A University Shopping Trip with St Enoch Centre Rewards

University can be super intense, including the weeks leading up to going back. The most fun part and the best way to let off steam from all the stress is to go shopping for university supplies. Whether it's a trip for notebooks and stationary or a trip for some new wardrobe pieces and makeup items for going back. Thanks to St Enoch Centre my shopping trip was made even more fun.

St Enoch Centre were lovely enough to not only let me have a play around with their new reward card but also gave me a £100 gift card to spend in store on some back to uni makeup and wardrobe pieces.

So let's talk about the rewards card, shall we? There are two ways to use the card, you can have a physical rewards card or use the App (pictured left), which reminds me of the Starbucks app.

I originally wanted to go for the physical card, I mean if my phone tells me my memory is low one more time I may throw it out a window, but the app is definitely worth it. You can look at which level you are on, which rewards you can receive on that level, discounts you can get and in-store events, I am so glad I have it now.

It's very advanced in that the cards are scanned by mobile phones in store, some of the staff are having trouble adapting to it, so it can add a few minutes onto your shop, but I'm sure they'll all have it down in no time. 

You start out on bronze and after your card is scanned 3 times you reach silver (I am currently on silver) and after 20 scans you reach gold status. 

Not only can you get wonderful discounts such as 10% off Fossil, Hotel Chocolat and more, but you can also get freebies like a goodie bag and makeover from The Body Shop, makeovers from Benefit and a free muffin with your coffee at Muffin Break.

Now, let me tell you about my wonderful shopping trip. I cannot tell you how long I have been looking for a nice pair of trousers for university. I usually roll up in my jeans or sometimes a skirt if I am feeling it that day, but have a huge love for cigarette trousers and think they are even more comfortable than jeans while looking super chic. 

Upon arrival, I decided to have a nosey in Dorothy Perkins, a shop I don't usually shop in. All I could see were gorgeous trousers, cigarette, ankle grazers, bootcut, culottes all beautifully displayed around the shop, I had definitely come to the right place.  After having a look around, I decided to try on a beautiful camel coloured pair of ankle grazer that looked phenomenal on the mannequin. 

hi Ashley (hiyaitsashley) in the background

Please excuse how frumpy I look in these photos, but I am in love with these trousers, they feel like I am wearing pyjamas and not only can you dress them up, but you can dress them down. With such a wide-legged trouser I would probably wear something a little tighter on top than what I wore out shopping, but you will have to tune into my blog next week for how I would style these for uni, both styled up to look very business savvy and formal and dressed down to look and feel more relaxed. 

While in Dorothy Perkins, I had a view of a gorgeous shoe collection in the corner. A 7 foot (estimated) stand filled with beautiful flats, from lace-ups to loathers to pumps, I just had to get a pair. I am more of a heels girl, I wear heels a lot, but a girl got to have flats for when she's walking up 5 flights of stairs to get to the top floor of the university library. 

I opted for these little half pointed toe beauties, they are black suede at the sides and right around and have a faux patent leather section at the front. I have a thing for anything shiny, I have so many shoes with gold or silver detailing on them and these fit into my collection beautifully. Although they are flats they would still look amazing with the ankle grazer trousers or with a pair of jeans and definitely a skirt or dress. They are super versatile, but with some fun added in with the patent detailing, I will also be styling these up next Wednesday, so keep an eye out for the post. I was served twice n Dorothy Perkins and although there was some trouble scanning my card the first time, the second worker scanned it with no problems and super quickly.

Of course, I then went over to Debenhams for some beauty products, I am a super big fan of buying beauty products, I mean I am a beauty blogger after all. In Debenhams, you have a mixture of loads of different big beauty brands from Benefit to Too Faced to The Balm and Urban Decay. To begin I knew I wanted to pick up the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, after all, I think mascara is a must for university, I have tiny lashes, a lot of them, but they are rather small, so I love a good mascara to lengthen my lashes and have me looking less asleep than I would be at a 9am lecture. When buying the mascara I was also able to use my Debenhams card alongside my St Enoch Reward card and get £5 off the mascara, which is great because I can continue to use both cards while shopping and don't have to pick just one. 

Next, I thought about a foundation, but I have quite a bit of trouble finding a foundation shade that matches me, so I have a lot of my favourites at home; MAC Studio Fix, Benefit Oxygen Wow, L'Oreal Infallible etc, so instead of going for a foundation I opted for one of the famous Naked palettes. After swatching almost all of the shades up and down both my arms I decided Naked 2 was the one for me and perfect for some natural university looks with the brown neutral shades. Watch out next week for my post on my perfect first-day makeup look.

Of course, after a long shopping day we had to head into somewhere for a bite to eat. Of all the gorgeous places that are in St Enoch Centre, we decided to try the new place called Muffin Break. The worker had a little bit of a problem scanning my reward card, but after telling her how it was done she was able to do extremely quickly and with ease. We opted to both get cheese and ham paninis and strawberry milkshakes and both were absolutely phenomenal. We were so pleased we picked Muffin Break to eat and we cannot wait to go back, especially since my silver status on my rewards card, allows me to get a free muffin with my coffee, which I will for sure be using asap. 

I am so happy with all my purchases and cannot wait to get more use out my reward card. So far I am on silver level and have 5 points, 15 away from gold!! I am yet to use any of my rewards, but I will for sure be getting a Benefit makeover next time I am in from my bronze rewards and 10% off Mooboo, my favourite bubble tea store. I have already got a few of my friends planning to pick up their rewards cards because of how fantastic the rewards are. I mean with gold you start getting 20% off, free pancakes from Kimbles and so much more, I cannot wait to use my card more and definitely recommend it to all Glasgow bloggers out there.

Are you ready for going back to university? Do you want to pick up the St Enoch Centre Reward card?

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Disclaimer: I was gifted a £100 gift card
in return for doing this post all about 
the St Enoch Centre reward card.
However, all opinions and 
experiences are my own.

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