I'm not Perfect

I'm not Perfect

"THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION" I hear you shout in Pheobe Buffay's voice, no I'm kidding, I really am, of course, I'm not perfect, you know it, I know it, we all know it. I mean who is actually perfect? Well, it would appear that bloggers are perfect wouldn't it? From their perfectly manicured nails to their never altered gym schedule and their precisely planned meal plans, everything is so perfect, isn't it? But, that life just isn't for me, sorry, nope. 

I recently read an article that had some crazy statistics about how those who try to have a perfect lifestyle are almost always less happy than those who try to live a perfect, planned out, precise lifestyle. It made me think about my own perfectionist mind and how since I have tried to let it affect my life less how much happier I have become, it's been a hard journey, but I finally feel like I am not letting it effect me negatively anymore.  You see we don't have to be perfect, we just have to be happy. Often we live in the Instagram photos, we live for the perception people have of us if I add a video of me in the gym to my Snapchat every morning people will see I am working out and see how perfect my lifestyle is. 

I'm not bagging on people and bloggers who go to the gym every day or who meal plan every week, I promise I'm not. I'm not saying that they do it for their Instagram or so people think they are perfect, some people just want to be healthy, being healthy makes them happy, so who am I to judge? For me a 6am wake-up call into the gym isn't for me, that's okay, though, maybe it will be one day, who knows? But for now, I am not game. 

I think the most important message is that, we don't have to pretend to be perfect just for others, I love pizza, I do, carbs are my best friend, I live off Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, I love to eat from restaurants, I don't count my calories and I don't ever look for the healthiest meal on the menu. I mean I am pretty lucky I have a fast metabolism, I am a size 6 and weigh about 105 - 110 pounds, but I'm not going to cut out fatty foods and eat lettuce with every meal to look perfect on Instagram. If I decided to change my diet, it would be for me, because I want to be more healthy or because I want to change up my routine, not for anyone else because no one else matters. It is my life, my diet and my eating habits, so I'm not letting anyone force my hand.

If I wanted to start working out every day at 6am before I head off to work I would, but quite literally I don't want to. I'm not saying I don't workout, of course, I am just saying I like to sleep and if I can stay in bed an extra hour I will. If I felt that my diet was borderline unhealthy, I would change it for me, but in fact, yes I love pizza, pasta and all things carbs, but I eat a good amount of fruit and veg, I eat whole grain, I use soya milk, because I am healthy, I just don't let my love of carbs be affected because I'd rather look unhealthy when I post my pizza on Snapchat than eat something I don't like just so I can Instagram it and look like 'health goals' y'know? 

I don't care about looking 'perfect' because I'd rather be happy above all. Sometimes I can't be bothered painting my nails or even brushing my hair, but I'm not going to force myself to do something I don't want to do just so people will look at me like 'god she is always so perfect polished'. I look polished when I need to be; events, interviews, work, going out with friends and so on, but if I am going a trip to buy some bananas from Tesco I'm going bare faced and probably with chipped nail polish, but that's okay because I'd rather get there quickly than waste my time getting perfect done up and polished so that others will perceive me a certain way. 

It's true, no one is perfect, so why should you pretend to be? Supermodels look perfect, but even they have their flaws, their off days and they still leave the house without makeup, getting photographed with spots or mismatched outfits. Scrolling down Instagram is it important to remember you are only seeing what the person wants you to see, they probably feel the same pressure you do to look, feel and act perfect every day. 

If you are constantly chasing an idea of perfect, changing every aspect of your life so that you live this make believe perfect lifestyle you will never be happy. You will spend your life living a life that bores you or you feel forced to do, it will be harder and harder to do it because inside you really don't want to do it, you really want to eat that pizza and you want a long-lie instead of that 6am wake-up call. Unless you are changing your life because you personally want to be healthier or because you personally want to look polished every second of every day and so on, you will never be happy. The perception people have on you, this perfect view of you won't be enough to make you happy. 

You want to get healthy, get a gym membership, plan out your meals. You want to read more, order a bunch of books. Want to learn French, find classes. You want to have polished fingers all the time, find the time to paint them or have them done. You want to look perfect, give it up. Make changes to your life because you want to, not because people will see you differently because of the changes you make. 

Do you think trying to be perfect is dangerous? Tell me below in the comments and tell me one thing you have changed this year, for your own happiness. 

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