60 Blog Post Ideas

60 Blog Post Ideas

My last blog post idea went down a treat with you lovely folks so I thought I'd write up another. This one is a big list. I have separated 60 different blog post ideas up into three categories; beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. So whichever your niche may be, you'll find a whole bunch of ideas here for yourself. 
1. High-end vs. high street - which you prefer and why,
2. The power of makeup,
3. Your everyday makeup look, 
4. Beauty wishlist,
5. Makeup newbie starter pack,
6. £20/£50 makeup challenge, 
7. Holiday makeup bag contents,
8. Subscription box trial, 
9. Brand first impressions,
10. What you look for in skin care,
11. Tips to clear skin, 
12. makeup brushes dupe (Artis dupe, Zoeva dupe etc)
13. Beauty mistakes you shouldn't make,
14. A look back at your beauty journey (add embarrassing photos ;))
15. Favourite beauty blogs/Youtubes,
16. One brand makeup looks, 
17. Empties, 
18. Makeup disappointments,
19. Beauty tips and tricks, 
20. Thoughts a beauty blogger has when makeup shopping.

60 Blog Post Ideas LIFESTYLE
1. Your thoughts on social media,
2. Your favourite blogging tips,
3. How you edit your Instagram photos,
4. Why you started blogging and your blogging story,
5. What you eat in a day,
6. Your favourite books of all time,
7. How you stay motivated,
8. What's in your bag/travel bag/beach bag,
9. How to save money while still having a social life,
10. How to make money from blogging,
11. Your favourite dish recipe,
12. Your favourite baking recipe,
13. What you would say to your younger self,
14. Your favourite blog posts from the past week,
15. How you stay on top of your health,
16. How you balance blogging and life/education/job,
17. A city guide of your city or the last exciting city you visited,
18. Movies you think everyone should watch/podcasts you think everyone should listen to,
19. Your favourite motivational quotes,
20. Your tips to become more confident in yourself.

60 Blog Post Ideas

1. How to style a jumpsuit,
2. Clothes tips for lengthening your legs if you're short,
3. How to do double denim right,
4. Fashion haul,
5. Fashion wishlist,
6. The perfect outfit for a job interview,
7.  How to do business casual,
8. How to dress for uni,
9. The perfect party outfits for the autumn months,
10. How to layer correctly,
11. How to still look put together while staying casual,
12. A full outfit from the one brand, 
13. High street dupes for designer items,
14. Fashion trends you love and fashion trends you hate,
15. Your style icon - how to get the look, 
16. How not to make major style faux pas, 
17. One item - five different ways to wear it, 
18. Your favourite items for the transitional period, 
19. What items you should pack for a holiday - by destination,
20. Hacks for getting dressed quickly in the morning. 

Do you have any blog post ideas? Will you use any of these ones? 

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