Five to Buy: Favourites from 2016

Five to Buy

If you haven't read any of my recent blog posts then you probably have no idea I am trying very hard to improve my blog, upon trying to improve my blog I have come up with this fun new section; five to buy. Every now and then I am going to post a 'five to buy' telling you five of my favourite beauty products at the moment and why you should try them! 

Before I tried the bouncing sleeping mask I had never even heard of a sleeping mask, it actually scared me a little, what if it was super thick and clogged my pores? What if I woke up with greasy skin? What if it gave me loads of spots? If you haven't already guessed, I am very picky with what skincare I use. I generally like The Body Shop so I did eventually pick this mask up.

The sleeping mask is a deep overnight moisturiser from the Drops of Youth line. I am only 20, but it is never too early to prevent your skin from aging, I wake up with my skin feeling plumper, smoother and more refreshed than ever. The mask is incredibly innovative as the mask does in fact bounce, you have to scoop the product out with the spatula which comes with it before rubbing it into your face. I find that the tiniest amount of this product completely covers my face and it dries within seconds. To top the fabulous product off, it smells absolutely beautiful!

This mascara I bought on one of my amazing trips to St Enochs which I posted all about here. Until I found this mascara I had never found one that just worked for me, everyone seemed to have a go-to mascara, except me. I had tried high-end, high-street and just nothing made my lashes look spectacular - except this puppy. 

This mascara is beautifully packaged which is the perfect representation for how it makes your lashes look. The intense black shade has my lashes looking much more noticable and dark, while the brush leaves them longer and fuller. I love how you can layer this mascara for different looks; applying one small coat can leave them looking more natural and untouched, but a few coats can have them looking much more intense and dramatic. The only problem is that unlike another mascara I swayed towards, Roller Lash, you still have to curl your lashes before applying this mascara.

Five to Buy

Do I need to mention this face cleansing brush in any more posts? I swear if you look at any skincare post I have posted in the past year and a half it will give this skincare favourite a mention. If you don't use a face cleansing brush then you are missing out, I use my Magnitone Barefaced daily and have done for a year and a half which has resulted in my skin being better than ever. 

This brush is super easy to use with two different settings, one more intense than the other to deep exfoliate your skin or daily exfoliate. There are also different heads you can purchase on the Magnitone website and swap to give you the best clease depending on your skin type, I have tried the normal - active clean, sensetive - soft and sensetive and the deep exfoliation head - stimulator and I can vouch for them that they definitely do the trick. I use my Magnitone daily with a gel cleanser or serum for a deep cleanse to get rid of all the impurities that have snuck into my pores and somtimes I use it in the shower as it is completely waterproof! Not only does it work insanely well on cleansing your skin, but you hardly have to charge this lil guy, the battery lasts months. 

I was bought this wonderful palette for my Christmas and I just cannot get enough, I had my eyes on it for months, but of course with Christmas presents and an abundance of birthdays I put off buying it, but it is finally mine. I absolutely adore Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, they are super creamy, intense and pigmented both with brush and with your fingers. The 12 shadow kit is so beautiful it is hard not to stare at it. 

The palette has some amazing colours in it ranging from nudes to black to burned orange, the perfect range of shades for any eyeshadow fan, you can do so many incredible looks with just this one palette whether it be a neuteral nude or a deep, dark smokey eye. The shades are all matte, however Blow, the first shade in the palette has a slight gleam to it when applied, not quite a sparkle, but it isn't at intensely matte as the other shades.  I might do an extended post on this gorgeous addition to my makeup collection, so tell me below if you would like it. 

Five to Buy

If you haven't seen me ramble about this concealer then you must be a new visitor to Hey There Robyn, hi, hello, welcome, this is one of my all-time favourite drug-store beauty buys. This product is the only concealer I buy now and has been for at the very least six months. I know the cult favourites, I have tried them, but nothing beats this one for me. It is high-end quality at a fraction of the price, who can fight that? 

The creamy product comes in a tube with a doe foot applicator, my favourite types of concealer, they seem so much more hygenic to me than any pot of concealer. It comes in a wide range of shades including colour correcting shades. Although I don't get many blemishes I get dark circles from late nights and early morning and due to my olive skin tone I have some dicolouration around my eyes - all of which this concealer easily hides. It is the perfect product for popping in your bag and covering up any blemishes throughout the day. If you want to read a longer, more intricate review, click here and read mine, why not? I am clearly passionate about it. 

I hope you enjoyed this different style of blog post, should I do more of these? Tell me in the comments one of your favourite new beauty finds!

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