When to go High-end with Your Beauty Products

When to go High-end with Your Beauty Products

If you are a beauty fan you know those high-end products constantly draw you in, whether it be the new MAC collection, a new Urban Decay foundation or a Too Faced palette you want it, but why?
Is it because everyone else has it? Because it costs a lot? Or because it is better quality? 
With a lot of high-end product you are paying for better quality, but not always, so what products should you splurge on? 


Foundation is the base of your face, I mean, of course, we should be wearing our moisturisers and primers, but a good foundation sets the rest of your face. When it comes to foundation, the majority of the time you get what you pay for. High-end brands mostly always have a wider range of shades meaning you always get a great match, you can also get professionally matched to the foundation which you can't do with drug store brands. This isn't to say that some drug store brands don't do amazing foundations, but I would definitely say paying extra for a foundation most often works out in your favour. 

If you have ever tried a liquid lipstick you would know that a lot of formulations are incredibly drying and can almost make your lips crispy and flaky if the formulation is really that horrendous. I have found in my collection that the more money I have spent on a liquid lipstick the smoother the formulation, except NYX liquid lipsticks, those beauties are incredible! Liquid lipsticks are hard to wear no matter the price tag or brand, but spending some extra coins on them definitely makes things more comfortable. 

I have only recently begun expanding my eyeshadow collection, but I would definitely say that I would pay a bunch for a good palette. A good eyeshadow is creamy, easy to blend and pigmented all of which you get when you buy say an Urban Decay palette or a Too Faced palette. Of course, you can get some amazing L'Oreal palettes that cost a fraction of the price, but they don't tend to last as long and a bit of Fix+ is sometimes needed on one or two of the shadows, but a pricey palette means every shadow in the palette is great.

When to go High-end with Your Beauty Products

Okay, let's be honest here, I haven't tried many setting sprays, I mean I found my holy grail and never looked back, but of the four or five I have tried, there was one correlation; the higher the price tag the better it worked. Urban Decay All Nighter is my ultimate setting spray and I don't think I could ever go back. Trying some cheaper versions usually helped my makeup stay on a few extra hours, but not half as long as UD's does. 

When you are buying makeup brushes it can be hard to find any that give a good, even application, are sturdy, yet fluffy and soft. The best brands for makeup brushes that fall under these categories tend to be the ones with the larger price tag. I mean, I do love Real Techniques, but Zoeva, Sigma, Spectrum tend to be much better. 

Of course, like I said you can get drugstore foundation, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, setting sprays and brushes that are just as great as the high-end alternatives. This post isn't rules of which products you should or shouldn't buy high-end, sometimes high-end brands get it wrong and their products suck and other times drugstore brands get it so damn right. Different people have different preferences. This is just a list of five products I would be willing to go high-end for. 

Which products would you be willing to go high-end for? Do you think you have to go high-end for any products or do you like to play around with both high-end and drugstore?

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