Living More Creatively and Fearlessly

Living More Creativity and Fearlessly
I have been sat at my laptop for about a half hour now, just looking at this blank blog post, searching my brain for something to write about. I write about a variety of content on here, from makeup to skincare to university and how to tips and tricks, so you'd think my content is pretty easy to come up with, you'd be wrong. I am a naturally creative person, I am frequently referred to as 'artsy' and even 'an outside the box thinker', but still I hit a wall when it comes to blog posts. It's not that I have lost interest in blogging, it fact it tends to be the exact opposite, I have a brain fart on those weeks when all I can think about is my blog and where I want it to go. 

That makes sense though doesn't it? That my most difficult creative period is usually around the time when all I am doing is overthinking, overthinking my blog's future, my content, my readership. I have found that when I am too busy thinking of the statistics, the worrying of 'am I good enough?' my creative mind tends to go for a snooze, like 'here she goes again, off on a rant about how she'll never amount to anything, I'm not needed today, I'm going back to bed.' I mean if you woke up bright and early filled with ideas and your boss shut them all down before he heard them telling you that the workplace isn't ready for the workload, would you keep trying? No, of course, you wouldn't, it's common sense.

I am almost at the end of my book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and she talks all about letting go of your fears in order to live a more fearless life, now I am not going to ever stop worrying, it is who I am, but I want to prevent my fears from putting my creativity to sleep. Instead of being sat at my laptop wonder which blog post would attract the most readers or what will give my stats a post. You see, I'm not a fan of using my content to boost my stats, like people who use competitions to get them more followers every other week. (I'm talking about the people who literally never have a period of time where they don't have a competition or giveaway on their blog).

I want to live more fearlessly all together, I don't want to live in fear of what people may think of me, I don't want to not post a blog post because someone might not like it, I'm not going to not apply for a job just in case I don't get it. It's all pretty dumb anyway, I mean trying and failing it better than never trying at all, isn't it? Too often we put our own barriers in front of us, instead of just going for it and waiting to see what comes of it, we tell ourselves that we already know the outcome, when we don't, I am not psychic and chances are neither are you.

Living More Creatively and Fearlessly

I am all about the laws of attraction, I firmly believe that what you put out into the world decides what you bring back from the world, I believe that by trying to get that job that you haven't got experience for is still a good idea because you are telling the world you want it and the world will answer, maybe not by giving you the job, maybe giving you job in the same company or in a different position. I believe that in order to get things in life you have to go out of your way to achieve them, you don't get a thing by lying in bed moping about what a failure you are, you go out there and show the world you're ready for a challenge.

I leave university in April/May and I am terrified, I don't really know what there is for me after education, I mean I have been in it since I was 5, so 16 years this year, isn't that insane? The majority of my life has been spent in education! So there's no surprise I am terrified of what is next, I am used to being coddled in the soft, secure blanket that is education and now there is no security or a definitely, there is a hand full of positions in the sector I wish to go into and roughly a gazillion people who also want those jobs, who are also applying for the same positions.

I could either let this reality terrify me into never leaving my bed again, deciding that living in my parent's non-existent basement is a better outcome, but I'm not. I am allowing it to motivate me, I am perfecting my CV, I am talking to people in the industry, I am bulking up my experience in that sector and I am sending out emails to potential employers telling them my interest and asking if they have any jobs available for when I leave university. So far, the universe has answered my positivity with further positivity and I have two job interviews coming up later in the year, I have knowledge others don't of when job ads will be going live and I have some insider information about what people are looking for, I am thinking one step ahead because I am ready to fight for my own happiness. (Not literally, I have never had a physical fight in my life, it's not for me.)

It's not all been rainbows and butterflies, I have had some ignored emails, I have been told a firm "no, we can't tell you any information" and I have even had a few people laugh at my optimism, but it's all part of trying. If I didn't get some negativity from it then I'd be a little worried, rejection is part of trying and without it, the acceptance, the offers, the interviews, they wouldn't be half as great because we would have nothing to compare them to.

I'm not entirely sure how I got to this from what I originally began writing when I decided to put my fingers to the keys, but here we are. Life is all about taking chances and making things happen for yourself, letting go of our fears and embracing our creativity, our persistence and our optimism.

When did you last take a chance? Tell me all about it in the comments whether the outcome was positive or negative. 

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