We Are Our Flaws

We Are Our Flaws

Have you ever looked in the mirror and completely hated what you look like, maybe you have a slow eye, a crooked nose, small lips, whatever your reason may be, we have all taken one tiny flaw and picked at it until it's all we see. Like me, a lot of us have many flaws, flaws we hide, flaws we joke about, flaws we cross our fingers and hope no one ever mentions because once someone else points it out you can't stop thinking about it for weeks. 

What if I told you about your flaws? What if I laughed at them and made you feel so insecure you wish the ground would open up and swallow you whole? Would you be happy? Would you thank me? Would you laugh along with me? No, you would hate me, you'd possibly slap me or throw something at me, maybe run off crying, or you'd stand and listen to me before bickering to your friends about me once I was gone. 

I would never, but there are people in the world who find happiness in knowing that someone else feels unhappy in them self. There are people who are so insecure and unhappy that the only way they feel okay with them self is to know that you are also unhappy and insecure. They take their own self-hate, insecurity and turn them around to project onto you reasons you should feel just like them. 

These people don't do it because they hate you, I mean maybe they do, but it is not your fault. You have flaws, I have flaws, every human being on the planet has flaws, as much as we'd like to believe that they don't, I'm sure Chris Evans dislikes something about his appearance and Cindy Crawford has woke up feeling unattractive because she can't stop staring at that one flaw. Flaws make us human, flaws remind us of what we have been through.

We Are Our Flaws

When I was around eight years old I fell down a hill and split my head open, since then I have had a scar on my forehead, I have been called Harry Potter, I have been asked if I can cast spells, I have been made fun of, but it will always be a reminder of how much fun I had that day, reminding me that if eight-year-old Robyn could split her head open and live I'm pretty sure 20-year-old Robyn can get a bad grade and live on. 

Our flaws tell a story of why we have once lived and those which don't are what make us who we are. Your crooked nose sets you apart from the crowd, your bum chin gives your face that little more character. Our flaws are what make us completely unique.

So, if someone tells you that you're ugly or that you have crooked teeth remember that you completely unique and set apart from everyone else because of your flaws. Remember that their comments have no correlation to who you are. These people are insecure and sad.

Instead of retaliating, instead of telling them how ugly they are, instead of hating yourself, remember that just like you these people have flaws and they hurt and are probably hurting even more than you. Please never become so insecure you project them onto other people. 

This is probably the cheesiest post I have ever published, I am cringing as I read it over and I am sorry if you also cringed while reading it, but it comes from the heart. I am tired of being insecure and I am tired of allowing people to make me feel insecure. All I ask is that if you got this far you compliment someone today. 

Share one flaw in the comments and a story of how it came to be and then tell me, what's two of your own favourite features? 

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