My Five Favourite Beauty Brands

My Five Favourite Beauty Brands
I am a massive fan of trying out new beauty releases and testing out all different brands, from the high-end brands to the drugstore brands and everything in between, I have tested out my fair share of brands. Throughout my time as a beauty fan and blogger I have taken to some brands better than others and sway towards them more in store, so let me share them with you. 

My Five Favourite Beauty Brands
I mean, who hasn't got a Naked palette? We all know of Urban Decay and we all love the brand. They do some of the most incredible makeup, most popular of all their Naked palettes, I mean have you saw the new Ultimate Basics palette? All the heart eye emojis over here. I have tried UD's foundations, palettes, setting sprays, primers, concealers... you name it I have most likely tried it out. My favourites are of course their palettes, All Nighter Setting spray, All Nighter foundation and their eyeshadow primer. 

I have obviously tried some products by UD that have left me unhappy, the Naked Skin concealer and foundation were definitely not for me, but for some people they thought they were the best foundation and concealer on this Earth. Those who didn't like Naked Skin will 100% fall in love with All Nighter however, it's all about what works for you and your skin. Urban Decay has something for everything and the workers are some of the loveliest people I know. 

My Five Favourite Beauty Brands
I love drugstore makeup, the high street makeup shall we say. One of my favourite brands in Boots is Maybelline, I always find myself going to the Maybelline counter every time I enter Boots. I have tried almost every Maybelline product there is and some I have been buying religiously for years like the Eye Studio gel eyeliner, despite trying higher end eyeliners I always find myself reaching for this one, it is incredible and I tell you why in this post. 

Not only do they do incredible quality products, some of which are amazing dupes for higher end products like the Brow Satin is a dupe for Benefit's Goof Proof brow pencil, but they also have amazing packaging and all for a small price. I LOVE Maybelline. Again, there are products I have tried and found pretty meh, such as the rocket mascara, but others have tried it and say it's their holy grail mascara. With Maybelline, you will always find products that you love, even if there are others you aren't fond of. 

My Five Favourite Beauty Brands
Who doesn't own a MAC lipstick here? I bet only about 10% of you can actually say you don't. MAC do the most pigmented, soft, long lasting lipsticks around and they tend to be what they are most known for. I have tried and have a bunch of the MAC lipsticks and it is why I mention them as a favourite brand, I mean I hardly ever opt for a lipstick which isn't MAC, there are so many options. 

Fix+, that is all I need to say and all the beauty and makeup girls and guys will be nodding their heads, the product that does everything, from making shadows more pigmented to brightening up your dull skin, this product is something every MAC fan should own. I have also tried Studio Fix foundation and although I didn't like the colour of my match, it is a great all be it, heavy foundation. Their mascaras are pretty impressive and the pigmentation of their eyeshadows or on another world. 

My Five Favourite Beauty Brands
NYX are newbies in the British makeup market, but I am so incredibly in love with their products. They have such amazing quality products for the most affordable prices. Many of their products are dupes for higher end products but are so perfect that some people, like me, would rather buy NYX than higher end products.

My favourite product has to be the HD concealer and you can read why I love it so much here. I worked with NYX on a blog post (click here to read) and from that moment I couldn't go back, the brand has my heart. From their lip lingerie that dupe Kylie's lip kits to the matte lip creams that are creamier than some lip creams and balms. You can't go wrong with a good NYX haul.

My Five Favourite Beauty Brands
Benefit was one of the first higher priced brands I fell in love with the brand, from their gorgeous packaging to their incredible products, seventeen-year-old Robyn fell in love with Benefit and twenty-year-old Robyn is still blissfully head over heels. The brand that just keeps giving, no seriously, they constantly have new releases and they are both affordable and high quality. 

The first product I feel in love with was Hoola so when Dew the Hoola arrived I had to have it, I compare them both in this blog post. I have tried most of Benefit's products including their skincare line and have loved most of them. Products like Bad Gal lash didn't work for me, but They're Real and Rollerlash have me looking like I have the longest, thickest lashes ever. After buying one Benefit product you won't go back, especially if you buy Hoola, trust me, it's great. 

Are any of these brands your favourites? Which brands do you love and which brands should I try? 

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