Taking the Step to Fix An Insecurity

Taking the Step to Fix An Insecurity

I have a problem, I have had it my whole life, I am hairy. Yes, you read that right, I am hairy. My arms, my legs, my back, oh God, my back. I have dealt with the issue my whole life, my dark hair mixed with my sallow skin means I have dark, noticeable hairs on my body, so I decided I was going to start getting rid of this insecurity as fast as I could. 

It's never really been something others have noticed as much, when I was in school I didn't really have the choice of wearing anything revealing, even if I had wanted to and of course I began shaving my legs as early as I could, so I avoided any bullying or name calling throughout my high school life. In fact, my whole life the only people who have ever had anything negative to say about it was my sisters, I am the youngest of four girls, so of course I was picked on growing up.

For me, the biggest issue I had was with my arm pits, not only were my armpit hairs coarse, dark and irritating, but they grew in what felt like immediately after I shaved, I even had a phase where I attempted to shave my armpits daily, even though there wasn't enough hair to be shaved, this led to cuts and irritated skin, which to this day still goes bumpy and red after I shave the area. 

I was so embarrassed by my armpits that I refused to wear strap tops or tops that left the area bare when I raised my arm, and on the off chance I did wear one I would wear a shirt, a cardigan or a jacket on top to avoid the embarrassment of showing my hairy pits in public. 

So when I got the chance to have laser hair removal for my armpits, thanks to Transform, it felt like I finally had the opportunity to rid myself of one of my biggest insecurities, rid myself of something that had stopped me from wearing the clothes I wanted to, stopped me from feeling comfortable in my own skin. I was finally able to take a step forward in being happy in who I was. 

Taking the Step to Fix An Insecurity

I knew it would be painful, I knew it would be a long process and I knew, in the end, I may have to get extra sessions that I would have to pay for with my own money to ensure my insecurity would be gone. None of that mattered though because I was so happy to not only have one of the most incredible blog opportunities to work with such a fantastic and established company, but I had the opportunity to finally get over a deep insecurity. 

Eight sessions down and I can proudly announce that I have never been more at peace with my underarm hair, but I do plan to be even more at peace. After my last round, Marie decided it would be best for me to continue with an extra three rounds of laser hair removal, eight to twelve weeks apart. This means next month I will be going back for another session. 

Going from having to shave my armpits every couple of days to only having to shave them once every couple of weeks is pretty magnificent. I no longer feel embarrassed to raise my arm in a strap top or feel the need to shave my armpits so regularly I leave my skin feeling like sandpaper.  

Taking the Step to Fix An Insecurity

So, have you ever gotten rid of a huge insecurity? What was it? How did it make you feel? If not, would you like to if you had the chance/money?

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Disclaimer: Laser hair removal was provided by Transform
on a trial and review basis, however,
 all opinions and experiences
are my own.

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