Life as a Beauty Blogger

Life as a Beauty Blogger

Ever wondered what it's like to be a beauty blogger? What our thought process is or how long it takes us to get ready in the morning? Well here is an insight into our lovely little brains with thoughts we all have throughout the day.

Wow, I have too much makeup... but I'm probably still going to buy more.
This usually begins with not being able to pick which products you want to wear that day, there is usually a loud sigh involved before you decide that it's best to accept your addiction and move on in life. 

Would it be acceptable to brush my eyebrows, but not my hair? 
No? This one just me? I am terrible for brushing my hair, it is so long and tuggy and there is too much of it, my eyebrows on the other hand... strong af. 

I really want to buy this foundation... but I still have seven unopened ones at home.
The problems of the beauty addict, we see something, we buy it, we never have time to try them all. This debacle usually ends with an "I'll review it for my blog" explanation that only you really believe is a good excuse.

Okay, spending ban, no makeup this month... oh but MAC's new collection is out and my store has some left.
Spending bans NEVER work when you're a beauty blogger/addict, you try, try and try again, but there is always a new release or a beauty product you just have to have! If you can do spending bans, I am beyond jealous. 

Time to get productive, let's write some blog posts -two hours into watching every Nikkie Tutorials videos- Okay, seriously, I should write those blog posts now. 
This always happens to me, I can't help myself I aways go onto my laptop to be productive and write posts then bam someone posts a video and I end up watching 20 before I realise it and I've written zero posts. 

Oh, look, another blogger in Santorini while I am in the rainy UK. 
The ever envious blogger I am, I see other bloggers go to exotic countries and I cry into my rain coat because I am not there. 

Life as a Beauty Blogger

Why do other bloggers get so much blogger mail?! What am I doing wrong?
Snapchat stories of twenty different parcels being opened while I have had only half of that this whole year. I always have to remind myself we are at different chapters of our blogging stories. It can be dishearting seeing bloggers succeed so rapidly, but we all go at our own pace.

I may as well give up blogging, I am so not as good as all my favourites
Another comparison, people think being a beauty blogger is so luxurious and happy go lucky, not at all, all too often we compare ourselves, our successes, our blogs to others and wind up unhappy and unmotivated. 

All these other bloggers are healthy, let's try some granola for breakfast tomorrow instead of rice crispies.
Bloggers all seem to be going on a healthy eating binge lately, not everyone eats avocado and rye each morning and even those who do Instagram it probably has rice crispies the day before. Don't jump on the bandwagon if it doesn't suit you. Be healthy for you, not a fad. 

Ugh, another obnoxious pig on Twitter saying how stupid us bloggers are.
There are always people telling us how dumb we are or how we are "only beauty bloggers", we can't have educations and diplomas, but you just have to roll your eyes and move on, they aren't worth the hassle. 

Wow, of course, I will work for free after all I am "only a blogger"
The worst one of them all, companies who think they can take advantage of bloggers. It is okay to work for free of course, gain experience etc, however, it isn't okay to offer a blogger a collaboration wherein they use their own money to buy your products to review, what exactly is the blogger getting out of the deal? It has to benefit both parties. 

Beauty bloggers, are there any thoughts I missed? Do you think these thoughts a lot or is it just me? 

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these are my personal thoughts, 
this post is written a comical way and in no way,
 shape or form am I trying to insult fellow beauty bloggers.

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