Being Transported to Paradise

Being Transported to Paradise

So it's August, which in Scotland means summer is over, literally, today it has not stopped raining, we have gale force wind and it's back down to 10 degrees, how wonderful for us Scots? A day at home with a duvet wrapped around me while I binge watch Gilmore Girls was for sure on the cards all week and thanks to Nailbox's July box I was able to be transported to paradise with sun, sea, and sand to keep me from accepting the fact summer is truly coming to an end already.

Nailbox is a subscription box different from any other as it focuses solely on our nails, that being fingers and toes. You could sign up to pay upfront for 3-12 months or you can pay £15 each month as the boxes are released. This is incredible because I have seen quite a few subscription boxes that don't allow upfront payments, which usually makes it easier. Each month the box has a new theme and in each box, there are five items; three or four nail polishes and one or two nail tools or treatments. All for £15, I am sold.

Being Transported to Paradise

July's box had the wonderful and sunny theme of paradise and it lives up to it completely. With this box, I received three different nail polishes, one tool, one treatment and a little extra nail wrap sample. When I first looked into the wonderful box of goodies I couldn't be happier, the colours are beautiful, the Nails Inc one alone had me drooling, so pretty, plus for a nude lover like myself I couldn't help but squeal with excitement over the True Brit shade

Being Transported to Paradise
So when the rain began to pour I just had to crack open the fabulous box of goodies, settle into my pyjamas, lather myself in a face mask and get my spa on. Trying out each nail polish on a nail before opting to go for the gorgeous Soho House by Nails Inc, how can you deny the gorgeous teal colour? Isn't it fabulous? Over the next week, I cleaned off my nails every couple of days to try out a new polish from the box and here is how they went.

True Brit - The Summer House
Before I opened my nailbox I had never heard of True Brit, but from the weight of the box it came in I knew it would be a gorgeous polish. A beautiful nude toned polish worth £12.50, almost the full price of the box! This pretty shade reminds me of the golden sand of a paradise beach, I applied my trusty Essie base coat and then two light coats of this guy. The polish is light and easy to apply with a simple average sized brush tip.

I didn't apply a top coat because I wanted to test the longevity of the polish alone, without a top coat my nail polish began to chip after about a day and a half, which of course, isn't the best, but it says on the website that a top coat helps and you should reapply every two days. Which of course makes sense with the product chipping after a day and a half. I tend to reapply every couple of days with polish, so this doesn't bother me too much.

Nails Inc - Soho Place
I LOVE Nails Inc, the brand is one of my favourites for nail polishes, and the bottles are incredibly pretty. This gorgeous teal shade is worth £14, and already with two polishes the box is worth almost double, it's price. This beautiful shade transported me to a beautiful clear sea with gorgeous green palm trees above me as I tan at the warm, sunny beach.

With all Nails Inc products, this gorgeous shade applies incredibly smooth and with ease. After my base coat, I applied two coats again without a top coat. I felt like the product looked a little thick on my nails at times, but nothing like the 100 coats videos, so I wasn't shuddering at the sight. After three days there was still no chips and for me, this is incredible because I always chip my nails.

Angelica - Snow White
I have never heard of Angelica, another introduction to a new brand. This colour reminds me of cold vanilla ice cream in the sun to cool you down from the roasting heat. I for one love a white nail with a tan, I think it looks so elegant and classic and you can get that look for just £2.75 with this wonderful polish.

This product had a few hairs on the brush go a little haywire, but I just used my nail scissors to cut them off and after that, it was super easy to apply two coats on top of my base coat. I think sometimes with a bright white you can look like you have tipexed your nails, which could happen with this one, so if you aren't sporting a tan or don't think it suits you this product is amazing for doing a French tip with the perfect sized brush or for doing nail art as it is super easy to apply.

Overall, the nail products alone cost more than the box in total with a total of £29.25, £14.25 above the price of the subscription box. These colours are perfect for being transported from your rainy destination in the UK to an exotic island sipping Pina Coladas and eating mountains of ice cream. The colours also work incredibly together, at current I have a striped nail look going on with the teal and white shades.

Being Transported to Paradise
As a lover of all things nails I was also incredibly pleased to see a Nailberry coconut nailbalm in the box. Cuticles are both wonderful and horrible at once, the worst thing is trying to make sure they are where they should be and this little fella helps with that.

Nailberry Coconut Nailbalm
Holy smokes, this little guy transported me to a paradise all by itself, I am a lover of coconut scents, I adore anything that smells like coconuts and I keep summer rolling all year round by using coconut products throughout winter. The scent takes me back to those pina coladas on my imaginary beach. Not only is this cutie the best smelling nail product I have ever used, but it is also wonderfully oily and easy to use and all for £12.

Brushworks Toe Separators
Being transported to a desert and tropical paradise doesn't have to end with your hands, once I had my gorgeous sea-toned nails, the smell of coconuts wafting through my bedroom, I had to continue my little holiday away from the real weather outside my window. I began with a glamorous DIY pedicure using my new toe separators from the Nailbox.

I have the strangest love for toe separators, they make me slightly nostalgic and I love that it can transport you to being in a salon yet you're at home painting them yourself. These little guys are £2.49, how can you turn that down?!

Jamberry Nail Wrap Tester
After a day of pampering, I just had to continue and decided to test out the Jamberry nail wrap tester from my nailbox. I have never been the biggest fan of nail wraps, I find them hard to adjust for your own nails, and it was no different with this set. Although the design was adorable and I really wanted to try having a nail on each hand patterned, it was hard to adjust the wraps to fit my nails, but I did like that even with a simple sample two wraps were included so that your hands could at least match.

All together, everything in the nailbox would add up to £43.74, meaning that by subscribing to the nailbox you are making a £28.74 saving, how incredible is that? It actually blows my mind and I am totally thinking of beginning this subscription box now. I am so pleased with most of all the items in the box except the nail wrap and adore the paradise theme in my rainy home, it was nice to be transported to the beach while I played around with the goodies. Every other item, excluding the nail wraps, is proudly displayed in my collection and will continue to be reached for on a regular basis. 

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Would you subscribe to this one? 

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I am working in collaboration with nailbox for this post.
Therefore, I received the box and products associated with the box for free.
However, all opinions are my own.

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