What I Wish I was Told Before University

What I Wish I was Told Before University

You might be aware that I started university last year and... this year is my last year. I went straight into the third year of university and up here in Scotland, you do four years for an honours degree. It was hard to adjust to, but I just wish someone had told me a few things before I started, let me tell them.

When you have six classes a year with 20 reading a week per class, buying books is not an option. Of course, a lot of books have online PDF files, but when you get a book that isn't available online, buying it is most likely a waste of money, especially since each book is around £25. I mean are you ever going to reread "Politics in The Media" or "History of the European Union"? Probably not, going to the library and borrowing the book until you no longer need it is best. 

When taking notes in class you don't need a £12 notebook from Paperchase, chances are you'll need about three to four notebooks throughout the year. I like to get the £2-£5 ones from Tesco, they last just as long and are easier to replace, plus no one needs really cares what cute slogan is on the front of your notebook, I prefer to keep my cute notebooks for blogging. 

I didn't think I cared about a diary, I didn't think I would need one, writing dates down in my notebook or in my phone was enough. This year I have a diary and it is already helping me, I can keep up with all the due dates as well as what classes I have and when-when blog posts are going live and social events so I can work everything perfectly into my schedule. 

What I Wish I was Told Before University

I like to wear makeup to university, I don't really wear it for anyone, but myself, I am fine with how I look without it, I just prefer to wear it. When I first began university I was so worried I would be judged, too much makeup, not enough makeup, too casual an outfit, too fancy an outfit. The thing is, no one actually cares that much about what you are wearing and how much makeup you do or don't wear, and those who do... they're not worth it, trust me. 

I don't really wish someone told me this because I already told myself it, but I know it is something a lot of people going to university should hear. People tend to emphasise the fact they are just sailing through university, they like to protest that working hard and taking notes makes you "less cool" or whatever, don't listen to them, don't get tied up in their self-destruction, work hard and get a great qualification. 

I feel like my first year on campus I left things too close to deadlines and since most deadlines are close together it resulted in some stress migraines, a burnout, tears and maybe even a scream or two. Start things early, work hard to be ready ahead of deadlines and don't take on too much at the one time or leave too much to the same time. 

University isn't like it is in movies, you don't meet a group of amazing people who stay your friends forever, I mean maybe you will, but it's not actually that common. You don't go out partying every single night, still make it to class and pass without trying, once again, maybe you do, but again it's not common. Univeristy can be hard, it's not a breeze, but it's worth it. 

Do you have anything you wish you knew before starting university? Did you go to university? 

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