Dealing with Lack of Motivation

Dealing with Lack of Motivation
I am a very motivated person, for as long as I can remember I have always been motivated to do well, from school to college to uni, blogging, exercising, etc. Although, even with my motivation I can still sometimes get stuck in a slump or wake up feeling like I just want to do nothing all day, but there are ways to push through and find your motivation on those days.

What is completing the task going to do for you? If you start studying for your exam early you will get a better grade, if you write up those blog posts in advance you won't have to worry about it later, if you go that run your body will start to look the way you want it to soon enough. Think about what that one task will do for you in the long run. By thinking of the small task in the bigger picture, you start to realise how close you are getting to your goal. 

If looking at the bigger picture isn't working give yourself an instant reasoning for getting the task done. Sometimes looking at the bigger picture doesn't work because you have to wait so long for the results, giving yourself small rewards for completing tasks, however, instant. These rewards could be anything from an episode of the Netflix show you're binging to a bowl of ice cream, anything you feel is a good reward. 

I am the Queen of lists, I adore writing lists; to-do lists, blog post lists, shopping lists, wish lists... basically I am obsessed. Lists can get you motivated, what I like to do when I am feeling unmotivated is that I like to write down everything I need to do then I rewrite that list organised from the most important task down to the least important. Ticking off things on your list is so motivating as you start to realise how much you are getting done. 

Dealing with Lack of Motivation

A really good way to become more motivated is to look at those who inspire you, may it be your mum, gran, your boss, a celebrity, a politician, whoever inspires you. How did they get to where they are? Was it from lying in bed rewatching The Goodwife all day or was it by getting off their butt and giving each day everything they've got? This can put into perspective that you have to work hard to make it. 

If you are starting to get bored of a task or you are finding yourself distracted because of lack of motivation for said task, the best thing to do is to switch up the task you are doing, move onto the next thing on your to-do list and switch back when you are done or are getting tired of this task. This way you are keeping yourself on top of tasks and busy while still being productive. 

If you tell someone "Oh I am going to start going a run every day" and then you don't they might remind you of what you said, it can be embarrassing, humiliating. So by telling people your goals and what you are planning on doing you are self-motivating because you are less likely to let them see you fail or not stand by your word.

Dealing with Lack of Motivation
 At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you are trying your best, don't force yourself to do something unless you really have to, I'm talking a day before an essay is due and you've written nothing, but the title. It is important not to push yourself because that is what will destroy your motivation the most, take a step back, walk the dog, go for a nap, give yourself time. 

Do you suffer from lack of motivation often? How do you self-motivate? Share your tips below.

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