The Everyday Bag Essentials

The Everyday Bag Essentials

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of bags and I regularly switch which one I am using, but no matter which bag I am using I tend to keep a selection of essentials in it. Whenever I decide which bag I am using, I like to pop a few items inside it that I feel every single girl should carry in their everyday bag. Whether it's a trip shopping, out for lunch, a day at university or just a day at work, these items are essential to making your day run smoothly.

You have to have hand gel inside your everyday bag, no matter what you are up to there is always a chance of you needing to clean your hands. Even shopping benefits from a hand gel, I mean have you ever actually gotten all the swatches off your hands from those dried up makeup wipes laid out around shops? Hand gel is a saviour no matter what the occasion. My favourite is the little hand sized ones from The Body Shop.

Of course, hand gel comes with its partner hand cream, hand gel can dry out your hands, as can the harsh soaps from public toilets and of course the dry weather. I like to carry a small travel sized hand cream in my everyday bag in case my hands are feeling dried out, especially important during the winter months when the weather is dry and cold. I love to carry around Soap and Glory's Hand Food.

The Everyday Bag Essentials

I talk about lip balms all the time, I mean it's probably become one of the most-mentioned phrases on my blog. No matter what the weather is like outside lip balm is always super important to carry with you especially if you are wearing liquid lipstick because they can be incredibly drying. A travel-friendly lip balm like the Nivea ones are easy to carry around, but the most nourishing ones are the Dr Paw Paw lip balms. 

For someone like me who has very sensitive eyes wearing sunglasses is super important, which means I like to carry a pair with me constantly. Of course, they come out my bag when I know for sure the sun won't be making any appearances today, normally traded in for an umbrella instead. When you are carrying sunnies with you though make sure to have a case to prevent the glass from being scratched. 

We live in 2017, did you really think I wasn't going to list a gadget of some sort? For a lot of us, our phones are out diaries, out notebooks, our way to find out the news, our books and of course our contact devices. It is super important to make sure your phone is always charged so you never have to miss a thing, I love the concept of a charger case and you can get them on Amazon for under £20, perfect! 

Of course, we need out keys, phones, cards and/or purse, but these are just a few essentials I feel like I benefit from having in my everyday bag. It's super easy to store them all in any size bag because they are petite items that can slip into a pocket of the bag and travel sized items are great for taking on the go.

The Everyday Bag Essentials

Have I missed any everyday essentials or is there anything you have in your everyday bag that I have missed? Tell me below in the comments. 

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