The NYX way

The NYX way

If you have been reading my blog lately you would know that I have fallen head over heels in love with the beauty brand NYX. I recently heard they opened one in the Glasgow Fort and was ecstatic to be invited along to look at the counter in the Boots there, talk to the NYX gals and try out some of the incredible products. 
If you have ever popped into Buchanan Galleries Boots or St Enoch's centre Boots you would know that the NYX counters are quite average sized, not any bigger than counters like Maybelline and L'Oreal , but the NYX counter at Boot in Glasgow Fort is much larger, similar to the size of say Max Factor. It has a huge array of items, some of which aren't in either other Glasgow counter, the most exciting one for me being the lip lingerie line. 

Along with the massive counter, the workers are also incredibly sweet, talkative and hard working. I find that a lot of the time I find the NYX counters in other Boots to be quite messy, loads of items seem to be out of stock and some testers are even missing. At this NYX counter, things are a lot different. Everything is tidy, samples are in their correct places and stock is kept high. I mean what is worse than looking for a specific lipstick, not finding it on the shelf, but knowing it's in that drawer below the counter that you're not allowed into? 

I am terrible with names, so I cannot for the life of me remember the lovely worker we spoke to's name, but she was such a lovely girl. She showed us some products she loved, showed us products not stocked in other Glasgow Boot's counters and answered any questions we had. She was so easy to chat to, like an old friend and we wound up talking to her about everything from NYX to other makeup to bloggers to TV shows. 

I got the pleasure of picking out some NYX products as I left and I couldn't wait to try them out for a mini-review series for you all. I picked up the Pro Foundation Mixer in Luminous, an eyeshadow base in White and a lip lingerie in Honeymoon. So, let's check out how these products went.

The NYX way
Top - on top of foundation, middle - mixed with foundation, bottom - none.
If you read my blog you should know that I find it incredibly hard to find a perfect foundation match, so of course, I am loving the idea of foundation mixers that change your foundation shades ever so slightly. NYX have a range of foundation adjusters that not only adjust the shade of your foundation but also adjust the finish. 

I decided to pick up the Luminous version, which on the shelf was one of three, but according to the NYX and Boot's websites, there are actually six available. Luminous is a champagne colour with golden undertones, perfect for adjusting a foundation to a warmer tone while given a more luminous and glowing finish.

So I put it to the test. First I mixed it in with my L'Oreal Infallible foundation, a foundation I reviewed here. It didn't adjust the colour so much as it did give it a glimmer, but since I do like the match of this foundation I'm happy the colour didn't change too much. I then tested it with my MAC foundation a darker, warmer foundation, it did lighten this foundation quite a bit, but this I am happy with as this foundation is too orange for me personally. Judging by this observation I have come to the conclusion that the foundation mixer adjusts the undertones more than it does the actual shade, so if you mix it with a foundation which already has yellow/golden undertones your shade won't adjust all that much. 

On the other hand, I wanted to check out just how luminous this little guy is. To do so I decided to split my face in two just like I did with my previous review. On my right-hand side, I applied my MAC studio fix foundation with some of the foundation mixer mixed in and on the left-hand side I applied MAC studio fix without the mixer. On the side, with the mixer, you can see a visible shine on the high points of my face; my cheekbones, forehead, chin, whereas you can't on the side without the mixer proving that it is, in fact, the mixer giving the glow and not the foundation. 

The glow is more of a muted, everyday glow, not too shiny or glazed, but instead it is natural and dewy, perfect for if you fancy not wearing too much makeup or looking too done up. I love the tone of this mixer, however, and I decided to try using it as a highlight, so I applied it to my left-hand side just little dots across my cheekbone and spread it out, which resulted in a gleaming glistening look, much stronger than when it is mixed in with the foundation. 

Overall, this product is pretty good and I will continue to use it in my MAC foundation to take away the orange tone, but I will mostly be using it as a highlight base as it really does illuminate the skin when applied over foundation.

The NYX way
L-R: Nars Indian Summers, Kiko 128, Kiko 208

In the past few months, my love for eyeshadows has gone from non-existent to verging on obsessive. I am always trying to find a good eyeshadow base, I think there are so many on the market that I just have to try them all... I mean are you a true beauty blogger if this isn't your mentality? 

I picked this little pot up in white, it is an eyeshadow primer which also gives a good base for products to allow their truest colour to show through, this is why I opted for white, to turn my eyelids into a blank canvas. It is a creamy consistency which is super easy to apply, it is very pigmented and not a lot of product is needed at all to cover your eyelid. 

I tried to get photos of the product on the eyelids, but it was much easier to show the swatches on my arm than on my eyelids because I could compare the colour better this way. In the photo above you can see six different swatches. Each row consistents of the same product, but on the top, I have applied to just onto the skin and on the bottom, I have applied the base beforehand to show how much the product helps give the shade an extra pop of colour. The product reminds be of Fix+ in the sense that it helps make the colours more pigmented. It seems to work best with light products, as you can see the white shadow in the middle is the most pigmented of the three and the brown at the beginning it the least pigmented of the three. 

As for helping products to last longer on the eyelids, I have used this product twice since I got it, the first time for about 8 hours and the second time for about 12-16 hours. Both times my eyeshadow lasted longer, it didn't crease, there was no fallout and the eye look was just as pigmented at the end of the day as there were at the beginning. 

The only problem I found with this product was that doing a smoky eye can be a little difficult as the product is so pigmented itself that when applying it out with the eyelid if you don't apply product on top of it, it is very visible and you then have to go in and carefully apply concealer on top to hide the white, so if you are doing more of a dramatic look where this product would be applied maybe further up than the crease or further out to the side of your eye I would pick up the skin tone coloured eyeshadow base as it will be easier to blend in any excess product than it is to do so with the white version. 

The NYX way

Now I have been after one of these lovely little lipsticks for so long, they are such beautiful nude shades and I have heard so much about them that I just knew I had to get one. This counter is the only counter in any Glasgow Boots that I have seen them in. On the shelf, there were about 10 of the 12 available shades on the shelf, I could be wrong, but I think that is about right. I am a nude fanatic so I could have come home with every shade available, but since I was getting it for free I opted to just pick out the one. 

The one I chose was Honeymoon, a darker, blue toned nude. In the tube, it looks a lot lighter than it is once swatched so it was great I got to swatch the tester in store. To me, it looks like Stone by MAC and when wearing it a few people have commented that it looks like Stone too. 

When I first applied this product I knew already it was going to be super pigmented, the dark colour makes that obvious so like with all dark lipsticks you have to be careful when applying this to your lips that you don't make any errors, however it is super easy to overline your lips and make them look more plump with this product and it doesn't seem like too much or very noticeable. 

The wand of the product is very long which I adore as you can use the full length to fill in your lips, it is also crooked at the end which I'm not too sure what that does, but it's worth mentioning. The colour payoff is absolutely beautiful though and for a liquid lipstick it's not incredibly drying, I wouldn't say it is as moisturising as the NYX soft matte lip creams, but it is for sure not even close to as drying as some liquid lipsticks I've tried out. 

It dries pretty quickly and has a beautiful matte look without showing every single crack in your lip, but I do use a lip balm to coat my lips before I apply liquid lipsticks, but when testing without one it does show a few more cracks on the lips than with a lip balm underneath. When dry it does have a bit of a sticky texture to touch, not like a gloss, but more so than mattes usually do, but it doesn't transfer at all. 

I wore this the first time for about 3 hours and it lasted perfectly and only feathered around the inside part of my lip where I sat the straw of my coffee, but this usually happens to be with all mattes. The second time I wore it, I wore it for about 6 hours and I ate pasta, this time, it did become a little patchy in the middle of my bottom lip. When this happens with liquid lipsticks for me I usually wipe the full lipstick off and reapply as I don't like to layer liquid lipsticks, but for the review, I tried and failed, it wasn't patchy, the second layer applied incredibly well, but every single line of my lip was on show. 

I will definitely be picking up another few of this line, next time I am in The Glasgow Fort because they are for sure some of the best liquid lipsticks I have tried and I have tried my fair share. I am thinking Push Up and Exotic will be my next additions, what do you think? 

The NYX way

I LOVE NYX, they are one of my new favourite drug store brands and I would probably try anything they came out with. For such low prices, you get incredible products and each product lasts an insane amount of time. The quality is definitely some of the best I have seen from a drug store brand. 

Have you tried anything from NYX? What's your favourite product of theirs? Give me recommendations. 

Also, do you like these long winded reviews or would you like me to do shorter summaries? I want to give you as much information as needed, but I feel they may be boring. Tweet me your thoughts at @heythererobyn. 

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 Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me by NYX at The Glasgow Fort on a trial and review basis. 
All opinions are my own however and are not affected. 

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