The Three S's of The New Year

The Three S's of The New Year

It is a new year which means a chance to improve upon yourself whether it be physical, emotionally or mentally, the new year is a fresh chapter to do with as you see freely. I love the idea of starting fresh, leaving your troubles back in the one that came before. I have left a few troubles in 2016 and this year I want to improve upon the 3 S's that are my skin, sleep, and smile in 2017.
I tend to get a lot of questions about my skin and what I use because people tend to see that I have barely any blemishes. People assume that having no massive spots, no acne means that I have perfect skin and I can't be insecure. I know I am lucky, I know my skin is so much clearer than a lot of people, but I have an issue when it comes to my skin, I see what others don't, blackheads. 

I get blackheads most prominently on the tip of my nose and on my chin, they tend to be the oiliest areas of my face so it makes sense. I have tried creams, treatments, masks and scrubs, some had a little change, some had none and others I use regularly to keep them at bay, but sometimes I still flare up. 

I have found a mask, or rather I was gifted a mask by Misfit cosmetics, that I have found has helped my blackheads quite drastically. The mask is called the Blackhead Extraction Paste. It is a thick, black mask that you apply to the blackhead prone area, leave it for 10-15 minutes and then peel it off. 

I have been using this mask once a week for a month now and I have seen such drastic improvement with my blackheads, although I have continued to use my other skincare saviors that could be helping too. The product is quite thick and runny so it can make a mess, especially since it is jet black, but some water and a good scrub and it is easily removed from any surface without staining. It can also be a little intense on your face so I would advise not to leave it on too long. 

I have found that I not only have fewer blackheads, but I have found my chin to be less oily the few days following my mask night. When one or two blackheads have peaked through, which has been a rare occasion since I began using this mask once a week, they are less noticeable, even to me.

The Three S's of The New Year

I am a night owl, I love to stay up late, it is when I find myself most motivated, I tend to do a lot of my essays late at night and I write many of my blog posts in the early hours of the morning. It is not that I'm not a morning person, I am one of few people that can get out bed and get on with my day and not snooze every five seconds as well as being a night owl. 

The problem I have is my inability to fall asleep quickly, no matter how tired I am I tend to toss and turn for a good couple of hours before finally drifting off to sleep. I have tried reading, a tech ban an hour before bed, a hot drink, I have tried everything and nothing works. I have always looked at sleeping sprays and lavender oils and rolled my eyes, 'how could a scent put you to sleep'? I would wonder to myself, but they work!

I have been using Slumber Natural Sleep Aid lavender oil almost every night for a month now and I am extremely impressed. I absolutely love the scent of lavender, but I didn't really know the sleeping effect it could have on you. 

I find the best way to induce a sleep is to get ready for bed, snug in pajamas, go to the bathroom, fill the sink up halfway with some warm, not boiling, water drop some of the lavender oil into it and then get washed up for bed. Let the lavender fill the air as you take off your makeup, clean your face, brush your teeth and moisturise. It can also be used in a bath, but this way you can use it right before snuggling into bed with a book. 

I find I fall asleep much quicker than usual and I feel incredibly relaxed instead of worrying about the tasks I have to do the following day or the essay I have due in a few weeks from now, I feel much more peaceful. I find that I sit my book down, turn out the light and I drift off within 15 minutes at the most without tossing and turning.

Another tip is to drop some of the oil into a clean wax tart burner, put in a non-scented tea light underneath and let the scent fill the air when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It can help calm and soothe you. 

I confess, I hate my teeth, I hate my smile. I find that my teeth and my smile are just not how I want them to look. Growing up watching American TV everyone wants the perfect teeth, all the same size, all rounded edges, all perfectly pearly white. I always wanted braces as a kid I felt my teeth just weren't straight enough, people would tell me not to be silly, my dentist refused to let me get them, she would say they are straight, but I couldn't see it. 

As I grew older I realised it isn't that my teeth are squint or uneven, it is that they are different shapes, I have the rounded edges front teeth then some pointy ones beside them and it always made me feel so self-conscious and to this day it still does. I have begun to embrace that I don't have the perfectly shaped teeth I hope for, but maybe one day I will have them fixed.

I find my teeth don't stay as white after they have been whitened because I love coffee, they are very easy to stain and although I use whitening toothpaste, I find myself looking to whitening kits, strips, powders and pastes. I have been using the Natural Teeth Whitening Shine activated carbon by Misfit Cosmetics and have found it has helped. 

I was a little confused by this black powder, how on Earth could it make my teeth white? It turns out some people use it in place of toothpaste as toothpaste contain fluoride. I decided it was worth the shot to make my teeth whiter. The first time I used it was one morning when I was rushing out the door, bad idea, it is super messy!

I have been wetting my brush, dipping it into the powder and brushing it around my teeth for two minutes before rinsing my mouth with water, a few times and I am done. The black powder gets super messy, my teeth were black, my gums were black, my toothbrush has actually dyed black, but my teeth have gone up a shade or two, nothing drastic, but maybe with more use, they could look much whiter and brighter. 

I would definitely buy a toothbrush dedicated to using this with as your toothbrush will go black, I would stand away from the mirror, have wet wipes on hand and only brush with the powder at night when you aren't going to be leaving the house anytime soon.

The Three S's of The New Year

Are you a morning person, a night owl or both? What is one thing you want to improve this new year when it comes to making yourself more confident and happy? 

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