Am I a Bad Blogger?

Am I a Bad Blogger?

Since the beginning of November, life has been pretty damn hectic. When life gets busy I have to put the blog on the back burner. I hate doing it, I absolutely hate not posting on my posting days, I hate not having everything scheduled and ready to go, but life happens. 
Does this make me a bad blogger?

One of my sisters gave birth while the other moved home meaning home life has been pretty busy. When it comes to uni I have my first dissertation chapter due next week, a PR event I planned and organised taking place on Monday, two essays due at the beginning of next month... my life has been jam packed, I am either helping family or at uni or at my computer... so is it so bad I missed a few posts?

So often I worry about not being a good blogger because I missed posts or because I didn't schedule enough promotional tweets, I missed a Twitter chat or I didn't have enough ideas to actually fill a week of blog posts. Blogging is hard and when it's your side "job" or hobby it can be hard to always fit it into your schedule. I mean there are some bloggers out there who work 7 days a week and still manage to put up a blog post every single day, but I'm not one of those people, does that make me a bad blogger?

It's not that I don't have a good work ethic, in fact, I'd actually say my work ethic is something I am proud of. I'm not someone who can do something and be alright with it, everything I do has to be great, everything I do has to live up to my standards, the standards of an incredibly picky perfectionist. So juggling things has never been something I have been good with, I like to focus all my attention on something until it is perfect, but when you're juggling a blog and university as well as staying sane and having a good home and social life, things can get a bit too much and something has to be put in the back seat for a second. 

Am I a Bad Blogger?

I'm not complaining I'm not for a second saying I have it hard and my life is so terrible. Yes, I am stressed and under a lot of pressure, but I am incredibly lucky to be at university and writing a blog, having a family I love to be around. That doesn't deviate from the fact that life stresses me out and I let my blog take back seat.

Like I said, whenever my blog takes a back seat I hate it, I become even more stressed because I worry that people will unfollow, I get scared that by not posting I am showing a lack of commitment. I mean I am a tiny blogger, minuscule compared to most, but I love to blog and I'd hate to think I am losing any of the few followers I have because they think I am slacking off. 

I mean, blogging isn't about the numbers, but it's nice to know you have followers and people who like to read your blog, follow you and interact with you. When people like your posts or tell you that your posts have helped them then it makes you feel happier, prouder of your blog and that's not a bad thing. 

So, I'll answer my own question. No, I am not a bad blogger and I am going to stop beating myself up about missing a post here and there. I am still learning how to make the whole blogging and uni thing work, it can be hard to balance it all at times, but I am only human and until I find the perfect schedule there will be times when I miss posts and that's okay. 

Am I a Bad Blogger?

I am beginning to feel a little less stress, a lot more collected and a gazillion times more motivated and excited to blog. I have so many post ideas, I want to improve my photography, I am even thinking of  branching out into Youtube. I absolutely love to blog and I feel that from now on I will be feeling a lot more proud of my blog. I want to work harder on it, I may miss posts every now and then due to life commitments, but I will try my best. 

I think we all doubt ourselves a little too hard from time to time and it can be hard to not stress ourselves out, but it's best to stay relaxed, it is okay to let the blog take a back seat. Life is important and if you need some time out then go ahead. It is better to miss posts than to post uninspired, forced content. 

Do you think I am a bad blogger? What do you do to de-stress? How often do you blog? 

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