Let's Go Nude

Let's Get Nude

In honour of National Lipstick Day, what a better blog post to post than one about lipsticks. If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you probably notice that I am rarely in a non-nude lipstick. I absolutely adore a nude lip, it is simple, it's classic and allows me to do a more dramatic eye while keeping the lips look simple and chic. MAC lipsticks are my favourite lipsticks to wear, so let me share my top three nude lipsticks by MAC. 
Mocha is probably my most worn lipstick, it is an absolutely classic in my opinion, while everyone was going crazy of Velvet Teddy I opted for Mocha instead. If I can't pick a lip colour to wear chances are I'll pick up Mocha.

It is such a simple shade, yet it looks absolutely stunning on any skin tone especially those with olive and sallow skin tones as it perfectly compliments the warmth of those skin tones with it's beautiful warm peachy nude finish. I'd definitely say it's more on the orange end of the nude spectrum, but who doesn't love a warm nude? 

Mocha is a satin lipstick which means it doesn't exactly dry matte, but it also doesn't have a glossed finish, which of course means that it isn't drying like a matte and isn't sticky like a gloss, it is perfectly positioned in the middle of the spectrum. I find Mocha is just a tad more matte than other satin lipsticks I have by MAC, which means the wear of it is rather great, it lasts me about 4 hours on a normal day before I have to reapply. 

Although it is slightly more matte I don't find the lipstick drying or uncomfortable to wear actually, it is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I wear and it hardly feels like you have anything on your lips. I tend to drink through a straw and this doesn't really affect the lipstick and even if it were to rub away product from the middle of your lip, as a nude it's hardly noticeable. It doesn't wear well throughout a meal and it tends to be non-existent by the time you are done, but I tend to reapply after meals anyway.

As you can see in the picture there is a good chance I'll be on my second Mocha in no time, it's my favourite of all my lipsticks, like all regular MAC lipsticks it is in the traditional black bullet packaging with silver detailing and has the usual MAC lipstick scent which is slightly vanilla?

Spirit, the second nude of the day, another satin finish, but unlike Mocha I tend to think Spirit is a little less on the matte side of the spectrum, it's not any more glossy, but it has much more of a wet feel to it than Mocha does. 

Spirit is a brown, pink toned nude, a cooler toned lipstick. Spirit was my stepping stone into the world that is brown lipsticks, so I went for an easier one than say Stone. I have opted to pick up this little guy more because it is such a similar shade to my natural lip colour, just brown toned instead of pink.

Just like all satin lipsticks by MAC this little guy wears well, your lips do feel a little wetter with Spirit on, but the wear is about the same as Mocha, about four hours with no eating, but I mean who goes longer than four hours without food?! It is a very comfortable lipstick to wear, although you can feel the product on your lips it's not heavy or drying like say a liquid lipstick. 

I like this tone on my olive skin tone because it is very close to my natural lip colour but because of the slight blue undertones I think this lip would look absolutely incredible on someone with pale skin, but I also think someone with a much warmer skin tone than mine, wouldn't suit this shade as much, but it's always worth it to ask a lovely MAC girl to put it on you for a test run before buying. 

Just like Mocha, this beauty is in the permanent collection of MAC lipsticks and is therefore in the traditional black and silver packaging and smells slightly of vanilla. I think this lip would look absolutely stunning with a dramatic smokey eye, but it is also simple and can be wore as an everyday lip.

Now this little guy was a much bigger step outside my comfort zone. I am not a pink girl, never have been and most likely never will be, but something about this pink nude drew me in and I just had to have it. 

Fast Play is an amplified finish MAC lipstick, this means that is on the creamier side of the spectrum. I'd say amplified finishes are very similar to that of satin finishes, not matte, not gloss, but I find they tend to not last as long as say a satin or matte finish. Fast Play usually lasts me about 3 hours if I'm not eating and if I do eat it just disappears, but like I said I tend to reapply after I eat anyway. 

It is super comfortable to wear though and I find that I forget it is on my lips, when applying it feels like that of a lip balm or vaseline, very easy, soft and when I rub my lips together there isn't sticking or tugging. It is perfect for everyday wear as long as you don't mind having to reapply more than other lipsticks. 

Although it is a pink toned lipstick, I classify this little guy as a nude because it is that of a mauve toned pink on my lips. Although MAC classifies it as a neutral pink, it seems to differ on different skin tones. I think on a paler complexion it will look much pinker and on a darker complexion it would look much browner, but on me, it seems to be a pinky, mauve nude. 

It is definitely a lipstick I wear on the daily, it is super moisturising and easy to wear. Again, it is another permanent MAC lipstick in the black and silver packaging, but for me, this one has almost no scent, the vanilla scent is basically not there, I don't know if I got a bad batch or if it doesn't have the scent, but it just smells like nothing for me.

Let's Get Nude

I thought I'd quickly tell you all why I prefer MAC lipsticks to other lipsticks. I do buy other lipsticks and I love them, but I tend to always go back to MAC because MAC lipsticks for me are incredible quality for the price. Although they are on the high-end side of the beauty spectrum for £15.50 you get a highly pigmented, long lasting, long wearing, easy to wear lipstick in beautiful packaging and some of the most lovely shades. 

Do you have any MAC nude shades you want to share? What's your signature lip shade? 

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