The Best Italian Chain in Scotland

The Best Italian Chain in Scotland
If you know anything about me you will know my biggest weakness is food and further Italian food. About two years ago, roughly my friends and I found Tony Macaroni, a little Italian chain situated in Scotland. I actually have previously done a little review (click here to see it), but I was recently invited along to review the Tony Mac restaurant at Glasgow Fort and of course I went along... duh! 
 I went along with my fellow blogger best friend Ashley (click here to see her fabulous blog) and we took her two younger sisters. Upon entering it took about 10 minutes for us to be seated at a table, which to me was slightly odd considering we had booked a table in advance through the lovely PR agent at Hummingbird Comms, but other than that service was fabulous.

The restaurant at the Glasgow Fort is beautifully designed, like other Tony Macaroni restaurants the tables were a luxurious white marble and detailing was a mixture of rose gold and wood, just think every beauty blogger's dream home and you've got Tony Macs. I love that is is so light and airy, as much as I adore a TGIs or Hard Rock Cafe, one thing I'm not fond of is how dark and dull those places are. I love a light, bright environment while I am eating. 

After being seated we ordered some drinks and began looking at the menu, with so many lovely dishes to choose from we found it hard to narrow down our choices, but the lovely waited never lost his patience with us, instead he joked and laughed at how long we were taking. We finally all decided to share a starter. 

The Best Italian Chain in Scotland
We opted for a focaccia, particularly the Aglio Olio Mozzarella focaccia. This is a pizza base covered in fresh garlic, mozzarella, and olive oil and it was utterly delicious. The four of us shared this main and were fighting over the last slice, it was beautiful. I have a love/hate relationship with garlic, I find that a lot of the time too much garlic can be added and completely ruin a dish, but I do love the taste if used properly and boy was it used properly in this dish. Everything seemed to be just made to perfection, not too much garlic, the break just the right level of crisp and although the olive oil gave it a greasy texture it wasn't too much.

Aglio Olio Mozzarella

As we finished out starter we chatted for about ten minutes before our mains were brought out. Just enough time to allow our stomachs to settle and for us to find the hunger for another course. This time, we opted to go "Jimmy Style", this is when you pick one pasta dish and one pizza dish and share it between two people. For example, Ashley and I got the Penne Pollo e Pesto which was split into two little bowls and pizza pollo which was cut in half and placed beside our pasta on separate plates. Ashley's sisters got the spaghetti bolognese and Diavola, but we all opted to share everything. 

One thing I think has to be mentioned is how much the waiters really want to give you a pleasant experience. Ashley's younger sister has an egg allergy which means a lot of pasta dishes are off limits to her and our lovely waiter was willing to make sure nothing she ate had any egg in it, putting her health first. I loved this as some restaurants may just tell someone with an allergy to order something they know won't have egg in it and don't try to help. 

First off I want to note that I deserve a round of applause for not ordering the carbonara because that dish from Tony Mac's is addicting, once you order it once you cannot stop because it's all you want when you see that beautiful logo. I was quite disappointed with the pesto dish, however, just because I haven't tried pesto too much and since I gave Ashley the option to pick the pasta it was a bit of a letdown, however, this is through no fault of the restaurant, just that I don't like pesto.

The pizza, on the other hand, was absolutely divine, as always when it comes to Tony Mac's. I ate three slices of it, however, if I didn't swap one of my slices for a pepperoni slice I would have demolished that too. The chicken was so soft and the cheese, oh wow, I long some strong, stringy mozzarella and that is exactly what was on it. 

As for my slice of pepperoni and my few fork fulls of spaghetti bolognese. I can say I was hugely surprised. I don't usually eat red meat often, in fact, I'd say I'm pollo vegetarian, but that just sounds pompous and irritating. However, I did try both these red meat dishes and loved them. The lasagne was so beautiful I wish I had split that dish and with the added parmesan on top, I literally want to order this dish every time I step foot into Tony Mac's from now on, despite my diet. The pizza was so soft yet crisp and the pepperoni wasn't too over-powering which I often find happens on pepperoni pizzas as pepperoni can be quite a spicy topping. 

Overall, I would have loved to have gotten my beautiful favourite carbonara dish instead of the pesto, but everything else was beautiful and Tony Mac pizzas are some of my favourites. I love that you can go "Jimmy Style" as it means 1) no actual sharing food and 2) you get pizza and pasta without overdoing it, what's not to love? 

The Best Italian Chain in Scotland
Since we were all equally stuffed we opted to share a dessert among the three of us that could eat egg and Nicola, Ashley's sister opted for lemon sorbet, which you should know is my favourite dessert dish to ever exist. 

The three of us got Tony's World Famous Extravaganza, the biggest dessert sundae I have ever seen in my entire life. Literally, it was bigger than my head. As you can see it literally held every single dessert item on the menu inside the one massive sundae glass. It was so yummy, although the sight of it induced me into a sugar coma. The ice cream was so soft and smooth, my favourite flavours being the toffee flavour and the strawberry flavour.

The three of us tucked into it eating about two-thirds of it, with me eating every single tablet (a Scottish sweet, not medication) cube in sight and scooping up about a gallon of the beautiful drizzly chocolate sauce. Although the sight of it probably makes you wonder if we should see a doctor about our blood sugar levels it was definitely worth the sickly sore stomach.

I did steal a couple spoonfuls of Nicola's beautiful lemon sorbet too, I mean lemons are my favourite fruit, I had to and it was so incredible. Very bitter, which is just how sorbet should be, it was super smooth and I am drooling at the thought of it... I might have to pop in for one next time I am in the fort. 

I am having Tony Mac withdrawals as I write this.. for real, the obsession is bad. One of my favourite restaurants and I am in absolute awe of how they can create such beautiful dishes and never ever fail to make me want to take home a doggy bag. Until next time Tony Macs... and by this, I mean next week.

What's your favourite restaurant? Have you been to Tony Mac's? Pizza or Pasta?

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*This meal was giving free of charge on a trial and review basis, however, all opinions are my own.

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