Testing Cruelty-Free Brands

Testing Cruelty-Free Brands
Going cruelty-free has become a rather quickly expanding trend and although it leads to a lot of complaints about people "jumping on the bandwagon" and so on, it is a rather amazing thing. At the end of the day, who are we to harm animals for superficial benefits? I hope that one day we live in a world where the beauty and cosmetic world is completely cruelty-free and we talk about animal testing and animal products being used in brushes, eyelashes and so on in a historical context. So if you are cruelty-free or you like to have cruelty-free products in your expanding collection, like me, then keep reading!

Testing Cruelty-Free Brands

Oh Dr Paw Paw, what can I say other than "I am completely and utterly obsessed with your products" because I really am. Dr Paw Paw are famous for their lip balms and they are also branching out into hair care now too. Having just been given their PETA badge, their products are some of the best and most known cruelty-free products on the market and I am beyond obsessed with them. (Does anyone else burst into Mariah Carey whenever they read or say the word obsessed, no? Just me? Oh well!)

I recently got sent the entire lip balm collection and I cannot get enough of these products. I am a big lip balm fan, I have mentioned this a lot on my blog, that I carry one everywhere with me and keep one in every jacket, bag and drawer that I own. The collection consists of four different multi-purpose lip balms. The original is a clear petroleum jelly like consistency which can be used on lips, skin and hair. Along with the original is a pink and a red, both of which can substitute blusher and give your cheeks a slight colour as well as add a tint of colour to your lips. There is also a sparkling red version of the lip balm which has small grains of glitter in it. 

All of the balms are insanely hydrating and smooth, in easy to use packaging and you need the tiniest amount of product to cover your lips, or is that just me with my tiny lips? They are by far my favourite lip balms and I have tried and tested most lip balms on the market. I like to apply a load of lip balm to my lips each night so they don't dry out throughout the night and with the huge amount of product you get in these tubes, they are perfect for it. I have also more recently been applying a little to my eyelashes once I take my makeup off and I have found it works incredibly well as an eyelash conditioner.

I had a cold sore last week and as you may be aware cold sores are some of the ugliest and most sore things to form on your face. I used the clear balm religiously to keep my cold sore moisturised, from hurting and drying up and it worked wonders. The cold sore was gone in no time AND never hurt, not once. I swear it was like black magic, I have never ever loved a product more than I did that morning I woke up with no cold sore. If you suffer from cold sores then I'd definitely say Dr Paw Paw is the way to go!

Testing Cruelty-Free Brands

A new discovery which I am pretty happy about, I was gifted the massive, super soft, beautiful bronzer brush by So Eco. Not only are these brushes cruelty-free but they are incredibly eco-friendly, as implied by the name. Everything from the handle to the packaging to the clue which holds the bristles in place is eco-friendly and cruelty-free and I love that. 

The handle is a soft, beautiful bamboo with easy grip indents halfway up, I don't tend to use these as I hold my brushes very, very close to the bottom. There is then a rose gold plastic section which is beautiful and makes it a lovely brush for sitting out and then there are the massive ombre styled bristles on top which are some of the softest bristles I have ever felt. The brush is for bronzer and for me it just doesn't work as a bronzer brush, it's too big, I'm not one to dust bronzer all over my face so it doesn't work as well for me as a bronzer brush. I do use it for powder, it is the perfect size to dust your powder all over your face and lock in your base. 

There is definite fallout with the brush, not a lot and it doesn't seem to happen with every use, but bristles do slip out here and there. I have washed the brush and there didn't seem to be an increase in bristle fall out during or after I washed them, therefore I don't think it is strictly a problem with the glue. I washed the brush using my Garnier Micellar Water Gel Wash and the brush dried perfectly, it didn't become hard or unsoftened in any way. I would compare both the price and wearability of the product to those of the Real Technique brushes, but it does decrease your carbon footprint more when using the So Eco brushes. I have seen other brushes by this brand in TK Maxx and I plan on picking up a couple more because I do like them. 

Have you tried any of these brands? Which cruelty-free brands do you love? Tell me below in the comments! 

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