Achieve Eyebrow Goals with Benefit

Achieve Eyebrow Goals with Benefit
If you haven't heard of Benefit's eyebrow line then you have clearly been living under a rock for the past few months, it's been everywhere! Of course, I had to pick up a product or two, I mean I am obsessed with brows and let me tell you how much you need this product.

Of all the products in the line, I just had to buy the Goof Proof brow pencil. Unlike most of the world, I don't really want the Anastasia dipbrow, I much prefer using an eyebrow pencil, so it was between the Goof Proof brow pencil and the Precisely, My Brow pencils for me when buying one of the products. 

I find it much easier and more simple to use a brow pencil rather than a brush and pot of eyebrow gel/powder. I think it is easier to control and perfect for creating a sleek, sharp brow. The difference between the two Benefit brow pencils is that Goof Proof has a broader, angled tip whereas Precisely, My Brow is a narrow, thin-tipped pencil.

I chose Goof Proof because I already have quite full brows, with Goof Proof it would be easier to fill my brows in with because I can put it on its side and brush the colour through my brows, filling in any gaps and filling out sparse areas. Precisely, My Brow would be much better for those of us with slim to no eyebrow hairs, you can draw out your brows individually imitating hairs to give your brows look fuller and thicker. 

Goof Proof is in the new Benefit brow line packaging, a classy silver thin container with a lid on each side. I am a fan of the new packaging, I like that it's silver and it looks quite sophisticated and much more expensive than the packaging before, however I have always been a fan of Benefit's fun, colourful and quirky packaging, so I do wish they packaged this line like the rest of their products. 

Achieve Eyebrow Goals with Benefit
There are six shades to the eyebrow line, which covers a lot of eyebrow shades which I quite like, I think it can be a little hard to find your colour, but a trip to a Benefit counter soon changes this as you can get matched. This is exactly what I did and I got matched to number 5, which is a deep brunette shade. I knew I would definitely be one of the last couple shades because my eyebrows are incredibly dark, but six is almost black and I didn't want to have Sharpie brows. 

The product comes with the pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other, this is really convenient as it means you don't have to carry a spoolie or eyebrow brush with you and can save the room and energy. Both sides also have caps to keep the product from snapping, getting other items dirty in your makeup bag and it keeps them hygienic. It's very thin so is easily popped into a makeup bag, but it is on the long side so may not fit in all makeup bags. 

Like I said earlier, I prefer to use eyebrow pencils as I find them easier to control, this one is no different, the packaging is very thin and long which makes it super easy to hold and control, you can use it like a real pencil. Having the ability to screw up as much product as you want also means you can risk pressing down hard without breaking the pencil.

However, with this product you don't have to press down hard, you can lightly stroke it over your brows and they look perfectly filled in, this also means the product will most likely last a lot longer than other eyebrow pencils. 

Achieve Eyebrow Goals with Benefit
As you can see it is perfect at creating a sharp brow even if your natural brows aren't as full as you want them to look, but it still looks naturally. This is achieved because the pencil is thin enough that you can imitate brow hairs, but on its side, it is wide enough to brush over the hairs to fill them in without taking too much time or effort. 

I like to use a gel on top of this brow pencil, usually Benefit Gimme Brow or L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper depending on which one I reach for that day, on a long day this product has lasted for up to 16 hours for me with a brow gel on top to lock it into place, without the brow gel it has lasted for 12 hours for me without budging or smudging. 

Overall, I really do love this product and I will continue to repurchase it over and over again, it is incredible quality for money and it will probably last quite a while due to the amount of product it contains. I think by using this my brows are looking better and even more natural than before. My only disappointment is that I would prefer a more fun, vibrant, Benefit styled packaging, but since that isn't actually to do with the product I don't think it matters all that much. 

Do you have this product? What do you think of it? Does it make your eyebrows look better?

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