Unwinding this Christmas

Unwinding this Christmas

This time of year is so incredibly busy, everyone is rushed off their feet from buying presents to making sure every ingredient for dinner is safely in the kitchen cupboards. It can be a stressful and hectic time for us all, but with Christmas only four days away it is important we take some much needed me time for ourselves this festive season.

Whether you do an at home pamper session or head out to a spa or salon, one of the best ways to unwind is to lie back, relax and let someone else do all the work. Maybe you have a Christmas party and want to head to your nearest beauty counter for a makeover beforehand to save yourself the effort or you want a quick massage to work off that sore back you have from lugging everyone's presents around all day. As well as treating those around you, it is a great idea to treat yourself too. 

Unwinding this Christmas
Unwinding this Christmas
It's Christmas, head out for some cocktails with the girls (or guys). Whether you like to get absolutely hammered on a night out or not is up to you, but chilling with your friends and catching up is super fun and a great way to see your friends before Christmas for a present exchanging session. Plus who doesn't love a festive cocktail menu, the one over at TGI's is super fun and yummy, I personally love the Christmas Long Beach Iced Tea pictured below. 

Whether you're with friends or family, everyone loves a night in front of the tv, maybe joined by a pizza, watching Christmas movies. Not only is it a great way to get you feeling festive and fuzzy inside, but it would help you unwind and relax after a hard day at work or shopping. Maybe you'll team it up with 'cocktails with the girls' idea and have a 'make your own cocktails' party or stick to the hot chocolate and candy canes, just lie back, stick on Love Actually and relax. 

Try being the correct word here for a lot of us, I don't know about you but I just cannot bake. I don't like cake so I guess that could factor into it because they could be phenomenal and I'd still not enjoy eating them. It's always fun to get the mixing bowl and the whisk out, though, whether you want to give them out along with gifts come Christmas day or just making them for fun it's a great way to have fun while still being productive. 

Everyone wants their presents to look like the ones across Instagram and Pinterest don't they? Is it just me or is wrapping presents very therapeutic and relaxing? I love to stick on a Christmas movie or playlist and wrap all the presents I have, this year I am trying my hand at wrapping them all fancy and Pinterest-esque, I think it will either be great or a disaster, but mostly it will be fun.

Robyn, what are you talking about? I mean we all hate the Christmas rush, don't we? Christmas shoppers are the worst, so rushed and busy, I mean I am one of them, but you get me.

A lot of shopping centres are opening late in the lead up to Christmas. I for sure know that The Glasgow Fort is staying open until 12 am every day this week excluding Christmas Eve when it closes at 5 pm and on Christmas Day it is, of course, closed. 

Shopping late on at night can be so useful not only does this mean you don't have to rush around to get everything before the stores close, but it also means you may miss out on the rush. I am a night owl so shopping later in the evening and into the night is much easier for me as I tend to be more alert and it usually leads to fewer impulse buys. 

So if you are dreading going out to buy the last few bits and bobs or if you are completely helpless and haven't begun your Christmas shopping yet hop onto the website for your nearest shopping center and check the opening times, chances are it is now open later. 

Do you have any tips on unwinding this Christmas? How have you done your Christmas shopping this year? Online, late night shopping or daytime shopping? 

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