Programs My Blog Couldn't Survive Without

Programs My Blog Couldn't Survive Without

Blogging can be hard at times, it takes up a hell of a lot of our time and a whole lot of effort goes into it. From writing posts to taking photos, editing photos, promoting... it's a lot of work, but I love it because I love to blog, I love to write and I love being part of the blogging community. Throughout my time as a blogger, I have learned that we can, however, make these tasks so much easier for ourselves with some amazing programs. 
Programs My Blog Couldn't Survive Without

If you know me, or have read any of my previous blog tips and tricks posts you will know I think Photoshop is a must for all bloggers. If you are taking your own photos whether it be with an iPhone, a DSLR or whatever, you will still need that little extra to really make your photos pop. I don't particularly change my photos that much when I edit them on photoshop, I adjust a few different settings until I think my photo is ready to save and post up on my blog or where ever I am publishing it. 

Photoshop does cost money, but it is so worth it, not only do I use it for every single blog photo I take, I also use it for university work and I have made a few different personal flyers, to jazz up a CV, it isn't just an investment for better blog photography, but an investment for better photography overall. 

Although there are many alternative, cheaper or free options to Photoshop, in my opinion, nothing beats photoshop. There are so many different tools to use. Although it can be overwhelming at first, Photoshop for me is all about trial and error. Just take a photo and start playing wit the tools, find out what they all do, make a few mistakes. You can get a free 30-day trial here, so at least try it out if you're interested in better photography. 

Programs My Blog Couldn't Survive Without

I have only just started to use this, but holy smokes am I addicted. Grammarly is a browser add-on which helps you with your spelling and grammar. I am currently using it on this post. For all bloggers,it is important to have a good understanding of the English language (unless your blog is in another language of course). So I use Grammarly to make sure my spelling and grammar are impeccable even when my mind is five sentences ahead of what I am writing. 

Grammarly is completely free unless you go premium, which I am thinking about going just to be extra careful because as a media student, it's probably best I keep on top of all my writing, right? So with the non-premium version all your spelling errors, missing commas, full stops, and misuses of them are corrected. The only problem is that it is American, which means I probably miss quite a few 'u's every now and then, sorry. 

It is easy to download and it goes straight into your browser ready for you to make the best use of. You can also use it for everything else, I can't wait to write up my essays and then pop them into a blog post draft to correct any mistakes Word's spell checker hasn't picked up on, I just have to be extra careful I don't accidentally post them.

Programs My Blog Couldn't Survive Without

Now, this isn't necessarily a program, more of a website, but I use the app on my phone most of the time so for me it is more of a program. I love this app for scheduling my promotional tweets on Twitter, after asking in several blog chats about the best scheduling programs Buffer constantly came out on top so I decided it was the one for me. 

Again, it is a free program unless you want to go premium. In the un-premium version, you get 10 tweets to schedule throughout the day and there is the option for you to manually put in times for these 10 tweets, or you can leave it to the app to decide your 10 most popular blog post times. Then you write your 10 promotional tweets and bam they post at the times scheduled, nothing more to it. 

Not only can you schedule the tweets, but you can also analyse the results of the scheduled tweets. It tells you the potential audience of said tweet including your following and any accounts who have RT'd the tweets followers, then how many likes, retweets, mentions and link clicks you got from each tweet. You can also use it for Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest, but for me, Twitter is the only one I use so far.

So, what programs would you blog be lost without? Do you use any of the ones I do?

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