The Brushes of All Brushes

The Brushes of All Brushes
It doesn't matter how many expensive palettes you own or how many tutorials you watch on Youtube when it comes to eyeshadows, it is all about the equipment. You should own a good set of eyeshadow brushes... is this Spectrum set the ones for you?

The brushes often compared to the famous Real Technique brushes, you have probably heard of Spectrum Brushes, especially if you are in the blogging community, they are a beauty blogger favourite. They are some of the most gorgeous brushes I have ever laid my eyes on, from their original sets with their pale pink handles and blue to purple bristles to their beautiful white and gold marbleous collection, Spectrum makes the most beautiful makeup brushes around. 

I have just begun getting really into wearing and playing around with eyeshadow, especially since the addition to the Naked 2 into my collection, so I opted for the eight-piece eyeshadow set. This set is in their original design, they are so vibrant and pretty, the pink makes them super girly while the blue to purple bristles give them a bit of an edge, they are very eye-catching, but the design isn't the only good thing about these brushes. 

The long handle makes them super easy to use, while the thin body of the handle gives them a pencil like feel so it is more sturdy to hold while applying eyeshadow. The synthetic bristles are super soft and dense as well as compassionate and vegan-friendly. I love that the brushes are synthetic, not only because I don't believe in the use of animal hairs, but because they are much better at picking up product and they are easier to clean.

The Brushes of All Brushes
When I received the brushes they were not only in a bubble padded envelope, but they were inside a transparent vivid pink wallet with the Spectrum logo in grey at they bottom. I really like this as it means you don't have to worry about travelling with these brushes, you can reuse the plastic wallet and keep them safe and clean when travelling. 

Inside the wallet each brush was packed inside a sleeve to keep them clean and the bristles from losing their shape. I found when I lifted the brushes out the sleeve there is a very strong odour, it's a clean smell, the smell seems to be coming from the bristles and I think it is due to the brushes haven being cleaned before shipping. I actually really like that you can smell a clean alcohol smell from the brushes as it furthers the idea of the brushes being clean, which is always good. 

I have been using these brushes for just under a week now, I couldn't wait to try them out and get a feel for them. Like I said, I am a newbie to eyeshadow so I was incredibly intrigued about how I would use each brush and what effect they would give to the eyeshadow. 

I have washed them all a few times and they have always gone straight back into shape and to being as incredibly soft as they were when I first unwrapped them. I was a little worried the coloured bristles would stain with darker shadows, but they don't they go straight back to the beautiful purple and blue tones and this is with both a solid brush cleanser and baby shampoo, both of which I use regularly to clean my brushes.

The set is a collection of four application brushes, signified by the name beginning with an 'A', two blending and buffing brushes or those beginning with 'B' and lastly one contour brush or 'C'  brush. The set costs £29.99 and although I was sent the set to review I would happily pay this price for the set. They are incredible quality brushes and if bought separately equal just under £40, so you are saving around £10 by buying this set as well as buying the essential brushes for creating any makeup look you can imagine. 

The Brushes of All Brushes

This brush is rather large, probably the biggest of the eight I was sent out, just like the rest of the brushes it is incredibly soft and fluffy making it perfect for blending the product into the crease or creating the perfect smokey eye. If you are a fan of a smokey eye then you need this brush. 

Another large brush from the collection, this brush is again super soft and fluffy, but short and stumpy. Another one for any smokey eye lovers out there, it easily picks up a great deal of product and packs it onto the lid with ease. 

I use this brush every time I do an eye look now, it is amazing for blender and buffing product into the crease and creating a smokey eye. You can create a smokey look, a soft, subtle look and everything in between. As a newbie to eyeshadows, I recommend this to all over eyeshadow newbies, a perfect starter kit brush.

Yet again, I think this is the perfect brush for any fellow newbies out there. It is perfect for packing product onto the lid, it lifts a hefty amount of product due to how dense it is, while the larger size of the bristles can help cover the full lid with ease. 

One of the smallest brushes in the collection, another brush I have used for every eye look I have created since I got the brushes. It is the perfect size for highlighting the inner corners or adding shadow so the bottom lash line, it can even be used to fix any mistakes you may have made when blending. 

Just like the fluffy pencil, this brush is perfect for adding detail to any eye look, it is perfect for adding product to your lower lash line. It is longer and slightly finer than the fluffy pencil so it is better at creating a fine line, but it also great at creating a smokey look on the lower lashline. 

I am obsessed with this brush, another I have been using daily, it is perfect for contouring and creating a perfectly blended finish. It is really quite small so it works perfectly both in the crease and outer corner while being fluffy enough to create a perfect contoured finish. 

The smallest and daintiest brush of the bunch. Again, a really good size for applying product to the lower lash line, but it is also perfect for a precise cut crease look. Just like the rest of the brushes, it picks up a lot of product despite how tiny it is, from how fine it is you could also use it to apply liquid eyeliner, but I prefer the Spectrum angled brush. 

All of the brushes above are featured in the Eight-Piece Eye Blending Set, but are also sold separately, I have linked all below so if you are just looking to buy one or two of the products you can without having to search the web. 

Do you own any of these brushes? Do you love Spectrum? What eyeshadow brushes are your favourites?

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