxes have to be ticked before someone can go ahead, if there is a chance of problem then they won't go ahead with it. If you are able to have the surgery you come in, get the surgery within 30 minutes and then you are asked to come back the very next day for a check up on how the surgery went. 

The opticians seem very hands on and caring when it comes to their patients which is what I want from the people who are caring for my eyes. They make sure the surgery is going to work for you, that there won't be any complications and then check up with you the very next day! I always wanted laser eye surgery, wearing glasses for 17 years can take its toll on you, but I was always far too intimidated and scared to ever even look into the surgery, but after this event, I feel like I was being so silly and if I am ever to let go of my fears fully and go ahead with it, I will for sure be using this surgery, they have totally cemented my trust in them. 

We spent the last half hour to forty-five minutes chatting to the surgery manager and another worker and it was so much fun again to just chat and joke around with them, they weren't intimidating or trying to rush away from us. It felt like they genuinely enjoyed our company and chatting to us. In fact, the surgery manager told us the funniest story about a patient of theirs, which I won't tell you, just in case you're the patient, but I have proceeded to tell this story to everyone I know and they all find it just as hilarious as I do. 

We never got round to chatting to Badly Drawn Models, which I hate, because I really wanted to, but he was so popular, he never seemed to be alone. So I didn't want to intrude on anyone's chats with him. Hopefully, he appears at another event, but until then I'll have to stick to stalking his Instagram post. 

Have you ever thought of laser eye surgery? Would you ever get it? Tell me below. 

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This post is in collaboration with Optical Express and Label PR. 

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