Urban Decay All Nighter Put to the Test

Urban Decay All Nighter Put to the Test

I am sure you have heard of Urban Decay's brand new All Nighter foundation. It's been all over social media for months and has finally been released in the UK, it's said to be full coverage, long-lasting and waterproof. Let's see if it is...

I was desperate to get the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation as soon as I saw Urban Decay tweet about it, the packaging, the promise of full coverage, long-lasting foundation, what's not to love? It is also advertised as waterproof which I was super excited to look into. 

If I am completely honest, I was not a fan of Urban Decay Naked Skin, I felt it separated a lot, sunk into smile lines, crows feet and such and was just all over dry. So with All Nighter, I was a little skeptical, as interested as I was about it. 

Let's start with the gorgeous packaging, upon approaching the Urban Decay counter in my local Debenhams I noticed the testers were incredibly small and were just white transparent bottles with pump lids so I was confused. What I saw online was completely different, a tall, slim, silver bottle with a cool pattern on top of the window through to the colour of the foundation. After talking to the girl at the counter she assured me that the real foundation bottle was in fact 30mls and in the silver packaging, phew! 

I asked to be matched to my colour and was matched to 4.5 the 10th shade of the 24 available shades. I think the range of shades is amazing, they seem to have one for everyone and I think it would be hard not to find your match. I like my match, I think the worker did a really well at matching me to my colour. 

Now let me get onto the actual product, it sat a while going unused, because I was going makeup free for a few days, I swear I was dying inside, but I decided my first day back at university was the day I would try it out. I put a pump of foundation on the back of my hand like I usually would and began to apply and dab it into my skin with my real techniques beauty blender. 

In the first second of applying the product I gasped, it completely transformed my skin, hiding red areas, hyperpigmentation, dark circles and the little spot I have on my cheek, as I covered my whole face in the foundation I said "wow" around 20 times. My skin looked airbrushed, so smooth, supple and matte. 

The finish of the gorgeous foundation is said to be matte and that it is, it completely matted out my oily chin, my forehead, every inch of my skin looked perfect, I have never been as happy with my skin as I was. It took one pump to cover my entire face. Normally it can take up two, two and a half pumps to get enough product to cover my entire face and I don't have a large face.

Urban Decay All Nighter Put to the Test

The first day I wore the foundation I was at university from 9am until 2pm. I applied the foundation around 7:15am and put the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray on top. My face felt naked all day, the product is full coverage, but not thick, it feels like you are wearing nothing and every
time I touched my face I wanted to stroke it, it felt just like I had put talcum powder on top. 

It wasn't until around 11am that I got to look at how the product looked on my face, it looked fantastic everywhere except my nose. I had some peeling skin on my nose and it resulted in the product separating, but I put this down as a fluke and continued with my day, I didn't reapply any product, instead I wanted to see how it progressed throughout the rest of the day.

By the time I got home my nose was extremely patchy and dry, but everything else seemed to be going well, in fact, my contour and highlight had lasted the whole day without fading or separating which doesn't usually happen. 

I took the product off with Garnier Micellar Water and it came off super easily, no rubbing needed, which is a really good sign, I have used other full coverage foundations and they have been difficult to get off even with makeup remover. 

On the second day of wearing my foundation I had university at 11am until 12 noon so I put my foundation on around 9:30am, again using both a primer and setting spray and it applied beautifully once again, super smooth, easy to apply and looking airbrushed, I am in love with the application of this product. 

This day I had applied a ton of moisturiser to my nose overnight after exfoliating and it helped my dry skin a lot which resulted in the product staying put on my nose this time. I went to Freshers this day and sweated buckets in the huge tent where I was shoulder to shoulder with about 500 people. I was sure I had sweated off the majority of my face, but surprisingly enough it stayed put, once again keeping my contour and highlight strong, although a little more faded than they were the day before, a lot stronger than they would be without this foundation.

That night, I decided to go against all my beauty blogger instincts and go for a shower before I took my foundation off, I mean a girl sees "waterproof" a girl has to test it. So I stepped into the shower and of course, my not so waterproof mascara began to slide down my cheeks, but the foundation would not budge until I got my cleanser brush to it, rubbing my face with my hands didn't work at all and in fact, I could feel the product on my face with my hands. 

On the third day of All Nighter, Urban Decay gave to me long-lasting foundation, full coverage wear and a spot on my chin (please say you sang that part to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas). So the third all day trial came along and once again I was in university, 11 until 1. 

When it came to applying the product this morning I noticed a spot had popped up on my chin, maybe it is down to a change in makeup routine, the weather, hormones, change in eating habits or stress or of course it could be the foundation, but I felt it had to be mentioned in the review that I did wake up with a spot after the second day's wear. Only the one, which is a good sign of it not being the foundation. 

Everything went smoothly with the foundation as always, no pun intended. It lasted all day, unlike Naked Skin there was no settling into fine lines, on the third day I had absolutely no separation on my nose and again it kept my other products on longer in a cooler climate than the Fresher's tent. 

For the good of this post, I decided to keep my foundation on for almost 12 hours, not taking it off until around 9pm, at this point my contour was fading a lot more and my highlight was barely on my cheeks but was sticking around my eyebrows and on my nose, the foundation, however, seemed to stay in place pretty well, no separation, very little fading and even after a nap I didn't wake up with half my face on my pillow. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Put to the Test

I felt any more than a three-day day-by-day would be boring and pointless. The foundation has quickly become my favourite, not only foundation but addition to my makeup collection. I am obsessed with the finish of this product, so airbrushed and smooth, I love my RT Beauty Blender, but it does NOT make my face look this good with any other foundation I own. 

It lasts a lot longer than other foundations, but I don't think it would make it to the 16-hour mark, maybe between 12 and 14 depending on setting powders and sprays and of course the climate, it seems to fade quicker in dry heat. It helps keep other products on longer, but you would still have to reapply after a while, just to keep everything looking perfect. 

I am extremely happy with this foundation and will be purchasing it again for sure, it does what it says on the tin and that is what I am all about when it comes to higher end makeup, no lies, no exaggerations. 

If you are looking for a full coverage foundation to get you through the winter months this is the one you should spend your money on, it is definitely worth the £27 I mean, that's like a £1 a ml and 3ml free. 

What do you think of this foundation? Are you a fan or no? What foundation do you recommend? 

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