Girls Day Out Blogger Event

Girls Day Out Blogger Event
Girls Day Out is a three-day event which takes place in Glasgow at the SECC in December from the 2nd until the 4th and this year they invited me along to the Girls Day Out blogger event in preparation for the event. During the Girls Day Out event, you get to purchase as much beauty and fashion items as you want, speak to the incredible brands involved, get makeovers, sip cocktails, enjoy the brilliant entertainment and much more, so what exactly happened at the blogger event...

Girls Day Out Blogger Event

Upon arrival, we were checked off the list and given our blogger press pass which gives us entry into the whole event in December and a glass of Prosseco. This is of course super exciting as I have never attended the Girls Day Out event before and now I cannot wait for the one in December, I will totally be there every day. 

I attended the event alongside some of my favourite blogger gals; Ashley, Jordanne and Charlene (click their names to see their fabulous blogs). We made our way over to our table where we found a schedule of the night's events and a massive goodie bag. Straight away we were all itching to get a peak inside our goodie bags, but we kept ourselves composed and instead took Instagrams and Snapchats of the amazing location. 

A waiter from the restaurant came around the three tables and handed out bottles of Prosecco on ice and cute three-tier cake stands filled with scones, cakes, and tarts alongside some sandwiches. Although I am not a massive cakes and sweets fan, I had to get my Instagram pictures of these stands, there was three given to each table and like all bloggers do the full table began taking photos of the setup. 

Girls Day Out Blogger Event

After some chatter with the fellow bloggers at the table, who by the way, were some of the loveliest people I have ever spoken to, we were all shushed as the lovely Julia Girvan took to the front of the room to speak. She is the event manager for Girls Day Out and she told us everything we need to know about the up-and-coming GDO show this December and why we should all attend, as if we needed more reason to attend every single day.

Afterwards, we heard from one of the ladies at Fake Bake, sadly I am super bad with names and didn't catch her name, but she handed out catalogues and told us all about the future trends in the tanning world. One of the trends this year is contouring with your tan, which sounds super intriguing to me. After her chat, Sandra McClumpha, the founder of Fake Bake answered some questions from fellow bloggers. 

Following Fake Bake was a chat from Ashleigh Anderson from F.A.C.E, one of the sweetest people ever. She was so nervous and it was really nice to see someone who owns their own company being nervous to talk in front of people, made me feel so much better about my own stage fright. She spoke about what F.A.C.E offer in semi-permanent makeup, specifically eyebrows which they do in the studio, but she also showed some of the makeup looks they do in the F.A.C.E studio and they were insane, so beautiful!  

Following Ashleigh were the girls from Urban Decay, you guys know how much I adore Urban Decay, I mean this is the third post in a row which I have mentioned the brand in. Lauren Howden, the head makeup artist and Danielle Roberts the social media manager spoke all about Urban Decay and the new launches, I mean the All Nighter foundation - read my review here and the new Naked Basics palette. Once again they answered any questions us bloggers had to ask. 

Lastly, there were three awesome ladies from Urban Hair and Beauty who spoke all about the up-and-coming hair trends which include braids from french braids to fishtail and fancy up-dos including some braids to jazz them up. The daughter of one of the workers joined the women to talk about their collaboration with Ariane Poole and selling her makeup line in their salons. 

Girls Day Out Blogger Event
After the talks, we all got to stuff our faces with the array of cakes and sandwiches and then interact with the brands around the room. Of course, my mind went straight to Urban Decay, I wanted to swatch that Ultimate Basics palette so badly, but as you would imagine the queue to talk to the lovely ladies was humungous. 

Instead, Charlene and I opted to get some massages from two of the masseurs from Massage & Glow who are based in Xscape in Braehead. A little bit of a distance for me, but I would definitely go for the massage. I have never really had a massage before, but I always have trouble with my left shoulder, I mean lugging around my uni bag makes it feel like it might fall off. We sat down in the chairs and I swear I almost fell asleep, the noise around me seemed to be no bother, I was so relaxed and every inch of my body slowly began to loosen up. 

After our massages I really wanted to go for a nap, but of course, duty called and I brought myself back to life to socialise with other brands and bloggers. Next, up, we had a peak at what the ladies at Urban Hair and Beauty were doing, the ladies were doing demos on some of the models they had there, both using the makeup they have in their salon and some of the hairstyles they offer at the salon. 

Once the queue for UD was down we floated over to them straight away. Talking about how much I adore the foundation and how much I want to cry at the fact I haven't got the new palette. The two girls were so lovely and kind, complimenting us, letting us swatch the goodies and telling us some insider gossip about UD stand alone stores... ;) I loved chatting to them and Danielle was lovely enough to give me a business card so I could email her my blog, which was so sweet of her, truly shows how much the brand like to interact with their customers. 

Girls Day Out Blogger Event

I then went back over to Urban Hair and Beauty as Charlene and Ashley were both getting some braids put in. While I took Ashley's photography for her blog the lovely worker for Urban asked me if I knew how to do fishtail braids as she thought my hair would be perfect for them. When I said no she offered to show me how to do it, and that she did. The braid was beautiful and I tried it again at home, it didn't come out as good, but I am getting there.

Girls Day Out Blogger Event
As the night drew to an end I was super sad to have to say goodbye to the lovely brands, GDO workers and bloggers, but of course, we all had to go home. Once I was home I got a good look at my goodie bag and was so pleased with the amazing contents, I mean don't they look fabulous? I am so excited to try out the Candelle and Co wax melts and the UD mascara, but everything else will definitely be getting put to good use too. 

Will you be attending this event? Are you excited for the new UD releases? Have you tried any of the goodies in my bag? 

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