5 Movies Every Woman Has to Watch

5 Movies Every Woman Has to Watch

I love movies, love, love, love them. My favourite genres seem to be superhero and girl power motivational movies. I am such a sucker for a movie that gives you a sense of inspiration after watching it. I adore movies with a strong female lead which encourage the viewers to go out there and explore, take over the world, so here are a bunch of movies I think every woman should watch for that girl power motivation. 

One of my favourite books turned movies. This movie follows Andy, played by Anne Hathaway, as she finds herself lost in the world of fashion. Andy is not the most fashionable person, in fact, she's the furthest thing from it, this movie follows her in her role as the second assistant to the famous Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), editor of the most prestigious fashion magazine in NYC. This movie enforces the idea that you can take on anything that comes your way if you stay true to yourself. After watching this movie I really thought I could take over the world and anytime I feel slightly unsure of myself or my blog, university, the career path I am following I put this movie on. 

Another favorite movie of mine, this movie follows Elle Woods (Reese Wetherspoon) as she goes from 'bimbo' sorority girl to one of the best law students to graduate from Harvard university. After I watched this movie for the first time I wanted to be a lawyer and that stuck with me for about 10 years. I like to think 'what would Elle Woods do?' whenever I am in a sticky situation. Elle proved everyone wrong just because she wanted to, let this movie motivate you into following all your goals and dreams despite the doubters. 

This is a newer addition to my motivational movies list. I only watched it a few days ago, but the story has stuck with me. Based on a true story it follows housewife Joy (Jennifer Lawerence) as she begins to believe in herself again. Joy, a poor, divorcee who missed out on a chance to go to college to look after her parents following their divorce always loved to create things from a young age, little did she know one of her creations would land her on QVC in front of millions. Of course, Gerard Bulter is also in it. This movie gave me so much motivation to take on the world and follow my dreams despite difficulties that may face me. 

This one I can thank my mum for, she loves this movie and I remember watching bits and pieces of it as I grew up. She would watch and rewatch it, but I finally took the time a few years ago to sit down and watch it fully and since then I have watched it about a dozen more times. The movie follows single mother Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) as she goes from being poor, unemployed and injured to taking on a major lawsuit with a gas and electric company. This movie shows that even in the toughest times you should always follow your heart and do what feels right. 

Did you expect me to write a list of some of my favourite movies and not include an Audrey Hepburn one? Of course one would be on this list. I almost made it six movies, because I couldn't decide between this one and Funny Face, but I opted for the classic. Breakfast at Tiffany's follows Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) a New York City socialite who replicates the epitome of chic as she wears  beautiful gowns and throws fabulous parties trying to find her way in NYC. This movie proves that all you need to succeed is yourself and a great mindset, not a man and not money. 

What is your favourite inspiring movie? Do you like any I mentioned? What is your favourite genre?
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