How to do Valentines Day Single

How to do Valentines Day Single

Have you ever seen that meme of President Snow from The Hunger Games saying "They're holding hands, I want them dead."? That is me come Tuesday, just like a lot of ladies and men out there, I am spending this Valentines Day alone, or rather with my dog and/or cat. You may be spending your Valentines Day alone too, but it's okay because it is just a corporate holiday created by Hallmark to get more money from consumers, and us single people like to voice that fact every time February 14th rolls around. 

But, the thing is that being alone isn't a bad thing, I am 20 years old, it isn't a bad thing I am single, I haven't met someone yet and that's okay because I have a loving family, amazing friends and a great life with a bright future. Just because I haven't got a boyfriend doesn't mean I should be unhappy, watching The Notebook and crying into a Ben and Jerry's tub on Tuesday. I am perfectly fine with having not met the perfect guy yet, because I believe there is someone out there for everyone and I will meet him one day, just not today. 

Side note: I wrote this post in advance, wouldn't it be the most ironic thing if I met someone in the time between writing this post and posting it? Updated side note: I didn't, Dave Franco is still with Alison Brie sadly. 

So instead of being sad come Tuesday, I am going to go out of my way to be happy, to spread love and above all love myself. I am not going to stand in the mirror and stare at myself saying "No one likes you because of your fat thighs Robyn" or "Your standards are too high for such an ugly person, jeez!" Instead, I am going to go out of my way to make Tuesday most enjoyable for me and here is how you can make Valentines Day a great day if your single or away from your partner on the day.

How to do Valentines Day Single

What a better way to be happy and have fun on Valentines Day than spend it with your other single friends? There is nothing better than hanging out with your friends and having fun, the best friends are the ones who don't let you be sad, keep you laughing and totally look out for you when creeps try to hit on you. Whether you go out for a meal, go for drinks, just go see the most unromantic comedy movie or stay in and rewatch chick flicks and gossip, hanging out with your friends will make you forget what the date is and why you ever thought you'd be crying over that tub of Ben and Jerry's and not trying your best not to spit it all over the place at a hilarious joke. 

The best way for most of us gals to clear our mind is to shop, I love to shop, whether it be for makeup, clothes or even bloody food, I love to shop. I hate looking in my bank account post-shop, but while shopping I am having a ball. It is a good way to treat yourself, you don't need no man to buy you expensive makeup or new underwear, you have your own pay cheque for that and you deserve a treat for being you. Whether you shop alone or with friends it will take your mind of everything and you can even have a little fashion show for yourself once you get home. 

As a wise Rihanna once said "work, work, work, work, work," Valentines Day is on a weekday this year and some of us (ahem, me) don't have the choice, but to get up and get on with the day. Stop hiding under your duvet and do what you normally would on a Tuesday. There is no need to change your day because Hallmark said so, you shouldn't feel bad that you're working while couples are on dates, because you'll get that promotion over Susan who's boyfriend is taking her to Paris for the weekend, suck it, Susan.

How to do Valentines Day Single

Even Justin Bieber said you should love yourself, I mean, I think he meant it in a totally unrelated way to me, original lyrics were probably not PG, but still. You should love yourself and the best way to do so is to show yourself some love. Take a bath, paint your nails, order pizza or some Chinese food, binge watch your favourite TV show, lather yourself in your favourite lotion, put on a face mask and just show yourself some love. No counting calories, no crying, no pointing out your flaws, just a good old pamper session.

This Valentines Day I will be getting up, going to university, I might pop into Topshop on my way home and treat myself to a present or two before I head home. I will have to do some dissertation work, obviously because it consumes my life and then I will have the pamper session of dreams using the most incredible body lotion I have ever tried. It comes from Dr Botanicals, a London-based vegan skincare brand that I have recently discovered. 

I have been using their luxurious Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Body Repair Cream recently and I will definitely be using it during my Valentines Day pamper session. From the beautifully sweet scent to the soft smooth, glowing skin I have after each use, I have fallen head over heels in love. The scent has me feeling nostalgic as it smells almost identical to Parmaviolets, sweets I used to adore as a kid, it lingers on my skin and around my room for hours after I use the product, making me feel fresh, clean and peaceful. While the product soaks into my skin, smoothing over my usually dry, cracked elbows and leaving my skin feeling replenished, smooth and soft.

How to do Valentines Day Single

The product is actually on a promotional offer right now £89.99 to £19.99, but you can use my code 'ROBYNBLOG' at checkout for a further 20% off, available until the end of February.  Whether you use it during a Valentines Day pamper session or daily after a shower like I do, I am sure you will fall head over heels. 

How are you spending Valentines Day? Do you have any tips for spending the day alone? Do you have any traditions? Tell me in the comments. 

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