The Best Burgers in All The Land

The Best Burgers in All The Town
I feel like I'm becoming a right little food blogger lately. 
I was invited along to the opening of Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Glasgow Fort on Thursday which officially opens to the public today!! Before now I had already tried out GBK before in Glasgow town centre, but I was super excited to check out the new one in the fort. On previous visits to the fort, I have always had such an amazing time, workers in every single store and restaurant are always lovely and the food is always beautiful. So let's see if GBK is any different, shall we? 

I attended with two of my blogger friends; my best friend Ashley who blogs over at hiyaitsashley and the lovely Jordanne who blogs over at thelifeofaglasgowgirl and we had such a good time. The restaurant is featured at the front of the new multi-storey car park in the fort, it is super convenient and just a short walk away from both the stores and the VUE cinema. 

When we got inside we were greeted by some wonderful workers, one of which lead us to a table at the window for three, he asked if we had been to a GBK before and was really pleased that two of the three of us had been because he didn't have to describe how it works, but I will. In GBK it is like Nandos, you get your menu, decide on your food and then go up to the till to order remembering to give your table number, but unlike Nandos both your food and drink is brought to the table. 

The Best Burgers in All The Land
The Best Burgers in All The Land

The atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing, we had a reservation for 7pm so it was already dark and cold outside. When you stepped into the restaurant it was so warm and cosy. The lighting is pretty bad for getting good food pictures, it's quite dark, but I love when restaurants have that atmosphere, it makes them feel much more cosy, especially in the winter months when you're excited to get somewhere warm and homely, out of the cold.

Ashley, Jordanne and I had a good look through the menu and there was definitely a wider variety of items than there was on the menu when I visited GBK in town, although it was 2 years ago since my last visit. Of course, since it is a burger joint the biggest variety on the menu is the beef and cheeseburgers, but since I don't eat red meat, I looked to the chicken burgers. There are a good four chicken burgers.

I opted for the chicken pesterella; a grilled chicken breast with crispy bacon, mozzarella, rocket, pesto, basil mayo, relish and salad. Ashley opted for the chicken satay burger deciding on breadcrumbed and fried chicken breast with warm satay sauce, crispy onions, garlic mayo, rocket, pickled onions and relish. Jordanne chose the classic beef burger; 4oz or 6oz beef patty with house mayo, relish and salad, Jordanne added some bacon to her burger too. For drinks I got the cloudy lemonade, Ash got an Irn Bru and Jordanne got a Cola. 

The Best Burgers in All The Land

The sides we decided to share, we got skinny fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings. The sweet potato fries came with some baconnaise, but we got another two portions, so we could have one each because oh my goodness, it's beautiful!

My burger was absolutely delicious, it had the perfect ratio of chicken to cheese and cheese to pesto, everything was just so perfect. Halfway through I decided that it would be a good idea to put some baconnaise on the burger, it was phenomenal, I actually think my creation should be featured on the menu because it was a masterpiece. The chicken was so tender, my worst fear when eating chicken is for it to be chewy, I hate getting a big bit of chewy fat in chicken. This burger was not chewy at all, it was wonderfully soft and succulent.

The Best Burgers in All The Land

I tried each of the sides, sweet potato fries are my favourite side to have anywhere and I even make them at home. I would have to say GBKs sweet potato fries are some of my favourites, they were perfect middle ground not too fat, but not too thin and crisp. The skinny fries were delicious too, so thin, yet soft. The onion rings weren't my favourite, I adore onion rings, but these ones were just too big for my liking the breadcrumb to onion ratio was way off; there was too much onion for the breadcrumbs. Everything tasted 100x better dipped into the baconnaise however.

The waiters were super kind and attentive, constantly checking if we needed anything, if we were enjoying our food and if we wanted top ups on our drinks. One did give me an odd look as he watched me pack a full portion of baconnaise onto my burger, but I mean, it was a pretty strange thing to do.

Once we had another couple drinks and let our food settle it was time to leave the wonderful restaurant. As we headed out we had a little chat with the lovely worker who greeted us at the door. He asked what we got to eat and if we liked it, telling us his favourite dishes. The staff are insanely nice, I love love love when staff are sweet and interested in you.

I will 110% be returning to this GBK next time I am in the fort and I highly recommend that you pop along now the restaurant is open. The food is insane!!

Have you tried GBK? What is the side dish you always return to no matter the restaurant you visit? 

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I was invited to the opening of GBK
and all food mentioned in the post is free
in return for posting this blog post.
However, all opinions are my own.

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