Brands I Want to Try This Year

Brands I Want to Try This Year

Is it just me or is there always a new brand everyone is obsessing over? Everyone is testing it out, blogging about it, deciding which products are worthy of the 'cult favourite' name. I tend to miss out on these trends because I don't like to rush into a brand and buy a bunch of products I don't know if I'll like. I like to wait out the trend and read the reviews before deciding to purchase some items from a brand. There are a few brands I have on my list to try this year or try more of. 

I recently paid a visit to Bare Minerals at Glasgow Fort and got a makeover by one of the wonderful girls at the counter. I loved how the products felt on my skin, how it felt like I wasn't wearing any makeup. I went away with a little bag of goodies and couldn't wait to test them out. I loved the feeling of their original base products and how pigmented their shadows are, I also am a fan of their Lash Domination mascara. So this year I want to branch out and try some of their items specifically their base products and brushes. 

A cult favourite, I am yet to make an order to Colourpop for the simple reason that shipping and tax confuse the life out of when it comes to shipping products from America. So once I have got my head around how it all works I will be making myself a little order. I already know a few shades I can't wait to try out of their liquid lipsticks and I have heard their shadows are incredibly pigmented so I cannot wait to test the brand for myself. If you have any recommendations leave them in the comments.

Brands I Want to Try This Year

I have tried a few items from Kiehl's but never fully got into the brand, but I am for sure going to pick myself up some pieces as soon as possible. I have my eyes on a few serums and creams, if you didn't know already I am a major skincare fanatic so a cult favourite like Kiehl's has to be featured in my ever expanding collection. I want to try their masks and I have had my eyes on Midnight Recovery Concentrate for months now, I will be picking one up asap!

I recently bought my friend a Kat Von D palette for her Christmas and since then I can't stop looking at which products I want. I am obsessed with her tattoo liner, but her eyeshadow palettes look insanely pigmented and are such beautiful shades. Although I may test the concealer, the foundation looks a little too high a coverage for me as I do have pretty clear skin. 

Brands I Want to Try This Year

I LOVE Too Faced, but I don't think I have quite enough in my collection. Their Better Than Sex mascara has become my staple mascara and I am forever recommending it to everyone, along with their liquid lipsticks, but I am yet to try their shadow palettes. I know, I know you are judging me right now, but my heart is with Urban Decay when it comes to palettes, but it is time for me to check out their eyeshadow palettes, especially the peach palette. 

I have a couple Origins masks in my collection, but my skincare fanatic self can't help but want more. I LOVE their products, they tend to be incredible quality and really sink into my skin and leave me feeling blemish free. I think I may add to my collection with a little set of cult favourites, so tell me which gift set I should treat myself with in the comments. 

So which brands here have you tested out? Do you recommend any products? Am I a total newbie to the cult makeup gang? 

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