A Christmas Pamper Session

A Christmas Pamper Session
Two weeks ago I was invited out to BW Beauty for a preview of the new festive packages the lovely Becca of BW Beauty is releasing this Christmas season. I got to have a back, neck and shoulders massage and then an express facial, also known as The Reviver, there are three other packages on offer and I definitely want to pop by for another sometime. 

From the moment I stepped foot in BW Beauty, I couldn't stop looking at the cute decor, although Becca is working from Tranquil Times with a few other start-ups, they have such a beautiful set-up, so relaxing and boho chic. Upon arriving Becca offered my friend and me a drink and past me a little form to quickly go over before my facial. 

A Christmas Pamper Session

Becca was super easy to talk to, it was like talking to an old friend, she is so friendly and out-going. Once I had filled in the form she took me through to the room where she would do my massage and facial. The room was very peaceful, dull lighting, lovely soothing music, cosy, dark colours keeping the room warm and relaxing. 

She left me alone to strip my upper body and lay on the table. The table was lined with tissue paper as you can see in the first photo and there was a towel to place over your body. Once I was lying down I could already feel myself getting sleepy, the massage table/bed was padded and very comfy while the music was super soothing and relaxing. 

Becca came in and asked if I have had many massages before, something most masseurs do so they know how soft to go with the massage. She then warned me that her hands were cold before rubbing oil onto her hands and beginning the massage. 

A Christmas Pamper Session
The massage was not too hard, but also not too soft. I couldn't say how long it actually lasted because I'm 100% I fell asleep I was so relaxed. My back flinches a lot when anyone touches it, it is a reaction that I can't stop so Becca asked me if I was in pain, which of course was nice because some people may be too shy to actually tell the masseuse this, but for me, it wasn't painful. It was just how my back reacts. 

I hold a lot of tension on my shoulders due to heavy university bags so Becca focused a lot on this area which really paid off. I can't tell you a time before then that my back wasn't in pain, but it Becca managed to relax all my muscles and have me pain-free.

Once the massage was over I then carefully turned onto my back, placing the towel over my chest and Becca began the wonderful facial. I have had a few facials in my life, but never one that relaxed me as much as this one, I don't know if it was the head massage or the relaxed environment, but I know I for sure fell asleep during the facial. 

A Christmas Pamper Session
Becca had asked me before my facial about my problems, which I told her were breakouts, especially with all my up-and-coming deadlines, I breakout with stress. She used this information to decide on which products she would use for the facial. 

She uses the Eve Taylor range and for my specific skincare needs she used the Purifying and Balancing products and her main focus was exfoliation. 

She used warm cloths to clean off the products as she went along making sure they weren't too warm, though. The warm was super relaxing and made me more sleepy, do you see a theme with my love of sleeping here? 

She finished the facial with a head massage which I think is what put me to sleep. It was so relaxing and soothing.

Once the facial was over she brought me in some water so I wasn't dehydrated and gave me time to sit up and get dressed. I was so relaxed and dazed, but once I got up and ready I went back to the waiting area to talk with Becca and my friend who had been waiting in the waiting area for me. 

At this point, I had no makeup anymore, but I was so relaxed and felt so good about my skin that I wasn't too bothered about this. Ashley, my best friend, and I sat talking to Becca for so long, she was so sweet and friendly.

A Christmas Pamper Session

I will definitely be returning for another package and another massage and facial that is for sure. You can see the price list above for the packages which will be running all throughout December, and other treatment prices are on Becca's website over at bwbeauty.co.uk. You can also get 10% off the above packages with Becca, just tell her you are a heythererobyn reader. If you have any questions feel free to catch Becca on Twitter @ _BWBeauty

Will you be heading to BW Beauty for a massage? When was the last time you felt super relaxed? 

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