How to Stick to a Blog Schedule

How to Stick to a Blog Schedule

So last week after weeks of missing posts here and there I got my three posts up. I say I post three times a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but until last week I was getting up two, sometimes even just the one post per week. I hated that my schedule was so bad and so I decided that I was going to take control of my blogging schedule, and this is how I am keeping up with it. 

My biggest tip for keeping up your blogging schedule is to use a planner. You don't have to write down every time you should be writing blog posts or taking photos, even just writing on your posting days that you have to post that day and the heading of said post. So for today, under Monday the 24th of October I have "Blog post going live - How to Stick to a Blog Routine". This reminded me that I wanted a specific post to go live today and to have it ready beforehand. I like using the same planner for my blog, university, and personal life, therefore nothing ever clashes and if it does I can stay on my toes.

The best way to actually have an effective blogging routine is to stay ahead, always be ready for the following week or even just the next couple of posts. This means that you never have to miss a blog post because of your personal life if you always have the next post scheduled you aren't writing things up last minute which can of course fail as you never know what may come up. 

Having everything scheduled and ready to go makes it so much easier to be on top of everything and have it run on schedule. If you schedule your posts they go live on the days they are supposed to, scheduling tweets keep you from having to promote your posts personally every single day and gives you time to get on with other things. I use Blogger to schedule my posts for 9am each posting day and I use Buffer to schedule promotional tweets for my latest posts every day.

How to Stick to a Blog Schedule
It can be hard to priorities especially when you've found a new series to binge watch (like me and Mr Robot). All you want to do is chill out, eat ice cream or play the new Tomb Raider (which I haven't got yet, it's so sad), but really what you should be doing is writing up your blog posts or editing the thousands of photos you have sat on your desktop. You have to be willing to switch off the tv for a couple of hours and get things done, especially if you, like me are in university or have a full-time job. Getting your work done first will pay off in the long run. Prioritise your tasks and reward yourself with another episode or more gaming. 

Are you forever forgetting Twitter chats? Twitter chats are an amazing way to promote your blog and meet other bloggers, so they should be part of your weekly blogging routine. I have a list of some of the best ones in my A-Z of Blogging post which you can find here. A great way to make sure you never forget another blog chat is to put a reminder on your phone for them, therefore you will always be on time and be promoting your wonderful blog. 

Do you know those mornings when you wake up and you're just like "Yas, I am so ready for today, I am going to get so much done"? Use those days to write and shoot in bulk, therefore when you have one of those "I hate me, I don't want to do anything but lie in my cocoon of bed sheets all day" kind of days, you don't have to force it and post unpassionate content. 

Did I miss any tips out? How do you stick to your schedule? Do you watch Mr Robot? 

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