Stop Demonizing Bloggers

Stop Demonizing Bloggers

I caught part of a TV show last week, for 20 minutes two women spoke about how bloggers take advantage of their readers, how collectively we only like our readers because we can make an easy buck off them. It is extremely sad to me that these rumours, lies, and assumptions are being fed to people about bloggers when clearly not a single blogger has been contacted for the show. 
Can people stop demonizing bloggers?!
If it isn't how much money we 'steal' from our readers it is how we are hiding sponsorship and taking advantage of our young, naive readership or how we are all lazy bums who sit at home watching Netflix while our bank balances grow speedily without us spending longer than a half hour a day on our laptops. I completely understand that blogging baffles a lot of people, if I was on the outside looking in I would have no clue how much hard work goes into running a blog. If I am honest some aspects of blogging still baffle me despite actively blogging for over two years now, but I would never make such horrible assumptions as the ones I see and read daily. 

I know a lot of the time the assumptions are aimed at those at the top and I am such a minuscule, unpopular blogger in comparison to these influential, popular and extremely successful bloggers, but I still feel attacked when I read or see these accusations and further I just feel they are extremely unjust. Yes, there are some bloggers out there who take advantage, don't disclaim their sponsorships and hardly spend any time on their blog while still managing to have a more than reasonable income from it. 

Stop Demonizing Bloggers

The majority of us on the other hand, we are trustworthy, we disclose our sponsorships, our collaborations, we spend hours, days, weeks slaving over our blog to put out fresh, unique content for our readers. We promote day in day out to get our content out there, to have people even glance at our content nevermind share it, comment on it and buy through our affiliated links. 

When did it become the norm to just insult, assume the worst and downright bash on anything you don't understand? That's what it really comes down to, isn't it? It seems to be anyone who is a little confused by blogging decides that the best thing to do is to not try to understand us and what we do, but instead to belittle us. It's quite sad really.

You see I work for hours, sometimes days on a blog post, perfecting it, rearranging paragraphs, paraphrasing sentences I just don't quite like well enough to keep, I take about a dozen maybe even two dozen photos at a time just to narrow it down to three or four, sometimes even less. I taught myself how to use photoshop, how to code and use HTML and I even go out of my way to research what I am writing just to make sure I am not misleading anyone. So am I misguiding my readers? Am I lazy? I am so proud to get sponsored posts with companies I love that I wouldn't ever hide a sponsorship, not because it would be wrong, but also because I want to be like "hey, look who actually wanted to collab with me, isn't this great?"

Stop Demonizing Bloggers

Yes, I totally get it, these insults, these tv shows and online articles aren't aimed at me, I am not the victim, but I know so many bloggers who slave away on their blogs, who go above and beyond with each and every post, it's just not very fair to make us seem like the big bad in the world when we are just doing what we love? I mean does it really effect you if I write a blog post in collaboration with NYX? So why are you so set on destroying the reputation of being a 'blogger'?

I know that blog reading and Youtube watching have become a massive hit with pre-teens and young teens under 16, trust me, I actually studied these statistics, but should a blogger not get paid for a collaboration with a company they adore just because a few 14-year-olds spend their pocket money on a Benefit Gimme Brow that they featured in said post?

When I started blogging over two years ago it took me 9 months of blogging before I got my first collaboration with a brand and even then that brand was taking a massive chance on me. Two years 4 months later and you can scroll through my blog and see that I haven't really collaborated with all that many companies. It takes a lot of work, a lot of effort and a lot of passion to get to the point where you are collaborating all the time. Very few people go into blogging for the sheer purpose to make money and get 'freebies' and those who do most often than not they don't stick around because it becomes too much of an effort to blog up until the point where collaborations offers begin appearing in your inbox.

Most of us blog because we love to write and share because we enjoy testing products and sharing our opinions or we enjoy teaching people things or just sharing our lives in general. Yes, we can get some 'freebies' and money from it, but that isn't the reason we started blogging, it becomes a really incredible perk. Our love for it means that we enjoy writing and taking our photography and creating content so no we aren't sitting around watching Netflix all day and dining at the fanciest restaurants in town while our bank balance doubles on the daily, we slave over our laptops until our eyes are square, so yes we do deserve the perks, the freebies and the cash, for our work, would you expect anyone else to work for free?

Stop Demonizing Bloggers

Most of us would never even think of manipulating our readers, posting false claims or promoting products we have never used before. Instead, if we don't like a product that was sent to us we either write the negative review or we contact the company, explaining our bad experience. I can't talk for all bloggers, but I can speak for a lot that I have spoken to who would never write a good product review on a sucky product just because it is a sponsored post.

The thing is that makeup, cosmetics, and skincare are all experience goods, they are something that you have to experience personally. Yes, I can tell you how great The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask is and the wonders it did for my skin, but we are two different people so while I am telling you this, you have to factor in that, while it worked for me, it isn't automatically going to work for you.
After all, we may have different skin types or allergies, one product that works well for me may break you out, but when you're a beauty blog reader you know that you have to take into consideration that what I write on my blog, is my opinion.

As for affiliated links and making money from your readers, those are a whole other ball game. If a blogger has affiliate links, that's cool, they're getting paid a small sum for each person who uses that link, but as the reader, no one is saying you have to use that link. I have even heard of people purposely Googling the product instead just so specific bloggers don't make money from their purchase, sad I know, but it happens. Say you're on a fashion magazine's website and they are talking about a Zara dress, do you really think that link to it doesn't result in them making money? It does, so why is it so bad when a girl, sat in her bedroom, slaving over her blog makes money from the exact same method?

It is oh so easy to point the finger, to incriminate and judge when you aren't sure what goes on behind the scenes, but I'm sure if you were so interested in the work of any blogger you could ask them. Any
blogger would be happy to tell you how much time, effort and money they put into their corner of the internet on a daily basis.

So, what do you think? Do you think bloggers are demonized? Do you think these kind of comments are just? 

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