How to Grow Your Twitter Following

How to Grow Your Twitter Following

I recently reached 3000 followers on Twitter, cue the celebrations.
I only reached 2000 earlier this year and within six months I had hit another thousand followers. To me that is insane, I know so many people gain so much more followers within much shorter periods of time, but to me, this is amazing. I decided since my Twitter following has grown so exponentially that I wanted to help anyone looking to grow their Twitter following.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to grow their Twitter following is to socialize. No one wants to follow someone who doesn't reply to mentions and seems unapproachable. Replying to mentions is just common courtesy and projects your down-to-Earth attitude. You should also take part in Twitter chats, I am being so repetitive with this point, but you get to chat with some amazing people who may want to follow you and chat again! 

I seem to have gotten quite a few popular tweets lately, from a tweet about being insulted by a stranger outside a Starbucks to a tweet about not recognizing myself in a selfie I had just uploaded. People love when you tweet little snippets of your life, little anecdotes that they can relate to or they can laugh at your misfortune, of course, only when you're laughing at your misfortune too.

It can be fun to take part in certain trending topics especially when it comes to popular tv shows, voice your opinion about #XFactor at the weekend or #ImACeleb. People who have the same opinions and interests as you will want to follow you and you may even find friends. Same goes for blogging conversations, why not check out the #bbloggers hashtag and talk to people who are asking questions or open to some general chat. The best conversations to participate in are blogger chats, check out my A-Z of Blogging post for the best blogger chats (click here to read it). 

If people like to read your blog there is a good chance they will want to follow your social medias, I myself know I like to follow bloggers on Twitter to keep up-to-date with their posts and their lives. I have my Twitter link in my top bar of my blog, in my sidebar and I post the link at the bottom of each post, this way it is always available and I am constantly reminding my readers I have a Twitter they can follow. 

There are so many Facebook pages out there to help bloggers promote their blogs, social medias and blog posts. A lot of these pages post share posts, FBL: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle post a different share post each day; Monday is Facebook pages, Tuesday Twitter, Wednesday Youtube and so on. I like to post my links on these share posts, but there are others who post share posts and ask for you to follow every other person who has linked to their social media, these I am not fond of myself, but if you like them then they could be helpful to you. 

Don't be one of those people who has 24k followers and follows 200 people, no one likes them and we all know how they got those followers... If you like someone's tweets or blog give them a follow, they might follow you back, if not you can always ask, no need for subtilty, just go for it and see if they follow you back.

You're at a blogger event, you meet some bloggers you share interests with and you really think you'd like to keep up with them. Swap Twitter @s and blog links. Normally at events or just after events I gain at least 4 new followers from the lovely bloggers I meet, not only do you get the opportunity to make friends and keep in touch, but you gain some more Twitter followers, which is why you're reading this here isn't it? 

Have I missed any tips? What is your favourite way to gain Twitter followers? How far are you from your Twitter following goals? 

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