A Liquid Lipstick that Doesn't Kill your Lips

A Liquid Lipstick that Doesn't Kill your Lips

You all know how big a love I have for NYX, I have never been the biggest fan of drugstore makeup, I tend to find a lot of issues, but since NYX came onto the scene I have looking to them for absolutely every beauty essential. I never in a million years thought a drugstore brand would have liquid lipsticks I can no longer live without, but here we are.

I am a sucker for a matte lip, I think it is so timeless, classic and gorgeous especially when it is a bold, deep, ambitious shade like a plum, a red or berry. Since I am one not to stray from my nudes (no not those kind, jeez) I always tend to pick up a nude shade of any new lip product first before I tip toe out of my comfort zone and get a darker or brighter shade from the same collection. 

This is exactly what happened with the NYX Liquid Suedes, my first shade was Soft-Spoken, a mauve nude, rumoured to be a dupe for Kat Von D's Lolita and the second addition was Cherry Skies, a beautifully autumnal, berry red shade that could give MAC's Diva a run for its money. 

The lipsticks come in chunky tubes that hold 4ml of product, quite a bit of product in comparison to say Kylie Cosmetic's lip kit lipglosses that only hold 2.6ml. I don't have any major issues with the packaging at all, it's convenient, it's nothing special, but when I am paying £6.50 for a liquid lipstick I don't want the packaging to be beautiful and luxurious because then they've cheaped out on the product, I'd rather average packaging and a good product, because at £6.50 you aren't going to get both. 

I have been wearing Soft Spoken quite a lot in the past month or so, you have most likely seen it in quite a few of my selfies. It is a mauve nude tone, Personally, I find it looks more pink than brown on myself, but it is a beautiful and very wearable shade. 

Cherry Skies is one I will be wearing quite a bit in this up-and-coming month, it will be wonderful during this festive season. It is a berry red, a little more on the berry side than the red side, but still utterly gorgeous and wearable. I personally wouldn't wear Cherry Skies to a normal uni day, but going shopping, to dinner or a Christmas party this would be the perfect shade, especially if you're like me and find it hard to wear red lipstick.

A Liquid Lipstick that Doesn't Kill your Lips

The doe foot applicator is really quite long which is perfect if you have big lips of course, but for me, it isn't that big a deal, I am happy either way. The applicator does, however, pick up quite a bit of product, but this is easy enough to sort out if you just wipe excess product off using the tube. If you aren't using a lip liner it can be quite easy to make mistakes with the applicator, but I find this true of most liquid lipsticks. 

The lipsticks take a good minute, maybe a minute and a half to dry, they don't dry completely matte, they have a little bit of a sheen to them, but not enough that your lips look glossy, it is very similar to a MAC satin finish. I find that the product can be a little bit sticky if you apply it too thick, but a thin layer is really all you need for a good colour pay off as they are insanely pigmented. 

Once the product is fully dried it can last hours, I have gone about four hours without having to reapply, which for me is a seriously good timescale as I eat constantly, so if it withholds my eating habits then I love it. It doesn't dry entirely matte which I definitely think is why it isn't as drying as most liquid lipsticks, but I have absolutely no problem with them. It is nowhere near as drying as their lingerie are, but not as nourishing and creamy as the soft matte lip creams, definitely middle ground, but better than most other liquid lipsticks I have tested. 

I'm not a fan of applying more than one layer of a liquid lipstick, I feel like this absolutely kills my lips, I have quite sensitive lips and this just makes them ache for days, however, I tried it for this post (the things I do for my reviews). These tend to do the opposite of most liquid lipsticks and become more sticky when layered, I left layer one to dry and even wear before applying layer two, but it got sticky. 

I find these liquid lipsticks so easy to wear and although they have their faults like every other product on the market I think it is super easy to work around them. I know I personally find myself straying towards Soft-Spoken despite my large collection of nude coloured lipsticks. For such a small price I don't think you can really go wrong, NYX seems to impress me daily, every time I try a new product I fall more and more in love with the brand. I will for sure be building a collection of these lipsticks in the coming months. 

What is your favourite brand for liquid lipsticks? What has been your experience with the NYX Liquid Suedes? 

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